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Diana Mond

Quality developments award winning design come on Gary take a good look at Millin way, Clover Drive and the Bovis estate at Gatehouse and ask for Carhaix Way, well I think the planning committe may need to donate  to the good cause of Guide Dogs for the Blind. Millin way - a mish mash of wooden huts built in a sand pit, looks like an old Butlins holiday camp Clover Drive Estate - Its like an ...

23 Dec 2016

Holcombe long over due for some new development, has been exclusive for far to long. Even better still is the 25% afforable clause. Just short of a few re-housed refugees and a cycle path and it will be welcomed into the real world. As a second thought what an ideal area for Lidl to build a new supermarket see how the locals enjoy 28 tonne tipper lorries speeding up and down Fordens lane

and we pay their wages, there should be sackings over this but as it is, it makes the Exeter road junction with Cairhax Way a little safer so leave as is before we end up with another stretch of 30mph speed restriction. The incompetence of TDC and DCC highways can clearly be seen by the joke they have created on the Warren Road by the Beach Road and along towards Millin Way. Hope they rememberd ...

Just wondered if anyone is going to do anything to stop this abhorrent waste of public money at a time when bus and train services are having to be cut and our main road in and out of town is rapidly becoming unfit for purpose. How can a scheme with so little local intrest even be considered 150 attendancies at a public meeting of which 30% went to object. Come on local businesses this is just ...

9 Dec 2016

So 150 responses eh of which only 71% are in favour of cycling as their chosen transport method through and around Dawlish. That really is an oustanding response from around 14,000 local residents and of course gives the idiot councillors concered the green light to waste even more tax payers money, and cause more damage and disruption to the town in general. The whole scheme is a total waste of ...

Perhaps an explaination as to why the road remained closed for seven hours may have helped. The two young female officers at the top of Dawlish hill Teignmouth and new road junction were less than polite to me and that was past 7.30pm. Good manners feeds both ways.

When is somebody going to stop these idiots wasting taxpayers money on these ludicrus schemes. If Dawlish traders report no increase in trade or visitor numbers solely due to the cycle path as these are the reasons given for wasting this money, not to mention the inconvienience,  then can we have our roads re-instated and repaired to a state making them fit for purpose.

When did Dawlish accuire a sea front. Its a stone and concrete wall with a decrepid rusty old railway perched alongside. How can anyone find that attractive and a place worth visiting. Now Teignmouth on the other hand, now thats a sea front. All will be better though when the railway moves in land opening up the oppertunity for investment in the town and maybe then we will have a sea front. On ...

six years in Langdon for trying to hold a conversation with a Duck. Mind you its probably not as bad as trying to get the truth out of TDC

11 Jun 2016

What their closing down TDC. Just how many members of the public have thrown their support behind this as I dont know anyone who has been consulted. Another load of minority spouting, cant wait to see how its going to be enforced. As its being reported in the torquay hearld then its bound to have been miss-understood.

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