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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

Dave Hutton it's certainly not what i want.  But are young people on side i was parked outside South Devon College this morning and watched three 17/18 year old's each with a sausage in a roll and brown sauce in a plastic sachet the sauce goes on sausage the plastic on the floor when i asked them to pick it up i was told to f**k o*f.  That plastic would have been washed down the drain when it ...

And thats what will happen in the next few years bleeding cancer slowly kills the tree amd pollarding will help extend its life by a few years.

burnside i will have them i used to collect bottles as a kid to get the dosh on the returns.

They have bleeding cancer the estimate is there will be no Horse Chestnut trees left within 15 years. Thats none left in the country.

They are fine looking at them right now.

I see your point but you know how it is money money and it matters not to Network Rail to open the sea wall as they have no obligation to do so it's not like a public footpath it's a private wall.

27 Mar 2018

Maybe a safety issue removing railings gives the public access to the track.

27 Mar 2018

Is the seawall not private property and Network Rail who own it reluctantly allow the public access and with railings missing it's a public safety issue. The problem is that these jobs making a set of railings would once have been undertaken by engineers in the railway yard workshops, they would have made them in 48 hours and put them back in place.  Not any more its now a number of quotes to get ...

The point is that the size is a recommended size they can do as they please but you would imagine that common sense would prevail but the attitude is probably pack them in for the maximum profit per square foot.

25 Mar 2018

My vehicle is 6ft 3inch wide so i stand no chance.

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