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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mondeo

It looks like former Tory voters who had moved to UKIP have now returned to their original party, which spells bad news for Labour and the LibDems next month.

Clatworthy wins it
5 May 2017

I see Younger-Ross lost Teignmouth by 22 votes.  I wonder if he will be standing in the parliamentary election.

So there's some healthy tit-for-tat competition in the tactical voting game, this is only going to happen in a very small number of constituencies and won't affect the overall result one way or the other.  And really, at his advanced age, Cable should stand down and make way for a younger candidate, but I suppose it's a matter of pride for him after being so ignominiously dumped by the voters in ...

1 May 2017

No, I'm not "staunch Tory".

1 May 2017

When it comes to tactical voting things can get very murky indeed.  In the Richmond Park bye election last December a very serious allegation was made about the Greens accepting a huge bung to stand aside in order to make it easier for the LibDems to win the seat.  This, of course, was vehemently denied.  I don't believe the denials for one second. ...

General Election
30 Apr 2017

Most of the other 27 are wasters, just continually on the take.  One of the reasons Brexit is happening is because people got sick of funding these countries.  When May walks back into No 10 with a stonking majority she can go into the negotiations with confidence, knowing the majority back her to extricate ourselves from the stinking corrupt club.

Clean air
28 Apr 2017

And as I said, the voting public were given the chance to reform the system and they rejected it, so we have live with what we have, and under that the Tories, in the main, are the most popular party.

28 Apr 2017

In that case, with our skewed electoral system, I doubt any government for a very long time has enjoyed majority support.  The voters were given the opportunity only six years ago to change the system and that was comprehensively rejected, so one can only assume they are happy with the current arrangements.

28 Apr 2017

The governments were elected under the rules of our electoral system, anyone with a basic comprehension of the British Constitution understands that.

28 Apr 2017

Out of the last 38 years the voting public has entrusted government to the Tories for 25 of those years, and are highly likely to add the next five to that figure.  I think that tells you who the public trust more.

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