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Diana Mond
Bastins still to let
17 Jun 2018

Something else i have noticed i now recieve less and less mail as everything is online Bank statements,gas and electric bills,car insurance,house insurance all online i wonder if the posti will eventually disappear.

Green loss
17 Jun 2018

Powel was spot on i was always a big supporter he spoke a lot of sence if only folk had listened to him.

17 Jun 2018

Well Lynne we never used to have a problem with shortages of skilled workers they were home grown, maybe we need to turn the clock back and teach more practical subjects in school like we used to in my day. I had lessons in metal work forging, carpentry, brickwork, gardening and learnt real skills that i still use now.  Nurses didnt have to have a university education, they were trained in house ...

16 Jun 2018

A million people every three years means pressure on our roads, schools, the NHS housing etc etc so if we are dependant on immigrant labour then first put in the infrastructure to cope.

Does it not go through private property at Coryton Close.

Green loss
16 Jun 2018

This has been going on for years prisoners help set up the Gloustershire county show and the three counties show so why not get them out in the fields we did it with POW's during the war so why not with prisoners of today we could have chain gangs like in the US.

15 Jun 2018

What we need is a points based system like Australia and only take what we need all immigrants should have a criminal records check and be properly vetted.

15 Jun 2018

Immigration is unpopular and thats why we are were we are goverment after goverment have failed to to deal with the problem so  at the referendum folk saw a opportunity to rectify the problem themselves and voted leave. Home ownership is at it's lowest for 30 years while the private rental market has doubled since 2004.

14 Jun 2018

As the population increases through immigration over 300,000 per year we will need more housing more roads etc etc maybe just maybe after brexit with no free movement those numbers will reduce to more managable numbers.

And the market walk i thought that was a great idea.

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