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19 Jan 2018

If it is beyond your wit to post links to stories to support your assertions (which I did quite easily earlier today), then there is nothing for me on which to comment.

19 Jan 2018

Without details I can't comment, simple really.

19 Jan 2018

@Lynne If we actually knew what those post-Brexit deals are then I might have something to say, but as we don't, I cannot possibly comment, can I?

19 Jan 2018

@Lynne Nothing to say about the Common Agricultural Policy adding 17% to the cost of food in the EU? What deals are the NFU talking about?  Must be like the supermarkets, they know things that we do not, apparently...

19 Jan 2018

If somebody is posting quotes they should not expect others to have to use Google to find the source. Edit: It's rather ironic that a former political editor of the Daily Mail is writing for the i. I realise it is no longer owned by The Independent, but it is staffed by former Indy journalists and has a clear anti-Brexit agenda.  No wonder it has been quoted so much earlier in this thread.

19 Jan 2018

It is normal practice when quoting text that the source is also included.  I suspect the author is a rabid Remoaner, hence your reticence to post the link. A no-deal Brexit might not be as bad some fear, this article from the Institute of Economic Affairs reveals how the Common Agricultural Policy actually raises the cost of food by some 17%, compared to world market prices: Imagine there ...

19 Jan 2018

Still waiting for a link to the whole article.

19 Jan 2018

It sounds like this ex-exployee of DExEU has agenda, care to post a link to the whole article so we can judge it for ourselves?  Some of it is complete nonsense, such as the supermarkets warning of a 22% tariff on foods, trade negotiations are still in progress, are the supermarkets privy to these and know something we do not?  I hardly think so.  As for the wider picture, WTO tariffs work both ...

18 Jan 2018

The Single Market didn't come into being until 1993, until then businesses had to make customs declarations, it was an accepted part of doing trade.  I have lost count of the number of Certificates of Origin I've completed in my time, it's no big deal.  We still do these customs procedures for the rest of the world, and they number far more than EU27.  Listening to the doom-mongers you'd think we ...

13 Jan 2018

@Lynne If the falling value of the pound causes some food prices to increase, buy British instead.

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