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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mondeo
Anne Marie Morris
11 Jul 2017

A fair few.  I stopped going to them when they became commercial and hijacked by the leftwing nutjobs.  I remember when it was just LGB, what the hell has trans got to do with being gay?  And as for the Q+, an utter sick joke.

11 Jul 2017

As I said earlier "queer" has been "reclaimed" by some. Don't assume you speak for everyone. Such arrogance.

10 Jul 2017

Of course she shouldn't have used the expresson, although I don't think she was being wilfully racist in the way that Labour MP Diane Abbott is.

10 Jul 2017

@From The Grave It's been adopted by some activists, there are many people who have not "reclaimed" the word and still find it as highly offensive now as in the past.

10 Jul 2017

The BBC recently broadcast a series about gay people that went under the highly offensive title of Queer Britain.  And they got away with it.  They wouldn't dare make a programme about the ethnic population with a similarly offensive title.

9 Jul 2017

I'm guessing none of the councilors who sit on the licensing committee live anywhere near the Lansdowne, and aren't affected by what goes on there.

MadameDuplicitous only registered on the site today, and I already have a pretty good idea who they are.

Congratulations to Val Mawhood who won the election in South West ward, anybody know who won in North East?

People have always argued about politics, it's just more visible now because of the large number of online forums and social media, nothing to do with "societal breakdown" at all.  Stop being hysterical.

Do you really think the world is reading this site, and paying attention to what you say?

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