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You really need to check the definition of the word scurrilous.

People have always argued about politics, it's just more visible now because of the large number of online forums and social media, nothing to do with "societal breakdown" at all.  Stop being hysterical.

Do you really think the world is reading this site, and paying attention to what you say?

2 weeks ago

Imploring all the young people to get out to vote didn't work too well did it, Lynne?  Morris substantially increased her majority, and surpassed the combined vote of the other three candidates.  It looks like this constituency is now a safe Tory seat, just as well Younger-Ross decided not to stand again, there's only so much humiliation he can take.

2 weeks ago

The "seriously ill" Abbott still had enough strength in her bones to send Tweets throughout the night.  And I suppose no matter how incompetent a person is, it helps if their boss used to share the bed.

I don't think you understand how this voting thing works.

So when is Worzel entering No 10 to take power?

@From The Grave - labour still lost the election in the rest of the country.

@Lynne And yet, Labour still lost the election.  We won't be seeing Worzel Gummidge entering No 10.

@Scapegoat - as it happens i abhor all religion.  if the consequences were not so serious it would be laughable that in the 21st century some people still believe in an imaginary wizard in the sky.  having said that, when was the last time you saw christians mow people down in the street, and then get out of the vehicle to stab them to death?