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Pete B

They certainly wont tell prospective house buyers the truth, its time the can was well and truly opened on exactly what that place is and who is in there. For to long its been hidden under the guise of a hospital, when in fact its a secure prision for some of the countries worst life serving offenders who if in the USA would be facing execution. It needs a secondary security fence building all ...

If the Fun Fair lorries had done this we would still be paying for it Double standards at work again

@Michael clayson As expected the political lies, book passing, and public missleading have extended to this topic. Wrote to Mr Pickles via e-mail to complain about his involvement in this planning application. The response is nothing short of a joke Via email Our Ref:    ER/80/027910/13 9 October 2013 Thank you for your ...

Guess the landlords employing him had no idea then LOL

Thanks Michael, so this means that because someone or some department  at Teignbridge district council have not done their job properly the door is now open for any developer to come along and take exactly the same route in order to build more and more houses on green field sites anywhere in Teignbridge. If so then I for one think its time names where named and action to dismiss or remove from ...

18 Sep 2013

@ micheal clayson Just thought to ask as this topic seems to be lacking comment . Is anyone actually doing anything to stop this. Pickles needs to be made aware of who is behind this application and his past track record. Also the dire effect this is going to have on the area. Whats happened to DARE and why no comment from Councillor Prowse who is supposed to be chair of all these such ...

We seem to be having a week of stories coming from Teignbridge pleading poverty and planning any and every cut they can to public services in order to save money. What we havent heard is any cuts being made to their own direct operation. What about reducing the number of councillors on the pay role, or getting rid of a few admin staff or compulsary retirement for the over sixties. In addition they ...

When are the authorities and especially the CON-DEMS going to understand. They have built a huge new town by the M5 near Exeter which is a total flop unsold houses unrented industrial units etc. So why are they trying to do the same to Dawlish and Teignmouth. Before houses we need EMPLOYMENT, or are we to be the dumping ground for Exeter and Newton Abbots social outcasts. In addition to the ...

11 Sep 2013

Its time the people of Dawlish put a stop to this once and for all. There has to be some way the three levels of local government can put a stop to the building of more and more houses without improving the infrastructure. As for the person behind the development, his past track record needs to be aired at a public meeting the guy dosent even live in this country. There is definately something ...

Perhaps Shutterton and the Warren should apply for Town status in their own right, seeing as Dawlish ends at the Warren Rd turning. Another thought would be to apply for a rates rebate.

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