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A questionable butterfly


Hunters Lodge
12 Jan 2018

If you really do take off all the plastic packaging while in the supermarket, how do you then hygenically get all your purchases home?

12 Jan 2018

And you piss off everybody in the queue behind you.

Fire & Fury
7 Jan 2018

Anything that is critical of Trump suits the BBC's agenda, I suspect they had to call in the grief counsellors when the news broke he had won the election, as they probably did for the Brexit result too.

Tit bits
2 Jan 2018

In England the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) decides what drugs and treatments will be funded by the NHS, but just because a drug is on the NICE approved list it doesn't automatically mean you will receive it, some NHS Trusts arbitrarily decide not to fund some treatments. Healthcare is a devolved issue so Scotland and Wales do their own thing, but the situation in ...

1 Jan 2018

Health care in this country is a post code lottery, if you live in the right area you will get adequate care.  Unfortunately that cannot be said of this area.

1 Jan 2018

@DJ The "heavily subsidised" prescriptions, dental charges and all other health care costs are paid for from our extortionate taxes, you make it sound like we get all this for free.

@Lynne Unlike at present, after Brexit we will have the freedom to make individual trade deals with any country in the world, but of course you already know that. Can you provide the source for your claim that our new blue passports will be produced in Germany?

24 Dec 2017

I didn't realise the contract to produce the new passports had been awarded to a German company, is that an actual fact?  Of course, under EU procurement regulations public contracts over a certain value are obliged to be tendered across the EU.  After Brexit, we will be free to "buy British" and support our own industries, that's another way we will be taking back control.

24 Dec 2017

Regardless of colour, the important thing is that the first two words on the blue passports will be  "United Kingdom", the words European Union will be banished.

Unlike this offering, satire is amusing.

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