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Angela Merkel - the voice of reason?  Now that's very funny.

These would be the new cycle paths that were once pavements.  I hope the Council has got good insurance for when somebody is injured.

Illegal Parking
4 Aug 2017

From today's Gazette: Dawlish Warren Cycle Lane concerns voiced CYCLISTS are complaining that the cycle lanes on either side of the main road through Dawlish Warren are regularly obstructed by vehicles. Dave Rice from Teignmouth, who regularly uses the route, said it was becoming dangerous. ‘The road is quite narrow, and cars, vans and lorries park across the lanes on a regular ...

If it's any business of yours, I do have a job, Lynne.  I'm not monitoring this site 24/7.

2 Aug 2017

The words stable door/horse/bolted spring to mind.  It's a bit late in the day to be tightening up security when the borders have been leaking like a sieve for years.  And, of course, once somebody has gained entry to a Schengen country they can travel unhindered right across Europe, and end up in Calais to try to gain entry to the UK illegally.

31 Jul 2017

Believe it or not, I used to take holidays in Greece and Spain long before they became part of the EU, I didn't find it irksome getting through passport control.  And with the state the world is in today I would say the more stringent the checks, the better.

31 Jul 2017

Haven't you heard Lynne, the i was sold off to Johnston Press last year after plummeting sales, and has no link to The Independent. Quite why anybody would want to buy such a failing newspaper is beyond me. And a passport check is a passport check, I don't see why that should take any longer after March 2019.

31 Jul 2017

The UK very wisely did not join up to the Schengen Agreement, so surely you still have to show your passport when visiting to the Costa del Sol?

31 Jul 2017

Air travel has always been beset by delays even before we joined the EEC in the 70s.  And how do you know that delays are more than likely to increase after we have left the EU, or is that just another Brexit scare story?  I'm not at all surprised this came from The Independent, all it does these days is run countless anti-Brexit articles. Perhaps you should consider having a staycation?  This ...

We leave the EU in March 2019, with or without an agreement.  If no agreement is reached we trade on WTO rules, and Brussels doesn't get its £50/75/100 billion, or whatever other telephone number sum they have thought up depending on what day of the week it is.  Soft Brexit = No Brexit.

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