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A questionable butterfly


No flower shop
2 weeks ago

I am surprised no one has mentioned the flower shop closing in the Strand we no longer have a fresh flower shop in Dawlish.

Rail Fares
2 weeks ago

Flybe 0700 Exeter Airport arriving London City Airport at 0810 one way £54.99

2 weeks ago

As a second thought £259 is a weeks wages for some folk.

2 weeks ago

At those prices i am amazed anyone uses the train.

2 weeks ago

I haven't used a train in over 30 years so what is the cost to London during peak time.

Tit bits
2 weeks ago

burnside Folk know that our health care is not free but i have often wondered if the taxes we pay would cover a serious illness. A relative of mine who lives in Australia was diagnosed with a very aggressive prostate cancer his treatment has cost over $100,000 and is as yet not finished, his retirement fund is a lot lighter.

2 weeks ago

DJ you are spot on if the Hospital loses the money raised in parking charges will the government match it pound for pound i doubt it.

Happy New Year!
2 weeks ago

My job every Saturday morning as a kid was to walk into Keswick to get 4ozs of yeast for my mam it was 7.2 miles the same distance i walked every day to School 14.4 miles per day i often wondered why i couldn't get it on a Friday night on my way home probably the old saying idle hands are the devils workshop.

Fly tipping??? Sandy Lane.

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