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Pete B

Mrs C must be the only person in Britain who has never shopped with Amazon.  Get with the times girl.

28 Mar 2018

@majorp We are already paying through the council tax to have our recycling taken away, this new tax is a con.

28 Mar 2018

Here we go again - Mrs C thinking she knows eveything.  And by the way, I don't pay 5p for a carrier bag, I bulk-buy from Amazon, cheaper and I don't pay to advertise a supermarket.

28 Mar 2018

I will not be told what I can, or cannot buy, by the green lobby.

28 Mar 2018

They can get stuffed if they think I am returning all my plastic and glass to the shops, so now we'll be paying twice; once to the council to take away the recycling, and again in higher prices at the shops.

The reference to "too much money" is about how much poorer the EU will be when one of its largest net contributors is no longer paying into the coffers, but instead of cutting its cloth to suit its new means Juncker just plans to make the remaining members pay more.  How very EU.

Let's see if the council will allow a private group take over a public facility.

You mean a few hundred people out of 13,000, who responded to a consulation, want a play park.

Deeds not words
7 Feb 2018

Isn't it already illegal to pay women a lower rate for doing the same job as a man?

1 Feb 2018

And yet the government has allowed hundreds of terrorists to return to the UK and disappear back into the community.  More terrorists incidents waiting to happen.  It beggars belief.

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