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Stark Ross
Angie W
Chelley 18

@shytalk47 -  Harold Wilson once famously said "one vote is enough in a referendum", I would say 1,269,501 is more than ample for the Brexiters to claim legitimate victory.

Brexit won't get seriously moving until after the German general election next year, it is they, after all, who are running the whole EU show.

New Play Park
16 Aug 2016

How do you come to that conclusion Mrs C, are you privy to representations made to the Council?

Do the powers that be seriously expect visitors will travel to area just to sit in a field, instead of enjoying the beach?  Strewth.

@S You have to ask yourself why the poster currently going under the alias of Morty Vicker has been repeatedly banned from this site, but constantly returns under yet another name.  A few months ago she announced that she was leaving the forum and would not be posting again, unfortunately that period lasted only a few weeks and then she was back, up to her old ways.  I genuinely believe she ...

26 Jul 2016

Unfortunately with you, Mrs C, as you are a proven liar, it's a necessity.  But of course, you knew that already, after your infamous post two years ago concerning Red Rock cafe.  Why feign surprise?

26 Jul 2016

Mrs C, you have been busy editing and removing posts tonight.  It looks like we will have to start taking screen grabs again just to prove how deceitful you are.

I didn't say the evidence was vile, I presented it to prove that Morty Vicker/Mrs C/Judith Chalmers is a downright liar.  But her original post from 1st July '14  which she promptly pulled down contained some pretty nasty stuff, fortunately it was captured as a screen shot before she could remove it, so the evidence lives on.

22 Jul 2016

Well, now we have established you are a liar. Your dislike of the Red Rock owners was abundantly clear from the wording of your opening post, that is why I made the remarks I did.  And of course all this dates back to your infamous post from 1st July 2014 when you viciously slagged off the owners.  You know, that post you pulled down within a few hours when the backlash started.

22 Jul 2016

You accused me of reporting your posts on this thread - I did not. And just so everybody realises what a barefaced liar you are, here's the proof: Linda Petherick 2 Aug 2014 burnside (Bernard ). Please don't be so disrespectful to Cllr Vickery nobody is being disrespectful to your sister Cllr Swift. Why are you doing as you live in London and you don't know any of the Dawlish ...

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