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As Woolaston jumped ship from Leave to Remain midway through the referendum campaign, she sounds like somebody who doesn't really know her own mind, or was it a cynical ploy to discredit Leave? Either way, I don't have an ounce of respect for the woman.

1 Apr 2017

Ultimately ministers are responsible for signing off the agreements, if they allowed civil servants to negotiate such poor deals that have cost the taxpayer billions then it reflects on them. And I really don't think the government will be able hide behind or blame civil servants for any bad deals in the upcoming negotiations, the buck will stop at No 10.

1 Apr 2017

When it comes to PFI, there is no getting out of it.  The taxpayer is obliged to fund the billions for several decades until the agreements expire.

1 Apr 2017

The NHS wouldn't be in such a parlous state if it wasn't for the disastrous PFI financing deals, almost all of them negotiated while Labour was in government. A Telegraph article from 2015: The NHS is spending more than £3,700 every minute to pay for privately financed hospitals, The Telegraph can disclose. The bill for private finance initiative (PFI) hospital schemes will hit ...

At least all the particiapants on the march yesterday had a jolly nice walk in the London sunshine, even if they did manage to achieve absolutely sod all.

26 Mar 2017

@ShyTalk47 I agree.  It is very tedious trying to have a dialogue with Remoaners who totally fail to understand the difference between the continent of Europe, and a failing political organisation called the EU.

25 Mar 2017

We'll always be in Europe, just not in the EU.

25 Mar 2017

If you want your particular beliefs to be the 'truth', all you need to do is watch BBC and Channel 4 news, or read the The Guardian and Independent.

24 Mar 2017

@Lynne Nine months since the referendum is no time at all, we haven't even started the Brexit negotiations for God's sake.  I suggest you wait a decade or two before revisiting this particular issue.  After all, the Brexiteers of 1975 had to wait four decades before they were given another chance.

23 Mar 2017

We had the only poll that mattered on June 23rd last year.  You're sounding more like dim-Tim Farron with every passing day.

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