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Pete B

A pin comes to mind pop and hand it back.

The problem is realy simple farmers sell land for solar farms and housing because there's money in it unlike farming, folk bang on about fields being used for food production but would you keep a dairy herd at the moment.  There is just not enough profit in food production and it's our fault becauase we demand cheaper and cheaper food would you be prepared to spend another £1.00 for 6 pint's of ...

15 May 2015

The site would be great for a WASTE TO ENERGY PLANT good links from the M5 we could bring waste from Bristol and all points north plus the bonus of a few jobs good news all round.

14 May 2015

So what would folk prefer i helped to undertake a survey recently asking members of the public what they would prefer close to their home the options where,  WIND FARM,SOLAR FARM, WASTE TO ENERGY PLANT, GAS POWERED STATION. A NUCLEAR POWER STATION, or non of the above. 86% answered non of the above now nobody wants these methods of producing power so whats the answer wave power or tidal power ...

As far as i am concerned the candidates are being interviewed for the job of MP now if A.M.M decides she isn't turning up for the interview then we are down to 3 it's that simple.

My point was maybe cut the services that run empty in the evenings i would imagine these empty buses are running on tax payers money

20 Feb 2015

Every day i watch bus after bus on the Exeter road empty not one passenger 6 have passed this evening with one passenger so who pay's for all those empty busses???

I am no expert but if the wall was 12ft wider concrete and steel would that not make it more resilient.

4 Dec 2014

I can't believe anyone would believe a further line would be built remember Cameron standing on the station and telling us money is no object well folks i think he may have been telling a little porky. stephen15 if you make the wall higher what about the tunnels it,s more complicated than just adding 2or 3 ft to the wall but it could be made wider??.

The majority of the people of Dawlish 200 objections is less than 2% of the population and less than 5% filled out the questionair.  And yet 96% of the students in years 9 and 10 at DCC filled out a questionair it seem,s to me the folk of Dawlish dont give a monkeys yet the young of this town care maybe we should be asking them what we need.

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