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4 days ago

We won't be leaving for another two years and nobody yet knows on what terms we will quit the EU, but I see Project Fear is alive and well with the Remoaners.  And it's not just "my way", but the way of the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit.

4 days ago

@Gary Taylor The reason the Remain side lost was because of its totally inept Project Fear campaign.  Blaming it on a bus and the right wing media is just plain ridiculous.  The EU boil had been festering for decades, and was rightly lanced.

5 days ago

At last a straight answer, Farron has now come out and said that being gay is not a sin. It's amazing what a bit of negative publicity can do.

5 days ago

No, I'm saying "enough said" because the author sounds like they haven't a clue about anything.  Just like the LibDems.

5 days ago

A blog written by a LibDem polyamorous bisexual transwoman.  Enough said.

5 days ago

It's not been a good start for Farron, he's now embroiled in controversy for inferring that it's a sin to be gay.  Not what you would expect from a liberal, is it?

When we leave the EU in two years' time we will be free to spend that £350m on the NHS or anything else the government of the day decides.  I really don't understand why Remoaners expect the money to be spent now, when we are still contributing billions to the EU club.

2 weeks ago

Read the side of the bus again.  It stated we send £350 million a week to the EU, and suggested we fund the NHS instead.  I didn't read that as a direct promise that £350m would definitely be channelled into the NHS, merely one of the possibilities (and, of course, we haven't even left the EU yet).  As I have pointed out previously, the Leave campaign was not, and is not, the government so ...

2 weeks ago

As Woolaston jumped ship from Leave to Remain midway through the referendum campaign, she sounds like somebody who doesn't really know her own mind, or was it a cynical ploy to discredit Leave? Either way, I don't have an ounce of respect for the woman.

3 weeks ago

Ultimately ministers are responsible for signing off the agreements, if they allowed civil servants to negotiate such poor deals that have cost the taxpayer billions then it reflects on them. And I really don't think the government will be able hide behind or blame civil servants for any bad deals in the upcoming negotiations, the buck will stop at No 10.

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