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Leadsom or May
11 Jul 2016

Don't you mean the mood of the media, and the spiteful Tories who ganged-up on her?  May's leadership will be a disaster in terms of Brexit.

The "right to be forgotten" diktat applies only to EU countries, presumably the four countries you mention have signed up to the agreement in return for EU favours, well more fool them. And let's not forget this ridiculous law only came into being because a Spaniard didn't want his bankruptcy to be common knowledge.

10 Jul 2016

So, Mrs C, you consider it entirely right that criminals and ne'er-do-wells can use the EU's "right to be forgotten" diktat for their own advantage?  It's rather difficult to research the stories as, obviously, they are now hidden, but I did find this reporting: ...

8 Jul 2016

One advantage of Brexit, albeit minor in the scheme of things, will mean we can get truthful results from online search engines, instead of them being censored by the EU.  Just try searching a person's name on Google (for one) and see the disclaimer at the foot of the page.

8 Jul 2016

No mention on the propaganda leaflet that the government would take fright and do a runner.

Leadsom or May
7 Jul 2016

There was a link in the original story: Incidentally, the author of the piece is Anglo-American, having been born and educated in London.  You do like to bend the truth, don't you, Mrs C?

7 Jul 2016

@DJ It is beyond me that you consider May to be an able and competent senior politician.  Her scandal ridden reign at the Home Office has been an unmitigated disaster, the only experience she has is of failure.  Our borders are leaking like a sieve because of her astounding incompetence.  She is an expert at promoting herself, but is wholly without substance. A couple of days ago The ...

7 Jul 2016

And for me. May is a Remainer, and should not be involved in Brexit negotiations.

He really has missed his calling as a thespian, who can forget his performance the morning after Diana died.

I wasn't talking about myself Mrs C, my colleagues know better than to f*ck with me, but the bullying of others has been quite disgraceful.

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