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And on the other side of the coin, in my work place, if anybody admits to having voted Leave the abuse they receive is quite staggering.

Those "rules" were never mentioned once during the campaign, somebody is making it up as they go along and some people are believing them to be fact.  I remember during the Scottish referendum campaign Cameron actually said a majority of one would be enough to decide the result.  A second vote is not going to happen, no matter how much the Remainiacs cry and stamp their feet.

Independence Day
26 Jun 2016

Is Gary Taylor having a breakdown?

The LibDems were massacred at the last general election and now have only seven MPS, to put this kind of foolishness in their manifesto will see their number drop to zero.  But that's the LibDems for you, utterly irrelevant.

The Remainiacs are now clamouring for a second referendum, seems democracy doesn't sit too well with them, are we supposed to keep voting until they achieve the "right" result?

Independence Day
24 Jun 2016

After posting a single comment at 6.37 this morning, I have enjoyed celebrating this historic day, and I do agree with Fred; Mrs C can do one.

What a lovely morning this is.

23 Jun 2016

Such irony, Mrs C accusing others of being mentalists.

23 Jun 2016

In Mrs C's little world you are racist and a xenophobe if you care about your country.  If the Remainiacs do win this, at least we will know who on here is to blame when the country goes down the pan.

23 Jun 2016

Why would we want to return to the EU at a later date?  The question is immaterial anyway, the whole EU project is teetering on the brink of collapse, Brexit would just give it a helping hand.

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