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It's called negotiation.  We simply haven't been allowed to broker our own trade deals for the last forty years, and now we will be able to.  There's a whole world out there beyond the confines of the EU cartel.

24 Jul 2017

Since we joined the EEC/EU in 1973 various governments have increasingly signed away our sovereignty with a number of new treaties coming into force.  Not once were people given a choice as to whether this ever closer union was actually wanted. French and Dutch voters made a stand in 2005 when they rejected the proposed EU constitution.  All further referendums on the subject were cancelled to ...

23 Jul 2017

I thought reducing air travel and our carbon footprint was meant to be a good thing?  And more staycations will be good for the economy.

23 Jul 2017

That's an awful lot of bleating from Ryanair.  Other airlines don't appear to getting hysterical about what might or could happen.  I have no doubt that a rabbit will be pulled out of the hat and a deal agreed before the Brexit deadline.

But it's not unused, is it?

Don't people go to the Warren for the beach and amusements?  I never see that many people walking through the reserve, and have never seen anyone set up camp for the day inside it.

It's a bit ironic that Corbyn was recently telling Trump to build bridges not walls.  And in London they have now had to build walls on bridges.

Anne Marie Morris
11 Jul 2017

I'm a bigot because I don't adhere to the LGBTQ++++ political claptrap?  You are the one who is unable to accept there is an alternative viewpoint to the dogma of the gay rights lobby. It has now become something akin to a religion or cult.

11 Jul 2017

A fair few.  I stopped going to them when they became commercial and hijacked by the leftwing nutjobs.  I remember when it was just LGB, what the hell has trans got to do with being gay?  And as for the Q+, an utter sick joke.

11 Jul 2017

As I said earlier "queer" has been "reclaimed" by some. Don't assume you speak for everyone. Such arrogance.

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