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elvis presley
elvis presley
21 Dec 2013 07:17

This is an appeal for just £2 a month to help Dawlish Park Rangers. Since their habitat adjacent to the bowling green has been demolished, these poor souls have wandered down to the shelter by the sea front and their numbers are dwindling.

Their behaviour there is not conducive with the image we wish to portray to the grockels. Your £2 a month will hep build a centre somewhere between Costcutter and the Co op where they can, drink, smoke, take drugs , fight and urinate.

After the centre is built, for just £2 a month, you will be able to sponsor one of these mis-fits. There will be a newsletter with regular updates on their  shoplifting, harassment, affray and other anti-social activities. Pictures of empty  Special Brew tins and fag ends will also be yours to treasure.

Whilst tucking in to your Christmas dinner , please consider giving just £2 a month, not too much to ask,  or on the other  hand  F***  'em........

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Don Pearson
Don Pearson
21 Dec 2013 09:56

@elvis presley

I shall pass on your Christmas greetings to those among them whom I know.

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elvis presley
elvis presley
21 Dec 2013 10:22

Good man, Don.

21 Dec 2013 11:07

How do I donate the £2 a month? direct debit, standing order, postal order or cash. Will their be a safe protected viewing area like they have at the lion's enclosure at the zoo.

Very much looking forward to this latest tourist attraction. This will make Dawlish the first town in the West Country to have a protected area for this species to thrive and possibly produce new offspring in captivity.

Dawlish may even get on National Geographic at sometime in the future and possible awards for wildlife protection. Very excited, thankyou elvis.


elvis presley
elvis presley
21 Dec 2013 11:46

Cash only , to be left for my attention  behind the bar  at The Whte Hart.  Of the £2, a generous 10% will go to the charity, the rest is for  admin charges.

I  am assured by TDC that a committee was formed to look into the health and safety issues and a  sub committee and working party set up. The outcome which will be known by July at the latest;  I am assured  from an inside source that  there will be favourable outcome.

Protective clothing will be available  at a small charge and a viewing platform is envisaged. Also on sale will be Special Brew, Benson and Hedges and  Gay's Cream Teas , so you can make The Park Rangers salivate.

21 Dec 2013 12:06

Thanks elvis, definetly looking forward to the several grand openings that will take place over the next year or so for this one. 

21 Dec 2013 12:41

No mention of the Pitbull type dogs they have with them to scare people off then. Will the £2 assist the breading of these gross creatures as well

21 Dec 2013 13:04

@ FredBasssett - Dogs are invariably a mirror of their owners own persona. I don't think that you should take it out on the particular species of dog Fred. Just because the dogs have had the misfortune of being chosen by a particular person who may or may not display ASBO tendencies. 

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elvis presley
elvis presley
21 Dec 2013 13:13

Sorry OLD FART , forgot to mention there are three planned. as I understand ,  but the dignitaries have waived their respective fees on one of them though. 

     Sorry FredBassett also, but that was a condition imposed  by TDC on canine rights grounds. Nothing I can do on that one.

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