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You know nothing about me, Hay Day.  But I clearly know more about the east end than you do.

19 Jul 2016

@Hay Day I certainly do know what I am talking about, I was walking through Watney Market only last week.  When were you last in that area?

19 Jul 2016

I mean, walking through some parts of London, you are in a small minority as a white person.  Whitechapel/Shadwell springs to mind.

19 Jul 2016

There are certainly areas of London where you could easily forget you are still in England.  As you lived there for 30 years I am quite sure you know where they are.

Leadsom or May
15 Jul 2016

We'll get back to you in two years when Brexit negotiations are complete.

14 Jul 2016

I guess the deluded Remoaners have to cling onto something to give themselves comfort, but as May is clearly going to PM for the next four years then Brexit is going to happen.  The penny will drop one day, but until then they can have their fantasy.

14 Jul 2016

I don't know why you think Boris and Fox will be scheming, but really, with today's communications technology you can be on another continent and do all the scheming you like.

14 Jul 2016

Because they don't have things like phones, email and other forms of communication.

13 Jul 2016

When Gordon Brown succeeded Blair as Prime Minister, Theresa May taunted him and said he should call an election to obtain a mandate for his premiership.  May now insists she is staying put until 2020.  Hypocrite.

11 Jul 2016

Still feeling sore about the referendum result?

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