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Diana Mond

There are a group of these lycra clad idiots that ride around the Tesco to Kingsteignton area of Newton Abbot early on Sunday mornings (car boot time ish) We have witnessed them bating car drivers into confrontation on more than one ocassion. They surrouned one elderly couple at the traffc lights just before the turning to Winners 2000 and if we hadnt arrived I dont know what they would have done ...

8 Jul 2015

The highways agency budget only covers motorways and major A roads. The comment refers to how much DCC and TDC have recently spent on roads and especially in the area covered by the said cycle path. When you talk about realality here is the truth a) TDC dont want anymore visitors hence the SANGS issues b) Most of the lycra loonies transport their cycles to the path by car thank god c) How ...

8 Jul 2015

17 million spent on a cycle path - nothing spent on the roads - repeated moans about budget cuts and lack of funding and now they give themselves an award for wasting our money in this way.

Just come back from Costa Del Sol in Southern Spain. Marbellla is a really lovely place to live just like Dawlish the big difference being their local authority wont build me an Affordable House to live in so guess ill have to keep working to earn some money before I move there. Oh no that wont work because I forgot there are no jobs in Dawlish. This means that all the new residents of 106 ...

27 May 2015

@OurSoul Repeating the question previously asked and relevant to the point being made. How many LOCAL people are in need and can afford an Affordable house on Shutterton Park. Is it 32 ??????

27 May 2015

Seems to me that the planning dept at TDC are once again turning a blind eye to the activities of major developments companies. Will be requesting information form them this afternoon regarding the provision of SANGS for this particular development, and why they are not questioning the start of work before this situation is resolved. First street names could be Poland Close or Problemfamily ...

22 May 2015

@Lynne Surely this means that until Redrow come up with their own solution to the SANGS issue they cannot start work on site. Hope Redrow and TDC have been made aware of this. Secondly why is the section 106 money not being spent locally.

21 May 2015

Wonder how many of the 32 affordable homes will go to local people. Answer probably none. Affordable houses dont bring wealth, prosperity, new businesses or jobs. The only likely benificiary to this latest glorifed slum is going to be Sainsbury's. Why are Teignbridge Council intent on ruining Dawlish?

If and when we leave the EU the fields will have to be brought back into food production. The main reasons all subsidies will cease and the supermarkets will not be able to import milk etc so easily. Maybe it means Britain can start to become great again. Farmers grow food and open farm shops so local people can buy locally instead of 1000s of supermarket lorries pounding up and down the motorways ...

There are definatley some in there that should be put down, like the chap who gouged his girlfriends eyes out for instance. and what about the poor train driver when the last one jumped off the platform in front of his train. I have also heard about the staffing issues and the main reasons for starting this post was to ask a) what is going to be done about it b) to any councillors - ...

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