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Pete B

Perhaps it could be the ideal place for a dirty weekend.

it was only a matter of time before this news broke and I for one think the whole situation has been a total stich up since dear Brian Heath passed on. No matter how good or bad the carnival comittee are at the moment they dont have a fighting chance against Teignbridge District Council. Its time the people of Dawlish demanded action against the jobsworths who make the decisions and started an ...

Signs for drivers indicating danger and also fines and penalty points for disobeying some of them. How about the same for pedesrtians and cyclists. That would be a huge money maker and another job for the jobs worth traffic wardens. As Carer says its all about education.

Museum Faces Closure
19 Jun 2013

With finances tight and no sign of things improving in the near future perhaps under the circumstances described above the building needs to be sold. Perhaps with the help of some fund raising and maybe some grant money a wooden structure could be built on the warren to house the museum. As its likely that the greatest number of visitors are holiday maker tourists then the Warren would seem a ...

@Lynne .  what would you personally consider to be sustainable transport. any motor vehicle that relies on todays fuel technology isent. there is therefore no point in causing more congestion by putting on more buses running around empty for most of the day. dawlish coaches tried it years ago and it just dosent pay. Perhaps better management and timing of what we have already would be a more ...

Why can Dawlish Disability Transport not take up the slack, I thought thats what they where all about. Go have a word with Jan at the office up Barton car park. If no luck transfere your residents to RD&E Exeter. They offer a far better service than Torbay anyway. Good Luck.

@Gadget . passed myself but emergency services where already on scene. hope your wife is recovering ok, and dont worry about the traffic moaners. it wasent anywhere near chaos as down by teignmouth hill wall.

@Lynne The only joke is the fact that the tax payer is keeping the looney in his life of luxury up at the Langdon holiday park for criminal nut balls. The money being spent on him and his fellow head cases could help fund the NHS A&E crisis.

Does nature itself have an answer to the seagull problem. Like a bigger bird of prey that can kill and partially eat them . Seriously do they have any natural threat to their existance

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