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A questionable butterfly


Hunters Lodge
Flog It !.
19 Oct 2016

BBBC 1 showing Flow It,  from Powderham Castle today at 4.30 pm.

25 Sep 2016

We use Swift Print a lot, but this is for a young lad just starting out with not a lot of money

25 Sep 2016

We are looking to find a person  that can Design & Print A5 Flyers.

Why not phone Stags Office to find out about Lot 24

21 Aug 2016

I don't think the land is for sale, it's what is growing in it.

A few weeks back we had a call from 01626 code, but it was from Manchester about PPI.

Dawlish Carnival 2016
20 Aug 2016

Great week of Carnival the only way is up, But don't let the Farley's near or the only way is DOWN.

Barton Surgery
19 Aug 2016

I had the same letter today, but only on Wednesday this week I had my yearly MOT by Dr Clements and he said I was 100% fit ,  my age is 73 and not on any pills.

Maybe in Teignmouth.

16 Aug 2016

Just been up East Cliff Road to do a job, and seen 14 No Parking Bollards outside of homes. Plus an Old Boat that's been in the road for years, if it was a Car it would have been moved long ago.

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