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Not everyone is going to agree, that's fine.  If you're going to post you have to accept differing views.  As soon as you swear at someone you've lost the argument on a discussion board.  I don't like the views of some people on here and probably not the ones you're thinking of.  Take a break from the site and appreciate that not everyone is a royalist and just because you aren't doesn't make you ...

Behind a cyclist with one leg today, wouldn't have known if he hadn't been wearing shorts. Very skilful.

that's it, well done @Lynne , i couldn't work out how to link to the discussion!

1½ weeks ago

Quite a big discussion on this on EOD discussion page.

I wouldn't have expected the country park car park surface to have deterorated quite so quickly.

Hope they come with parking!

Thought this might be useful for people.

thanks @Lynne . i see ironically that the best chance they have of bringing charges is for unnecessary suffering to an animal, which in this case would be the dog.

Someone was asking previously how this could be free to both provider and council. It details this in this report - Neil Blaney, Economy Manager, told the executive on Tuesday morning that it would work by the company who install the network and selling advertising space within an app that businesses can buy into. He said that revenue is generating from that and the future use of the ...