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A questionable butterfly


5 days ago

6 days ago

majorp You are spot on if everyone refused to take plastic home with them it would change within months so there are plastic items we have to live with milk containers being one of them i would think it would be impractical to put 6 pints of milk in a glass container. But most other things can be changed majorp made the point all veg can be loose and just tip it in a bag spuds etc. i unpack those ...

6 days ago

As per usual with anything to do with the environment it's to much hassle the only way to change the way things are packaged is to show the Supermarkets we dont want it, it's no good telling them you have to show them. So i presume burnside/Diana Mond you couldn't do it to help the environment because believe me those in power wont change things people will.

6 days ago

But if everybody refused to take the packaging they would soon change but of course folk wont it's far to much trouble thats why we have a problem.

6 days ago

You could all do what i do remove all the plastic packaging from the food i buy at the till and leave it there if everyone did this Supermarkets would soon get the message and reduce plastic packaging. It's a bit of a pain but the look on the cashiers face when you do is well worth it because what it does is hold up the till they then have to remove all the packaging and clean the area all this ...

1 week ago

So it was Lynne my apologies blame it on my age.

1 week ago

And they have had a small problem in there clothing department with the monkey T'shirt bit of a storm in a teacup if you ask me i couldn't see what all the fuss was about.

Parking tickets
1½ weeks ago

majorp The point is that the technology is there to sort out these problems ie cameras distinguish between staff and visitors at Swansea Uni, Motorway Services,etc so so disabled drivers with a permit would be in the daterbase of exempt vehicles. Technology will sort out these problems things for the motorist are changing fast smart motorways that incorporate  speed cameras, miles of road as in ...

1½ weeks ago

ANPR is used in Swansea Uni car parks and is tied into the ticket machines a reg is required to obtain a ticket i realise this is not a car park owned by a LA but it demonstrates ANPR could be used in conjunction with pay and display machines.

No flower shop
1½ weeks ago

It closed as 80% of the sales were phone or online orders you can still get flowers from the same shop but now by phone or online.

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