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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

I have it in Brunswick Place.

Deeds not words
7 Feb 2018

But we still have a long way to go equal pay the pension problem and equality in the workplace and thats for starters lets hope it doesn't take another 100 years.

6 Feb 2018

100 years today since women won the right to vote.

5 Feb 2018

Dawlish started going down hill with the onset of the internet like a lot of high streets.

2 Feb 2018

If my memory serves me right we lost 38 spaces but if they had installed echelon parking on the right we would have had no parking on the shop side but the same amount of parking as we had origanally on both sides if that makes sense.

1 Feb 2018

I think the Email is spot on and i would like our country back in the form that attracted all these people here in the first place.

31 Jan 2018

And plus when making a complaint in a so called top French restaurant in the Dordogne about dogs sitting on tables i was told in no uncertain terms if i didnt like it i could leave and in no uncertain terms i told them what a filthy dirty country they lived in, and they call us uncivilised.

31 Jan 2018

And Diana Mond i have travelled France East to West North to South and my impression of the French they are rude the worst drivers in Europe and they could do with using the shower a little more often and the food it's nowt to shout home about.

31 Jan 2018

The UK has the unhealthiest diet because folk choose to eat the way they do, just go to Mcdonalds and watch the mothers arriving with there kids straight from school to give them there dinner folk dont know how to cook anymore.  All this talk is nonsence anyway nobody as i have already said know's what the outcome will be, me i would get tough and tell the EU to stuff there negotiations were the ...

I visit a uni in South Wales a private company enforce car parks and on street parking with ANPR.  How it is done is by linking the machines you have to enter your reg no. to the camera.  What I do is get the person I am picking up to wait on the footpath they jump in and I drive out.  I have never had a ticket so I presume there is a given time period for those who just drive in and pick up ...

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