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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

They will soon come begging.

majorp You are spot on one of my pet hates drivers parked wife in shop engine running, they do it in Sainsburys engine running in the winter to keep warm and in the summer for the aircon, i notice the same in town in should be a legal requirment to switch of your engine when stationary.

4 Mar 2018

Diesel upheavel, as from May 20th new MOT rules come into force and diesel vehicles will be hit the hardest so that may reduce vehicle polution.

I understand fully, why would we want to go back, in the long run it will be the best thing that ever happened to this country roll on March 29th 2019.

2 Mar 2018

There is likely to be no deal only because the EU dont want a deal what they want is for the UK to stay in, i believe they need us more than we need them. Just consider Lynne the damage we could do to the car industry in Europe it works both ways and they know it.

1 Mar 2018

Well my glass is still well and truly half full.

1 Mar 2018

Toyota to invest £240 million in there Derbyshire plant as they will be building the new Auris Hatch there.

Coryton cove
1 Mar 2018

I was told on good authority that it was Teignmouth Town Council apparantly it's the River Teign dredger that is contracted to do the work.

It  looks as though the A379 is now closed at Teignmouth Hill

1 Mar 2018

I love the snow been out having a snowball fight  the more the merrier.

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