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The skate boarders will love the down hill section so it will get some use.

16 Sep 2016

And folk talk about wasting money.

Yes we do have full CCTV but it apparantly is no good after dark and thousands of pounds was forked out but as usual for Dawlish its only half a job.

9 Jul 2016

Kids in Brunswick Place running ferrel tonight throwing litter every where and making a nuisance of themselves as usual nothing has changed i dont see any success at all.

Dawlish is not unique with shops, and cafe's closing early i have just arrived back in our beautiful town after spending a few days in Lynmouth and Linton the same happens there 1700 and everyone goes home. The reason it happens in Dawlish is simple folk go back to there campsites most are self catering and then the clubs are open and they spend there evenings at the Warren enjoying the ...

Parking is suspended in the Strand will this not affect traders over that weekend  ??

14 May 2016

Fred it depends if the Police are in charge it is a arrestable offence not to follow directions from a Police Officer but if civilians are in charge off directing traffic theres nothing they can do to stop you dropping off your children.  There always have been Police Officers directing traffic at these events but it may be that the BBC or Powderham are not willing to pay the associated cost and ...

13 May 2016

With other events Powderham are the orgasnisers and sell tickets that include parking i oresume as it is a free event they are charging for parking and have a agreement with TDC to close there car parks that they own to force those attending to park on there fields. Fred i presume you can drop your kids off and pick them up later as the A379 is open and there are no road closure notices in the ...

Why so complicated when the Police managed concerts it wasnt that complicated the whole area was coned any vehicles that parked in coned areas were towed and officers directed traffic.

Its been leaking for weeeks i informed SWW 3 weeks ago.

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