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Not critising the local fire brigade but have noticed recently that they never seem to manage to save much from these sort of fires. For instance this obviousely started as a small fire in a scrap car, and should have been fairly easy to contain. Do we have issues here with staffing levels, training, equipment or something else. Just concerned thats all

If the SW is to speak with one voice then the coast line through Dawlish and Teignmouth is doomed from the off.  With joint populations of under 30,000, what chance do we have against the whole of Cornwall, Plymouth and most of Exeter. Whilst having an open mind on the future of the line, it would certainly do no harm to have a plan in place for redeveloping what would remian after its closure. ...

Thought none of these government agencies had any money or so we keep hearing. Hope they dont disrupt the wildlife on the Nature Reserve or the ones who think they rule the planet will be on their case.  RSP**** we hate dogs, holiday makers, and everyone that hasent got a pair of binoculas and dares to walk on our sand dunes. It has to be good news though seriously.  What coloured army will ...

can you now remove this one so there are no remaining references to such an horrific accident - Thanks

Just announced by DCC mass closure of elderly care homes, hundreds of staff likely to loose their jobs, residents to be transfered into the private sector. Why because they havent got the funding to maintain the care provision How about transfering the 15 million they intend to spend on a cycle path that only the minority will use in the summer and nobody will use in the winter add this ...

9 Jun 2014

And I thought there was no money in the councils coffers, just shows what a bunch of two faced liars they all are. Cant mend the roads, cant meet the needs of the elderly and infirm, cant keep childrens homes and social services open, cant support Surestart, nurseries and leisure centres. But yet they carry on with their ludicrus backward thinking ideas and excuses. Try subsisdising the ...

@Andysport Good response and typical of the totally selfish attitude you and the others like you employ. What about the contribution to the ecconomy made by all the car users and owners and the fuel duty already paid. How is that shortfall going to be made up. Not by cyclists who pay naff all to use the roads or paths. TDC alone made £4.5 million last year on car parking. We have spent ...

28 Mar 2014

@ MrsC Now Im getting as confused as yourself what lorry are we on about. The one I bully the lycra loonies onto the cycle path with.

28 Mar 2014

Its about priorities nothing else, you all know how many cuts the county has and is about to face yet you support this absolute waste of money on a minority folly that is likely to have limited use.  Great thinking close down the leisure centres we all use but build a cycle path for the few. It wouldnt be so bad if the trail kept the lycra loonies off the road but it dosent Funny how everytime ...

28 Mar 2014

Another joke from DCC one minute their closing childrens homes, taking about having to move out of their offices, moaning about having to find £750 million to mend the roads. Then he ho £1.6 million pops up from somewhere to build yet another bloody cycle path. Something seriously needs to be done about these idiots they live in the dark ages

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