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02 Feb 2017 12:15

Hi i have just been watching the sea coming over the train track on the railcam webcam looked very angry.

was just a thought that maybe if the railway were approached to put a webcam at corriton cove the yobs who destroyed the

burger van would think twice. I would have thought the council would have installed cctv to protect there own interests

the beach huts.

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02 Feb 2017 12:21

@Sales - sounds like a good idea, especially if the camera was hidden away so the fire bugs did'nt know where it was. like many things the council spends vast sums of money on there is little ryhme or reason as to what they feel is essential to support the comunity.

I suppose if it is something that costs vast sums of money and is pointless it is well in with a chance. Something that could be of use and pay for itself doesn't have much of a chance from their track record of spending public money over the last few years.

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Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
02 Feb 2017 18:49

Well I will be interested to know if the town centre CCTV is switched on as I think it was inactive for a very long time. I hope it was working and captured images of the vermin who attacked the Costcutter manger so they can be caught and dealt with severely. The council need to provide CCTV at CC but I bet they won't! 

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