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Odd that you are misspelling my name, since you have known it for two years (courtesy of Linda Petherick), yet then claimed on 20th June that you had only that morning discovered my identity.  Why do you tell barefaced lies?

21 Jul 2016

As ever, Mrs C, always there with the snidey remarks.

I stand by everything I have posted.

19 Jul 2016

In Mrs C's book, stating the obvious makes somebody a racist.

19 Jul 2016

Did I say there are white no-go areas? No.  Whites are the minority population in Whitechapel and Shadwell, you must be blind if you think otherwise. And I certainly don't need a history lesson on the east end from the likes of you.

19 Jul 2016

You know nothing about me, Hay Day.  But I clearly know more about the east end than you do.

19 Jul 2016

@Hay Day I certainly do know what I am talking about, I was walking through Watney Market only last week.  When were you last in that area?

19 Jul 2016

I mean, walking through some parts of London, you are in a small minority as a white person.  Whitechapel/Shadwell springs to mind.

19 Jul 2016

There are certainly areas of London where you could easily forget you are still in England.  As you lived there for 30 years I am quite sure you know where they are.

Leadsom or May
15 Jul 2016

We'll get back to you in two years when Brexit negotiations are complete.

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