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A questionable butterfly


Pete B
21 Feb 2017 15:32
A spokesman said: “The proposed new pitches will enable three additional households to live at Haldon on an authorised, managed and licensed site with appropriate facilities.”
The residents would be expected to pay rent and council tax and comply with the site requirements.


21 Feb 2017 15:43

What a joke, the clue is in the name TRAVELLERS, so travel. People who work hard and have young families can't afford properties, yet these drop outs get it handed to them on a plate. Over a million quid for two pitches is a joke. How many house could be built for that.?

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22 Feb 2017 14:16

What a dumb ass comment. Its the whole camp that cost 1.2 million not the two new pitches, and there are no properties on there only toilets, showers and re-cycling bins. The travellers also pay their ground rent, electricity,  and council tax and live in their own caravans. So it seems the joke lies elsewhere.  I would call it progress and even a solution to the housing needs of many. Its not the travellers fault that people cant afford property, its the combination of greed, profiteering, and poor quality end products by those concerned with housing like developers, bent councils and mortgage companies. Try blaming the ones that create the other problem families here cant afford property like low paid crap jobs with no security. Councils that allow planning for thousands of houses but do nothing to create any jobs or promote industry. Just take a look arond Shutterton at the decrepid industrial units and ask yourself would I re-locate my business here 

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22 Feb 2017 20:17

Well said Fred couldn't agree more.

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22 Feb 2017 20:57

You sir are an arse. They are not travellers nor Romanys. It took the council long enough to clear them out of a beautiful spot which they turned into a slum. Drug taking was rife. But all that was ignored. Who was paying for taxis to take their kids to school? I am no right wing tory, but it annoys me I can't even put a shed up in my garden without council interfernce. As for them paying council tax etc, about time.


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22 Feb 2017 21:26


So your grievence is with the council not the travellers, Romany's etc. The original campers up on Haldon were a mixed bunch of hippies, new age travellers, society drop outs and the odd one or two that couldnt afford to live any other way. Some I know actually did have jobs taxed and insured their vans but as your point fell into the very same catogory as any others that couldnt afford property.

Even though you obviously think of me as an arse. If your real issue is with the council then say so because there is nobody on here gives the council more grief than me so lets hear the story about your shed as far as I know anyone can put up a reasonale shed in their garden without any council involvement.

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