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son of robin
Julie May
Out at sea
17 May 2017

So wind farms are just expensive pieces of junk that litter the countryside and seas.  Well done the Green lobby.

Illegal Parking
16 May 2017

The Council paint an image of a cycle onto a pathway that was previously pedestrian use only, and bingo they've created a "new" cycle path, and a whole lot of conflict.

Biggest load of drivel I have read in a long time.  Seriously, the Tories have databases so sophisticated that they know what our grandads are thinking? Will you be doing a similar piece about unions funding the Labour Party?  That amounted to £11 milliion in 2014, which equalled almost 60% of donations to Labour that year.

I think you are going to be very disappointed on June 9th.

11 May 2017

Who will pay for all this?  Even the Labour spokesman on R4 this morning wouldn't say, just that the costings are TBA.

Is this the tactical voting we keep hearing so much about?

8 May 2017

Farage isn't even standing on June 8th , and after the successful Brexit vote UKIP is now a busted flush

French Election
8 May 2017

By electing Merkel's puppet the French have just committed a monumental act of self-harm, I hope they enjoy being ruled from Berlin.

Clatworthy wins it
7 May 2017

Dream on. At the last election the Tories achieved double the LibDem vote, and will likely pick up a significant number of the almost seven thousand votes cast for UKIP now that the Brexit job is done.  You are also forgetting that turnout at local elections is risably low.

You mean, in true EU style, to keep on voting until the "right" decision is made.  We've seen it all before with other countries but that won't happen this time.  The likes of you and Gina Miller are going to be disappointed.

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