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Sophie Victoria88

The problem is food is to cheap but thats what the customer demands so the supermarkets demand more for less from the grower. So vast tracks of land are put to more profitable use you just have to look at estates here in Dawlish that produce little or no food but grow pheasants for shoots and crops for cover  and then collect huge amounts in subsidy.

26 Jan 2018

We should follow New Zealand they cut subsidies overnight and they now have a thriving farming industry, and yes Lynne the snow was amazing.

15 Jan 2018

Lynne it will not make one jot of difference to me as i eat simple food just as my mother and father did 70 years ago tonight british wild rabbit,, british cabbage, british sweed and carrots,and british potatoes and a nice baked apple from Ashcombe with custard made with local eggs. I dont buy foreign rubbish why would i when there is great british in season food at great prices available and i ...

15 Jan 2018

No free movement for one and for me thats the only reason i voted to leave. Anyway of on my travels to the snowy north tonight so will have to leave you all to it.

15 Jan 2018

The thing is when we are out we can then make our own rules and we can make it as easy or as hard as we want how i see it little will change.

15 Jan 2018

But you dont know what customs will be Lynne nobody does all you want is to stay in the EU well sorry but the people voted LEAVE so get over it the decision is made.

14 Jan 2018

Lynne everything is wheels within wheels for arguments sake VW sold approx 221,000 cars in the UK last year do you honestly believe they would lose those sales over a bag of spuds they have more to lose than us and there are plenty of great Japanese cars out there and those figures dont include Audi and Skoda sales also part of the VW group.

14 Jan 2018

Lynne i agree british farmers cant supply us with all the fancy food we now have but they can supply more of what they used to produce why do we need strawberries,tomatoes,lettuce,cucumber,etc 12 months of the year, we should be eating what is in season and for one i hope it goes back to that.  But as you well know Lynne very little will change after brexit and all this might and that might is ...

14 Jan 2018

Lynne we never had all this food when i was a kid and we ate our fill every day we will have to change our attitude to food and you will have to do without the odd ingredient it wont kill you life will go on and folk will get used to it, but of course little will change the Spanish will still sell us oranges and do we need French cheese and wine not really cant stand the stuff.  All you need is ...

13 Jan 2018

I dont understand food waste i waste nothing i make a list of meals breakfast lunch and dinner for seven days i do this every Sunday and i buy whats on the list and every scrap is used. A chicken will be used for roast one day the meat stripped chicken risotto the next day then a chicken and veg soup on day three the only thing left bones. Bread any left thats going to waste freeze it and use it ...

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