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Dawlish News
07 Oct 2016 20:44

The small committee which had run the event for the last few years have confirmed they will no longer be running a carnival in the town.


In a statement, Dawlish Carnival and Entertainment Community Interest Company said that, with new road closure fees, signs and cone charges, they feel councils are making it harder to put on events.



07 Oct 2016 23:18

I see the Carnival Committee kept it pleasant with this little piece on Facebook.


Our piece for the Gazette.

After a very disillusioned and disappointing start to the year, we ended up having a great time. We were able to spend good quality time with friends and family, without having to organise a Carnival.
We didn’t realise that there is a life after Carnival.
With the new road closure fee of £460, plus new signs and now coneage charges, the councils are making it harder to put on events, so we have decided to call it a day on Carnival. Dawlish council have slipped in and taken on the Christmas Market as well.
We are still going on with the Trisha Wills Memorial trophy, for the Best Dressed Christmas Window display and the Santa Run.
Our float will be out and about next year, going to the other carnivals as usual.
I find it quite ironic that 7 years ago, no-one gave a damn about the Carnival and it nearly folded, but for the fierce loyalty to this town and to the Carnival, Dave & Maggie Farley persevered, held on and kept it alive, with the help of a few others, it has stayed. They deserve better than they have received.
We would however like to say a massive thank you to Mr & Mrs D. Rowlands and their family, our main sponsor, for their unconditional and true loyalty over many years, for their sponsorship of the float and the toys for the Grotto and the Santa Run. We will miss you.
But anyway, we can finish on a high and be proud of what has been achieved by keeping it going, we have new ventures in the pipeline and look forward to these.
Our thanks go to everyone who has sponsored and supported DAWLISH CARNIVAL over the many years.


08 Oct 2016 07:36

Still no apology from Ms Farley about her 'outsiders rant' though.



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