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Mobeen Dabigman

I thought we were talking about the outcome (or one of them) of that democratic vote not whether or not there should be another one. I do seem to be detecting a pattern evolving on this website (and no doubt on countless others as well) which goes along the lines of if anyone points out the problems that have been caused/are causing/will be caused because of the vote for the UK to leave the ...

21 Jul 2018

So if you already know all that why do you still think that it is the EU playing hardball? It isn't. Okay - so let's just say there will be a hard border between NI and the RoI. Will that hard border be across the whole of the border (barbed wire/wall?) or just along main roads. Because if the latter it will simply serve to allow the smuggling of goods and people to/from the RoI(EU)/UK ...

21 Jul 2018

Because the Unionists in N.Ireland do not want to be part of the Republic of Ireland they want to remain part of the UK. In addition to that general feeling, the real politik of the May government is that it needs the DUP MPs  to give it a majority. The DUP MPs most definitely do not want N.I to become part of the Republic in any shape or form and they most definitely do want N.I to ...

21 Jul 2018

and what about people crosssing the N.I/R.o.I border - should that cease as well?

There is a Dawlish town council meeting scheduled for this coming Thursday (26th). I have just looked at the agenda and there is nothing concerning the Lawn Working Group. So if anyone knows anything concerning the future of the lawn (like when the public consultation will be taking place) please can you let the rest of us know. Thanks.

There wasn't any. So here is a link that will take you to the minutes of that meeting if you want an idea of what took place.

Wef next Thursday, the new time will be 1-4pm (was 3-6pm) Sellers from 12 mid-day.

Leatash: I agree it has never happened before. That is why the government is (now) making contingency plans in case it all goes **** up and it is making those contingency plans at the behest of those hardline Brexiteers in parliament who want a hard Brexit. As Burneside has correctly pointed out it is a government's responsibility to make contingency plans and act upon them. And as I have ...

18 Jul 2018

So who would be responsible then? eh? Yet another reason why we all need to be told what a no deal Brexit could mean!

18 Jul 2018

Well, actually, as I understand it, there are some facts if we leave without a deal. Like us going on to WTO terms. That means tariffs and delays. So.........from those facts it wouldn't be beyond the dint of those who deal in such things for an impact assessment to be made concerning a no deal scenario. I believe impact assessments are made on any legislation passing through parliament ...

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