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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mond

Why not bring the border back to the UK mainland or a united Ireland.

Cycling is booming but so is the power of the internet you go to Biker Bob find the bike you want then search the internet and save up to 25% thats what i would do if i wanted a bike.

The question is what have the EU to lose after brexit.

19 Jul 2018

Since when did our elected goverment of any colour make the general public privy to there decisions going to war etc we elect our representative  to represent us thats democracy. But could it be that the outlook of a hard brexit is so bad that goverment finds it impossible to tell us as it may cause mass hysteria riots and looting or is it there is nothing to tell.

Water Pressure
18 Jul 2018

I will add all the trout had been removed the week before.

Lynne nobody knows, the reason it's never happened before and it's all speculation this may happen that might happen maybe nothing will happen its all a big maybe.  It doesnt bother me one way or the other and i dont lose sleep over it what will be will be just wait and see March 2019 will soon be here. The Brexit ship is set on its course were it makes landfall depends in what direction the EU ...

Water Pressure
18 Jul 2018

18 Jul 2018

We need rain and loads of it i have just come back from the Lake District they have Tarns drying out and folk cant remember the Lakes being so low a friend of mine said if it doesnt rain soon we will be known as The District.

Lynne i dont believe you want us to leave the EU no one knows what the outcome will be the UK is writing the book and maybe if we are successful others may dare to follow.

18 Jul 2018

So Lynne what if we have another referendum and the result is the same what then because it could happen would you then want a third vote then a fourth, i believe remainers would never accept a leave vote however many times it was rerun.

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