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If you want your particular beliefs to be the 'truth', all you need to do is watch BBC and Channel 4 news, or read the The Guardian and Independent.

24 Mar 2017

@Lynne Nine months since the referendum is no time at all, we haven't even started the Brexit negotiations for God's sake.  I suggest you wait a decade or two before revisiting this particular issue.  After all, the Brexiteers of 1975 had to wait four decades before they were given another chance.

23 Mar 2017

We had the only poll that mattered on June 23rd last year.  You're sounding more like dim-Tim Farron with every passing day.

23 Mar 2017

You have posted an article that is behind a paywall and unreadable.

23 Mar 2017

To the point of expressing a wish to overturn the democratic vote?  As I said in a previous post, after the recent parliamentary votes Brexit is happening.  No amount of petulant marching will change that.  Why don't you and your ilk just respect democracy?

23 Mar 2017

Really? Here's a comment taken from the Unite for Europe Facebook page: Need to keep making our voices heard. Brexit is wrong. It will hurt too many people. It will make us poorer intellectually, spiritually and financially and has no chance of ever making Britain "great" again. Let's stop it while we still can- come and shout loud in London on Saturday. Supporters of Unite ...

I can see the typical sneering attitude of the arrogant Remoaners coming through on this thread, and you know what Lynne & Gary?  It's the likes of people such as you that helped Brexit happen.

21 Mar 2017

I'm more than happy for the clocks to go back, so to speak, to before January 1st 1973 when we joined the EEC.  We've had to wait decades for the vote to do that.

Only by Remoaners who can't accept the referendum result...

19 Mar 2017

If you read the wording on the side of that bus it could only have ever been a suggestion, because the Leave campaign was not, and is not, the government.  Is it really that difficult to understand?

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