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Isn't it already illegal to pay women a lower rate for doing the same job as a man?

All those lorries, all that pollution.  Perhaps we should eat food that is more local to us.  When I was young we ate according to the season, it was no great hardship.

During the 70s & 80s parliament thought it right that the accused in sexual assault cases were granted anonymity, perhaps because those kind of allegations carry such huge social stigma that live with the accused for the rest of their lives, even if they are subsequently found innocent.  And, of course, there are the serial rape fantasists out there: ...

How did we ever manage before the single market came into effect in 1993?

How do you know that three men agreed with me, or is that just your usual arrogance thinking you know it all?  In the 70s & 80s both parties in sexual assault trials were granted anonymity, I can see no earthly reason why that law was scrapped.  When it comes to judicial matters men are second class citizens, but then that suits the feminazis.

3 weeks ago

One thing we do know, if a man had actually been charged then his identity would have been plastered across the media, even before any guilt had been established.

And yet the government has allowed hundreds of terrorists to return to the UK and disappear back into the community.  More terrorists incidents waiting to happen.  It beggars belief. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/isis-british-jihadis-return-uk-iraq-syria-report-islamic-state-fighters-europe-threat-debate-terror-a8017811.html

3 weeks ago

I don't have a problem with that.  Although if the BBC went subscription-only I rather doubt there would be much of a BBC left to watch.  Given the choice, I wouldn't pay for the BBC in its current form, let alone what it would be like if people had the freedom not to pay for it.

3 weeks ago

There shouldn't be a TV licence, if people want to view the BBC's output then they choose to pay for it, just like people choose to pay to watch Sky's channels.

3 weeks ago

That's a good idea, now let's apply that principle to the BBC's funding.