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Diana Mond

So who is going to propose a vote of no confidence in the 2 or more Dawlish town councillors who also sit on the planning committee at TDC. They need to be kicked off the town council with immediate effect for not putting the best interests of the town first. Make it happen and then get rid of the TDC councillors who also represent Dawlish but sail us down the swanny every time.

28 May 2016

I think £1400 must include the transformer type battery charger as well as the outside socket plus of course labour and VAT. Even with all that it still seems a bit steep. As Gary says the environmental issues with these types of cars are still to be evaluated. There  will obviously come a time when the batteries will need replaceing  which will undoubtably cost more than the cars worth and we are ...

28 May 2016

Why would there need to be a discussion on something that has already been agreed between greedy developers and the backhand recievers at TDC. 1,000 homes for sure, new roads and other infrastructure no chance. How about creating 2 or 3 thousand jobs before building any more houses. After all the local need only amounts to around 250 and they would need to be of the affordable type which ...

Its cost the council tax payers a dam sight more than the 200k donated without consutation by TDC and DCC. Resufacing the footpaths around the castle entrance and the general street cleaning alone have cost more than that on top. Quite looking foward to presenting a F.O.I request for a breakdown of costs against income for the event as a whole. A guess would be its cost the local (including Exeter ...

19 May 2016

Seeing as TDC see fit to waste tax payers money (without consutation) on distributing leaflets and parking notices etc, and are also putting the Sandy lane fields at risk of being ruined should it rain resulting in more expense. This in addition to monies already donated and assuming the extra police, stewards and security are also going to be funded locally. Will they in return after the event be ...

13 May 2016

I didnt say it was going to be closed, but read the headline stating that we wont be able to drop off and pick up. So I repeat the question with the road open who is going to stop me dropping off and picking up when I have every right to do so.

13 May 2016

As a perfectly legal and car tax paying member of the public I would just like to know who is going to stop me driving along the A379 into Kenton to drop off my kids and pick them up later. As far as Im aware the Powderham estate or the BBC do not own the road and unless there is urgent need then niether TDC or DCC have the right to close or obstruct the road, as this is a private event on private ...

Sorry Leatash and Carer but your localism lets you down here. Having worked recovery on the M62 in my younger days I would say its a very worthy case for investment and improvement. Its the only East to West connection capable of maintaining the carraige of goods across that part of the country and onward down to the Midlands and South West. In the Winter months its the only route across country ...

Could it be a few of the people holding a grudge against the current carnival team are good at making comments relating to what should and shouldnt be, but would have little if any knowledge of how to organise and run a public event in this day and age. It isent just a simple case of lining up a load of floats on John Nash Drive and letting them parade around the town. It would be interesting ...

Looking closely at what was said I believe the words were 5 million to investigation into a more resilient rail route from Exeter to Newton Abbot. Cant see where it mentioned Dawlish or the current costal line

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