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Diana Mond
Untaxed vehicles
23 Mar 2018

It's nice to see DVLA round Dawlish clamping untaxed vehicles today.

I used to get flooded on a regular basis the cause blocked drains DCC just dont clear drains the ones in the strand have been blocked since the Strand works were undertaken. So in light of DCC's inability to clear drains i have invested in my own flood defences that up to now have kept me dry on three seperate  occasions.  Now without my own defences i would have ended up with my feet in water ...

Great photo's good to see everyone enjoying the snow.

What a great day, sledging at Ashcombe all afternoon lets hope it lasts for a few days.

18 Mar 2018

Love the snow.

Was it £12 Million thrown at the beach and the first storm washes it away the sea will win eventually it always does.

It's all pye in the sky because nobody knows and i would go as far as the goverment doesn't even know what the outcome will be lets just wait and see. Well Lynne have to leave it there i am off on my travels again.

7 Mar 2018

Interesting comments from the CEO of VW and the CEO of BMW  on the news. They were asked if Trumps proposals would damage there car sales they both said nothing they were then asked if brexit would damage car sales they both answered "we expect nothing to change" what do they know that we dont. And in answer to your question Lynne they have more to lose than us and yes a hard brexit could make ...

4 Mar 2018

They will soon come begging.

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