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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

These petitions are completely worthless, anybody can sign them numerous times under false names.  Anyone who thinks such a petiton actually sways a decision is deluded.

11 Oct 2017

The originator of this petition does seem have a bee in his bonnet about "old people".

4 Oct 2017

Lots of surgeries in the past used premium rate contact numbers, until NHS England put a stop to the dubious practice.

1 Oct 2017

@majorp you have been extremely fortunate in your dealings with the barton surgery, my view of that practice is unprintable on this forum.

No, Mrs C, Flower was merely expressing their opinion.  Do try to keep up.

29 Sep 2017

That's the whole point of this forum, Mrs C, for people to express their opinion.  Do keep up.

20 Sep 2017

According to those minutes there was a Council meeting on Wednesday 14th July, that timing is clearly wrong, does nobody check these things? Anyway, the consultation was flawed, no doubt about that, and it will be a travesty if this park is built on the lawn.

14 Sep 2017

Mrs M, your mask is slipping.

North Korea
14 Sep 2017

So glad I get up every day to go to work in order to pay taxes, that then get sent to a pariah state.

10 Sep 2017

We pay through the nose for the NHS via our taxes.  And then it fails us miserably.

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