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Well i have just completed the Wainwrights, i am half way through the Pennine Way, and the Pemprokeshire Coast Path and i am up to my ankles in mud on a regular basis and thats what i expect when walking, if you want dry feet keep to the roads.

8 hours ago

Footpaths are the same all over the country i walk The Dales, Lake District, South West Coast path ,,Pembrokeshire Coast Path, The Lake District, and the Scotish Highlands and i am often up to my ankles in mud it's what real walkers expect.

8 hours ago

Well thats not the reason both are the responsibility of Devon County Council.

It gets better just been up to Ashcombe and followed a lycra clad cyclist through the lanes no hands on his handle bars plus he was talking on his mobile gave him a peep when aproaching a passing place and all i got was two fingers and cyclists wonder why drivers dislike them.

yesterday at 13:48

So why did i see 8 cyclists riding towards town down Exeter Road on the footpath opposite the cycle path this morning and i see that on a daily basis. Secondly i followed the so called preparing for road races brigade three abreast from Sainsburys to Cockwood i was in a line of over 20 cars more tolerant i think not.

No mention of mud.

Lets hope you are right and they use it for Social Housing.

DEEDOODLE there are more pressing problems than a bit of mud on a footpath ie we have a main road the A379 that in places is not fit for purpose and thousands use on a daily basis and has been like it for years. Iwill ask a question why is it we cant get the A379 Exeter Road resurfaced and yet any day soon Coryton Close is being resurfaced.

2 days ago

Its just a bit of mud for gods sake and it is the country all said and done.  How about asking COMMON SENSE, he would know !!!

So what would you like common sence to be deedoodle