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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

I wonder what would have been different if the bankers had behaved themselves.

burnside that shows that the good folk of Dawlish dont give a monkey's what happens to the Lawn area if i was to put a figure on the amount of folk who really care it could be less than 180.

22 Feb 2018

The trouble with a ban is who will enforce it, while standing in traffic on Exeter Road today the driver in front was on his phone and so was the one behind. Then when walking down Brunswick Place i noticed a couple both smoking in the car windows closed with two under five's in the rear the Police cant enforce what is already illegal never mind more legislation.

22 Feb 2018

I would love the Police to pull me for vaping in the car it wouldn't stand up in court for two minutes a simple argument if it's deemed to be dangerous then why isn't cigarette smoking banned it produces a similar amount of fog.

I have always parked on the right hand side as you go down the hill no marked spaces there.

21 Feb 2018

I have parked down there a few times while visiting a friend and have been reminded more than once that " this is a private road and if you dont live here park elsewhere"

My daughter was evacuated from a student block in Swansea.

WWI Beacons Of Light
18 Feb 2018

As far as i can remember the beacon in the Brook  has only been used once but hey what else should we expect from Dawlish Town Council. As a matter of interest does anyone know what the cost of the beacon was.

It's always been a private road if i remember correctly it used to be full of potholes virtualy impossible to drive on, and again if i remember correctly when the new sewage system was put in place it was resurfaced by South West Water, then resurfaced again by Railtrack after the sea wall was breached.

I have never missed a chance to vote in any election national or local but i am for the first time sat here wondering is it really worth bothering.

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