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Berniece Wallace86

Re: Play park on Dawlish Lawn. Mon, 25 Jun 2018 15:55 Cllr Martin Wrigley, Many thanks for your email. The Lawn Working group has been set up to look at the ideas about the Lawn and to see if we can find a consensus that the Town can endorse. No decisions have yet been made, and nothing is set in stone. We are currently working on a plan to ensure that we get a good ...

26 Jun 2018

Lynne, I did have an immediate reply to my email from Mr. Wrigley. I would post it here if only I could copy and past. Then you would read my email and his response.

25 Jun 2018

Webmaster... Trying to copy and paste onto this forum. I know how to copy and paste, however just can't seem to do it for this site. I have sent email to all Councillors with regards this topic. Could it be possible to send it to your email address if you have one and you could post it for me. Thanks

Thanks once more Lynne for what may be an updated email listing. I will try sending my email again later today. My email lays out that I am opposed to the play park being located outside the (TIC) office. Perhaps those of you on this forum would take the opportunity to do the same and send in via email to all the councilors your objection. If I can figure out how to copy and paste onto this site I ...

24 Jun 2018

Lynne, thanks for the email list. I had composed an email to all the Councillors, but for whatever reason it keeps bouncing back to me. I have checked and re-checked the email list you posted. I believe there is a block on their in boxes.

23 Jun 2018

Thank you, Lynne, for that link. I had read it last year but re-read once more to familiarize with the topic. Is the question on this issue about the play park done and dusted? Or is there going to be an open forum and some sort of voting system. The previous survey was flawed in so many ways I'm surprised they got away with it, or have they? Do they have funding for this progject, from reading ...

23 Jun 2018

Has there been a vote on this issue if not why not? Should there be a vote by the residents of Dawlish? And do it like an election with votes submitted at the Manor. Just have two questions on the ballot. 1. Should the proposed playground be located outside the tourist office? 2. Or no! And hoping that the results would not be fixed in favour. Could anyone on this forum give any advice ...

21 Jun 2018

The next time you walk by the tourist office take a good look at the wonderful planted area where people sit and enjoy the tranquility of watching the swans and the wild life around this area. Now imagine it with plastic swings and slides, which would you prefer? Because if the minority have their way that's what you will see  If the Council have their way they will ruin a little beauty spot. ...

Dogs on Lawn plus.
11 Jun 2018

It has come to my attention from a reliable source that Dawlish Council are in early talks about banning dogs from the Dawlish lawn area. Also they are in early talks about where the new play park is going to be located. That location is going to be outside the tourist and toilets area where all the scrubbery and trees are. As I said this is only being considered.  In my opinion neither works for ...

Another dog attack on the Lawn this lunch time killing a black swan. That's two this month both females, at this rate we will not have any black swans in Dawlish by the end of summer. Then the town could be called  (The town that used to have Black Swans) A number of people witnessed the attack of the Staffy dog and this is a local person. The police had arrived and statements were taken. Speaking ...

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