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The Lisbon Treaty, or to give it its proper name the EU Constitution was initially rejected by both the Dutch and French electorates in referendums in 2005.  This sent the EU into a panic and caused a temporary abandonment of the constitution, but, true to form, it was revived a couple of years later as the Lisbon Treaty.  The architect of the EU Constitution, Giscard d’Estaing, freely admitted ...

14 Dec 2017

Ah yes, those treaties like Maastricht and Lisbon which took us ever deeper into the EU without anyone being asked if we wanted that.  I clearly remember Gordon Brown avoided putting his name to the Lisbon document in the grand signing ceremony with other EU leaders, instead he did it separately all by himself, as though he was somehow ashamed to be seen signing it at all.

14 Dec 2017

If she feels so principled about things, then she can stand as an independent at the next election and fund it all herself.

14 Dec 2017

I sincerely hope Sarah Wollaston gets deselected from her Totnes seat before the next election.  She was happy for the Tories to fund and organise her campaign to win the seat, then turned her back on the party last night.

9 Dec 2017

I have no problem with Farage claiming legitimate expenses for his work in Brussels.  He is a thorn in the EU parliament's side, for which I applaud him.  While we are on the subject of EU expenses, it is widely recognised the system is rotten to the core.  This article is from 2009, no doubt the figures today are much higher. ...

9 Dec 2017

Ex-Commissioners are simply not allowed to be critical of the organisation, for fear of losing their lucrative pension, the EU has got them gagged. Lord Mandelson is not allowed to criticise the European Union if he wants to keep hold of his £31,000-a-year pension as a former European Commissioner, The Daily Telegraph has learned. ...

9 Dec 2017

People bang on about Farage's penison, but at least he served a purpose and we are getting some kind of Brexit, without him we would be shackled to the corrupt EU forever.  Some of his speeches in the EU parliament were corkers and had Druncker, Schulz and the rest squirming in their seats. And let's not forget all the MEPs & commissioners past and present who will be getting their EU pension, ...

8 Dec 2017

Anybody who thought Remainer Theresa May would live up to her "Brexit means Brexit" promise is an idiot.  The establishment has got what it wanted.

Oh dear, same old Mrs C, whatever name she chooses to post under.  A leopard can't change its spots.

29 Nov 2017

Dawlish has just been featured on Brit Cops: Frontline Crime, a house on Exeter Road being raided in a drugs bust. Not quite such positive publicity this time.

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