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Pete B

Perhaps the points made by Barbarawils about access for all should be made known to Devon County Council and to our Dawlish county councillor,  John Clatworthy? I also can't see how the proposed route down the steps will be of any use for those cyclists who have a trailer behind them with a kiddywink in it.

Just looked at the Design and Access statement. Vehicular access will be from the A379.  Cyclists and pedestrians willalso be able to enter from Orchard Lane (St Mary's cottages) and Shutterton Lane!   Shutterton Lane!!!!!!! Cyclists and pedestrians in Shutterton Lane?????!!!!!!! Have the planners ever been down Shutterton Lanel I wonder? The only way Shutterton Lane could be safe is for it to ...

Any info on where the access points will be?

I was waiting for a train to go to Newton Abbot yesterday. The waves were spraying up and over the seawall walk way. People were still walking on the sea side of the wall (and getting wet) instead of taking the more sensible route nearer the wall. I also saw a child standing right near the edge of the seawall with parents seemingly totally unconcerned. My heart was in my mouth. ...

I do have concerns about housing being built on grade 1 agricultural land. I also have concerns about housing being built without the necessary infrastructure being in place. I have concerns about not enough Affordable rental Housing (AH= rents of 80% or less of market level) being built. And I have great concerns about the impact of the 2016 Housing and Planning Act and how that will ...

15 Aug 2016

Bit confused by your comment MV - are you implying that I think we don't need more homes?

15 Aug 2016

Channel 4. 8.00pm this evening. The Great Housing Scandal

15 Aug 2016

I agree that developers will try and get themselves out of providing Affordable Housing if they possibly can. But at the moment that is the only way that Affordable Housing can be provided. (and courtesy of the 2016 Housing and Planning Act even that meagre amount may disappear as the Act effectively replaces Affordable Homes to rent with Shared ownership schemes and Starter Homes). This ...

Why are they planning a new visitor centre at the Warren when I thought they had to have a SANGS at Warren Farm so that people didn't visit the Warren. Anyone?

Well, 'the public' will need someone to look at whether a legal challenge is feasible or not. You seem to be leading on this at the moment BarbaraW.........

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