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Berniece Wallace86

There are problems with flooding all over Dawlish Brunswick Place has had flooding 3 times in 11 months the problem surface  water and sewage are combined a heavy downpour and the system overflows.  Now most of Dawlish has a combined system and it cant cope with the cloud burst's we now seem to get on a regular basis and it must very difficult for SWW to keep up with weather variations.   If we ...

It's so simple farmers sell land because they are not making profits from farming and we are all to blame as we demand cheaper and cheaper food a good case in point is milk. Six pints of milk for £1.48 it should be £2.48 and then farmers just might think twise before selling the same applies to most food production the only farmers making money are those who run large high teck farms. You could ...

Well its not a surprise its all about money with goverment cutting the Police budget there is worse to come we will have a response only Police Force the answer of course is a huge hike in Council Tax you know what they say you only get what you pay for.

It's never been any different i arrived in middle 80s and beach huts had damage to them then and it's never changed when the weather is good have a walk to Coryton Cove at 1am and see how many kids are there drinking it's always been the same. It is a nice place to live and nothing is going on apart from social media now allows folk to know whats going on in real time. For the last 30yrs kids have ...

16 Sep 2015

There has always been problems in that area things stolen from huts, damage, fires it happens every year if you live in town kids are always causing trouble at 1 and 2 in the morning.  They are normaly recent school leavers always drunk always noisy throwing things around kicking doors generaly just making a nuisance of themselves

The A379 was closed for at least a hour on carnival night the M5 was closed for 3 hours yesterday due to a horse on the road just put up with it and be happy Christmas is not far away.

My thanks to the Dawlish crew for all there help they arrived in minutes and pumped away the water everyone is now dried out and back to normal.

Its a few hours i dont here moans about road closures on Carnival Day or for the pram race there are faster ways to get to Exeter just use them. The ways to bypass Starcross; Mamhead straight turn right at the cross roads and  through to Kenton or use Telegraph Hill A38 or M5 to Exteter.

There is talk that the Police office is due to close but that apart with further cuts to Police numbers in the pipe line it may be we have a responce only Police Force in the future.

Is there not a rail strike on Saturday.

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