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A questionable butterfly



And all this because a dog owner couldnt do what she wanted maybe we should go to Brixham and put some choice words on trip advisor we could start the report with "THE SMELL OF FISH IS CONSTANTLY IN THE AIR WHILE WALKING ROUND BRIXHAM"

Splatford Split
4 Dec 2017

A great decision there may not have been a serious accident but who in there right mind would want to use it with cars travelling at 70 mph+ down hill, it takes but a few minutes to turn round a little further up the hill a fuss over nothing me thinks.

majorp did you vote or not. And Lynne thats not what i said my thaughts are if you dont take part whatever the outcome what right have you to moan anyway sorry to dissapoint but i am of on my travels again back in 10 days isn't retirement great.

25 Nov 2017

I wonder how many of those moaning voted for or against the playpark i know Lynne didn't how about everyone else.  I was talking to someone yesterday winging about the Goverment who didnt vote in the last election and who has never voted so what right have they to moan in my mind non at all. Just for the record i cast my vote.

majorp Maybe you could have a go and fill one of the vacancies.

But does that not apply to everything we vote for these days General Elections, Brexit, The Playpark, etc,etc, and folk have to moan and groan and pick fault with results. Was the wording correct etc etc do we now have a country full of bad losers who throw there toys out of the pram everytime a result doesnt go there way.

23 Nov 2017

Well i for one see little difference between do you think and do you want in fact if it had been do you think and it had the same outcome there still would be moans that the question was incorrectly worded a bit like the brexit vote.

23 Nov 2017

Does it not also say funding is being sought for the building of the play park and there is a nice map showing its position on the lawn.

I have just driven to London to drop a friend at the M4 North Circular Junction from Heston services to the North Circular it took 1hr 50 mins to cover 4 miles it then took 1hr 45mins back to Bristol 106 miles.  I have yet to see a horrific que in this area yes at times there is a little congestion but nothing to get concerned over i am certain that will change as more houses are built but hey ...

22 Nov 2017

About 1000 participants are expected.

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