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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88

My job every Saturday morning as a kid was to walk into Keswick to get 4ozs of yeast for my mam it was 7.2 miles the same distance i walked every day to School 14.4 miles per day i often wondered why i couldn't get it on a Friday night on my way home probably the old saying idle hands are the devils workshop.

Fly tipping??? Sandy Lane.

28 Dec 2017

I took the details on the statements found a phone number for the owner and phoned them thinking they may have been disposed of by mistake the reply i had on the phone "who the f**** are you to tell me what i should do now f***** off and mind your own bussiness" so i hope some unscrupulous person takes that info and clears his account.

28 Dec 2017

Have just been to Sandy Lane to get rid of plastic etc and there is a bundle of 2017 bank statements the last one being November some folk just dont think.

Lynne no i had no problem with other EU nationals having access to the UK without a passport but then it was only Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Luxemberg, Denmark, and Ireland.

24 Dec 2017

Lynne i realised that just making a point one of the reasons i voted to join was the promise of no passports for travel to the EU. So in reverse i voted leave and one of the many reasons for doing that was i had been told a load of bull in 1975.

24 Dec 2017

On the 5th June 1975 I voted to join the EU and was promised i would never again need a passport to travel to Europe i always found it annoying that the Europeans can travel from one end of Europe to another without a passport and yet i need a passport to enter Europe.  I suppose nothing changes they lied then and they are still lying now and always will MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone have a great ...

Tit bits
20 Dec 2017

If you want better services more Police Officers etc,etc then we are going to have to pay for it and for one i would not mind paying more if services improved.

20 Dec 2017

Well i am still trying to decide Scotland or The Lakes for new year.

On his way
19 Dec 2017

Not at all i was just sharing a nice pic.

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