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Lloyds Chemists.
20 Nov 2017

A pharmacy destroys a patient's prescription because it's not been collected for a few days?   Proper chemists like Boots don't do that.

Says "Diana Mond", who has been banned from this forum more times than I've had hot dinners.

A country's land mass bears no relation to its abilitity to provide adequate infrastructure for its people.  England is now the most densely populated country in Europe, some parts have a built-on ratio of 80%+, so for those people it would quite likely feel they were living in a "concrete jungle".  The BBC link shows that almost 60% of land is used for farming, that fact seems lost on the people ...

31 Oct 2017

Professional beggars preying on the elderly, they should be arrested.  It's illegal to beg in this country.

Parking tickets
29 Oct 2017

Why is "Diana Mond" even still allowed to post on here, given her previous history of multiple identities, all of which were eventually banned from the forum.

@Matt "Diana Mond" is the current alias of this contributor, she has posted under countless other names over the years, and has been banned by the webmaster numerous times.  For some reason she just can't keep away from this forum.

The Police
22 Oct 2017

The police are too busy painting their nails and dressing up in high heels to be bothered doing their real job.

18 Oct 2017

A survey published today by the BBC has detailed the performance targets for all the NHS trusts, it makes grim reading for patients living in this area.  Both Torbay and RDE Trusts failed to meet targets for A&E, cancer care, and planned ops & care.  Torbay fared significantly worse than RDE, which doesn't surprise me in the least.  The results can be found by entering a postcode here ...

Well that report was a waste of time and money.  Chapter 8 is a hoot; the vision of Dawlish in 2018.  Whoever wrote that was off their head.

Unlike Councillors, the public do not have access to Council Tax funds to satisfy a vanity project.  I wonder how much the doomed woodlouse on the Lawn folly cost local taxpayers, before it was binned?

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