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Diana Mondeo
French Election
24 Apr 2017

Bradshaw is on dodgy ground.  Now that Brexit is happening the UKIP supporters could turn back to the Tories, which makes his majority pretty thin.  I think he will be lucky to hold onto the seat in the current climate, with Labour being at rock bottom, just as the LibDems are.

24 Apr 2017

With that Retweet it sounds like Bradshaw could be nervous about retaining Exeter at the election.

General Election
22 Apr 2017

I know nothing more about UKIP than you would.

22 Apr 2017

@Lynne Why are you directing a question about UKIP policy at me? Hard and soft Brexit seems to mean different things to different people, but the most common definition of soft Brexit appears to be retaining freedom of movement, staying in the single market & continuing to pay fees to Brussels, and being bound by the ECJ.  If we do all that then we haven't really left the EU at all, and the ...

21 Apr 2017

We'll wait and see about that shall we?  After losing 49 MPs at the last election it certainly can't get much worse for the LibDems, you could fit the whole parliamentary party in the back of a Transit van.

21 Apr 2017

Wow, great comeback.

21 Apr 2017

Who's stifling opposition?  I'm just pointing out the ineffectiveness of voting for the LibDems. As for Turkey's postion in the EU, it was confirmed as a candidate country in 1999 and entry negotiations started in 2005, yet you manage to turn that around into some kind of lie by the Leave campaign.

21 Apr 2017

So when May has a stonking great majority, what possible use will there be for the pathetic bunch of LibDem MPs?  A vote for the LibDems is a wasted vote; always has been and always will be.

20 Apr 2017

"Soft" Brexit is staying in the EU by another name, and it's certainly not what I voted for on June 23rd last year.  That leaves me with only one option when polling day arrives.

20 Apr 2017

We won't be leaving for another two years and nobody yet knows on what terms we will quit the EU, but I see Project Fear is alive and well with the Remoaners.  And it's not just "my way", but the way of the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit.

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