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A questionable butterfly


7 Nov 2017

majorp you need to get to bed a little earlier now me i had been asleep for 5 hours when you posted the above, and this morning have had a nice walk to red rock  and watched the world go by.

Well i just like to make the most of my life and you get to a time in life when you learn that it's like swimming against the tide you make small gains but at the end of the day you cant beat the system.  So knowing this i now wake up every morning and enjoy my life rather than being obsessed with what DCC are up to, life is simple stick to there rules whether right or wrong it makes no odds just ...

I love the black and white photo's they give more detail than colour thanks for sharing.

So how many agree's do you need 2,4,6,8,10 ?

Parking changes
1 Nov 2017

Diana Mond you are right hadn't read the atached its only the extension of double yellows.

1 Nov 2017

This has been on the cards for years residents parking was considered a number of years ago but shelved in favour of meters. Iwill add no one has the right to park outside there house it is a public highway so is open to any motorist. I already have pay and display outside my home so my car is parked 15 mins away and yes outside someone's home.

1 Nov 2017

Are they begging to put food on the table or begging to put drugs in there veins.

It certainly has changed in 30 years we had a great range of shops butchers there were 4, wet fish shop, 3 veg shops mens outfitters remember Woolworths and Somerfields, 2 jewellers, shops along Park Road.  I remember Dawlish packed with visitors from Easter to the end of September the flowers around the Lawns were amazing and the town was cleaned daily the brook was dredged on a regular basis and ...

31 Oct 2017

I am surprised no one has picked this up planning application 17/01944/ful do we really need another food outlet serving food from two shipping containers on TUCKS PLOTT.

I did in some previous post talk about this very possibility was the idea of the Dawlish Countryside Park to take folk away from the Warren and me being me questioned why someone would walk there rather than the Warren. So it may be that thousands are not flocking to the Countrydide Park as they prefer the smell of salt air and the feel of sand beneath there feet so the alternative solution price ...

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