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I didnt say it was going to be closed, but read the headline stating that we wont be able to drop off and pick up. So I repeat the question with the road open who is going to stop me dropping off and picking up when I have every right to do so.

13 May 2016

As a perfectly legal and car tax paying member of the public I would just like to know who is going to stop me driving along the A379 into Kenton to drop off my kids and pick them up later. As far as Im aware the Powderham estate or the BBC do not own the road and unless there is urgent need then niether TDC or DCC have the right to close or obstruct the road, as this is a private event on private ...

Sorry Leatash and Carer but your localism lets you down here. Having worked recovery on the M62 in my younger days I would say its a very worthy case for investment and improvement. Its the only East to West connection capable of maintaining the carraige of goods across that part of the country and onward down to the Midlands and South West. In the Winter months its the only route across country ...

Could it be a few of the people holding a grudge against the current carnival team are good at making comments relating to what should and shouldnt be, but would have little if any knowledge of how to organise and run a public event in this day and age. It isent just a simple case of lining up a load of floats on John Nash Drive and letting them parade around the town. It would be interesting ...

Looking closely at what was said I believe the words were 5 million to investigation into a more resilient rail route from Exeter to Newton Abbot. Cant see where it mentioned Dawlish or the current costal line

Just a thought but will some company be laying on free cycles so the people attending can ride into Dawlish and justify the new path also paid for out of local taxes. They could then spend all their money in town and ride back to Powderham. Or maybe there should be no on site parking which might provide some income for GWR, Stagecoach and local taxi firms. On second thought wont all these extra ...

So there you have it as per Westcountry ITV news. More false promises from Cam-moron and his fellow Con-servatives. Not only no inland replacement line, but no improvement to the existing coast line either. Think its time Anne-Marie Morris, Jeremy Christophers and the rest of the incompetence party stood down and called a by-election. The time for UKIP has arrived. By the way anyone noticed how ...

3 Feb 2016

@leatash It has to be horse and carts hasent it. Mind you Ted Hockin and co are probably working on that already with their backward thinking policies, they will probably need quite a few meetings with buffet lunches and several scoping visits on expenses first though. Allthough having the noses in the trough with the horses wont be strange to them. I know how about we pedestrianise ...

2 Feb 2016

@leatash Are these the same powers that be, that tell us we need 2,500 new homes to meet local housing needs when in fact when surveyed the local need was actually 3. Or the same powers that allow developers to buy their way out of section 106 agreements and threaten to compulsary purchase peoples livelyhoods on false pretences. Enough said as nobody seems in favour of ousting them as unfit for ...

1 Feb 2016

@Purrrrfect - Your dead right there look at the chaos being caused on Exeter Road again down by Elm grove road and Eastcliff. Another totally useless stretch of cycle path which non of the Lycra loonies will ever use. Its a complete waste of money constructing cycle paths unless the law states that when available they have to be used. Hopefully the ever increasing number of pot holes will make ...

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