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Its a shame TDC cant address the more important issues effecting the borough. Seems to be one rule for some and another for others as in a lot of cases around here.

@leatash One would be enough, but to my knowledge alone there have been several, and that dosent include the number of staff injured.  Only the other week a patient went on the run and the cost to the tax payer must have run into thousands the police helicopter was out for hours plus the ground units. Then theres the incident at Dawlish Warren station a couple of months ago. Perhaps you ...

25 Apr 2013

Its a prison that hides under the term Hospital, and should never have been allowed in Dawlish. Some of the patients in there are dangerous criminals and should not be placed in a holiday resort. Hopefully there will be tighter controls and more staff to deal with them.

12 months for threatening to shoot a bus driver, thats a bit unfair, every ordinary driver on the road has in their thoughts threatened a bus driver at some time. One of those cases were the judge should have considered public opinion. Being a bus driver is only one step worse than being a traffic warden everbody hates them. Thats unless you have a free bus pass of course.

its five years I think after which the council cannot object or evict on planning grounds. Once finished though Teignbridge could claim the central government bonus for providing affordable houses. Barratts should be told to build their sheds up there instead of at Newlands at least they would visually fit in with the old buses and caravans allready there. Just another local authority joke .

Animal Rescue
6 Apr 2013

Will the person or RSPCA who made the call be getting the bill. If not I want a refund on my coucil tax because Im not paying out to save flying rats that should be culled anyway. I would have shot it for a fraction of the cost

22 Mar 2013

@wondering Whats "lamguage* hahaha

22 Mar 2013

Usual council bullshit from Vanguard who will probably be on the front row of the photos taking the credit come the May celebrations. Shame no comment made on how and why a footpath to no where has cost 1.7 million pounds and why the scheme publically voted for was not implemented

21 Mar 2013

@willosindawlish You werent making comments like that when me and others signed your planning appeal to TDC to keep your pathetic tent, which incidenly dosent fit in with the image the regeneration guys want for the town. So you may be needing our help again in the future.

21 Mar 2013

@Mwnl Save your money and go to Scarborough or the Dales. Dawlish isent ready for visitors yet. Have another look around June time or come down for carnival week.

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