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19 Dec 2017

Is Corbyn going to keep on extending the time frame for when he will "probably" be Prime Minister?  I feel confident in saying his "probably" is going to be a "never".

The milk quotas were scrapped in 2015.  Do keep up.

Oh dear, Mrs C, you do have a vivid imagination regarding life in Britain before the Common Market.  It reads like something out of a Charles Dickens novel, the only thing you missed out was the workhouse.  Of course, you know it was nothing like that.  Do you really believe employment protection laws only came about after 1973?  Do some research, dearie.  And as I remember, the only times ...

15 Dec 2017

This country was called the sick man of Europe because we'd suffered decades of industrial strife, where the unions to all intents and purposes ran the country. Industry could not move forward because of the restrictive practices imposed by unions.  It culminated in the infamous "winter of discontent" of '78-79, when, amongst other things, uncollected rubbish was piled high in the streeets, ...

14 Dec 2017

I am not deflecting anything.  And I genuinely do believe you are not the full shilling.

14 Dec 2017


14 Dec 2017

Mrs C you are a liar.  I can see I will have to start taking screengrabs of my posts just to prove how deranged you are.

14 Dec 2017

Advocating that these traitors are politically destroyed is not a crime, Mrs C  Are you special needs? But getting back to the point of parliament having to agree the Brexit terms, this is a ludicrous demand.  It could mean the negotiations get extended by years, ultimately leading to Brexit being abandoned.  But let's face it, that is exactly what Remainers want to happen, isn't it? ...

14 Dec 2017

Neither does you wishing them be destroyed (#999). - What does that mean, Mrs C?  You truly are a strange woman.

14 Dec 2017

Speak for yourself, Mrs C.  I personally hope that the political career of each and every one of these traitors is destroyed.  They were not seeking a meaningful vote, they are out to thwart Brexit by any means possible.

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