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Diana Mondeo

Why so complicated when the Police managed concerts it wasnt that complicated the whole area was coned any vehicles that parked in coned areas were towed and officers directed traffic.

Its been leaking for weeeks i informed SWW 3 weeks ago.

Are there not details on a previos post.

Would have loved to see that.

I think you may find that there are prominent members of our community who are fed up with the present situation and would like carnival week brought back to its former glory and are doing everything in there power to make it happen and i for one welcome it.

You are spot on Fred thats exactly what he said he then mentioned huge investment for Railways in the north and investment into extra lanes on the M62 as usual we get the crumbs.

It wouldn't happen in the U.S

Well done to all those young people great effort.

What about the dirty young men that have been in the press and court recently you make it sound that every elderly gentleman is a dirty old man or is it you think there is no life in the over 60s. Of course whatever age men or women  commit these offences they should rot in a cell and never be allowed back into society and why so many in Dawlish well how many in Starcross, Kenton, Teignmouth ...

Is there nothing that can be done to stop this waste of tax payers money.

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