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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mondeo

And don't forget when Labour come knocking at your door they are eyeing up your garden in order to treble your Council Tax.

The negotiations haven't even started yet and nobody knows what the outcome will be in two years time.  It sounds to me like this guy is just another Remoaner who has already made up his mind.  There's no point listening to his kind.

Like I said, you are off your head.

28 May 2017

Open borders are exactly the reason we have so many problems in Europe today.  It's possible for terrorists to move from one side of the continent to the other without any checks at all.  It's the reason there are so many migrants massing at places like Calais trying to illegally cross the Channel to enter the UK, they've simply travelled through many countries completely unhindered.  It's telling ...

Corbyn and Lucas are politicians of integrity?  Now I know you are definitely off your head.

And of course under Labour everything was just perfect...

23 May 2017

I remember Dom Joly visiting Dawlish to poke fun at the CCTV on a televison programme.  This thread from that time shows people thought it was a complete joke even then.  And the esteemed Mayor of the day with her silly hats is still a force in the town, what a scary thought.

23 May 2017

Has it ever been instrumental in securing a conviction for a crime in the town?

Out at sea
17 May 2017

So wind farms are just expensive pieces of junk that litter the countryside and seas.  Well done the Green lobby.

Illegal Parking
16 May 2017

The Council paint an image of a cycle onto a pathway that was previously pedestrian use only, and bingo they've created a "new" cycle path, and a whole lot of conflict.

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