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Not sure you can classify it as vindictive.  If I don't vote for a politician because of their policies it's not vindictive.  Perhaps campaigning to remove her might be vindictive but not deciding to sign the petition?

Looks like they're getting ready to demolish https://www.facebook.com/920240351360514/photos/pcb.1607100066007869/1607100009341208/?type=3&theater

I think there's good and bad doctors, there's definitely ones I avoid!  The main issue for me is the limited time they have to deal with a problem which can mean missing things.  Follow ups are also not great and in some places non existent when there's a serious medical condition.  There's a discrepancy between what the pharmacist tells people should be happening (yearly blood tests) v what you ...

2 weeks ago

Just had a walk round for the first time.  Lovely views and a nice quiet walk.  I can see the pathway getting bogged down in mud in the winter though.

I wonder why Dawlish has this problem and (it appears) Teignmouth doesn't?  Is it because there's more things going on there and it's not a one off?  Teignmouth was packed and I saw not one Police Officer.

3 weeks ago

it it a shame @leatash .  i've spent a few evenings in teignmouth at the music festivals on the back beach.  fantastic atmosphere, shame this won't be an option for dawlish.  it feels like go to teignmouth for fun, come to dawlish to die!

Tell Teignbridge District Council how they're doing with the 10 year Council strategy satisfaction survey at: www.teignbridge.gov.uk/ councilstrategysurvey

When was the last time I saw a car driver pulled over for being on their phone (talking rather than texting).  Never!  I guess it comes down to manpower.

22 Aug 2017

I was behind a woman in a car looking down all the way through Bitton Park Road to the lights at Shaldon Bridge.  You could see at the lights she was on her phone.  I've also been behind a motorcyclist doing a wheelie along the A38.  What can I say, every mode of transport has its law breakers.