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'False hopes are more dangerous than fears' Thursday, 1 June 2017  By Mid-Devon Advertiser in Prof Alan Gregory (Emeritus Professor of Finance, University of Exeter), of Salty Lane, Shaldon, writes: When I read Anne Marie Morris’ column in this newspaper last week, I was reminded of J R R Tolkein quote: ‘False hopes are more dangerous than fears’. The confidence of Mrs Morris ...

Well it seems there are two options a) pay more tax or b) be on the receiving end of more and more cut backs in services that are provided via tax (NHS, Police, Armed Services, Social Care, Education, Trading Standards, Building Control, Highways and countless other things).

2 Jun 2017

Of course things have changed! Would you say that the health system we have now (the NHS) is a fairer health system than the one we had before 1948 whereby people had to pay, individually, for their health care? Are you suggesting it is a choice between collective paying for (tax) or individual paying for? In which case why should those having to pay for themselves have to also pay ...

1 Jun 2017

There is no logic in one form of health care being paid for by us all and another form of health care being paid for by the individual. It is all health care. And if local authorities are starved of cash now to pay for social (health) care then they are hardly in a position to wait for people to die before they can recoup the money, as per the Conservative manifesto proposal, that has been ...

1 Jun 2017

I've asked this before but I'll ask it again. Why do we have this division between medical care (the NHS) paid for by tax receipts, but social care getting paid for by the individual.* If the social care is needed because of a health problem - why the difference in how it and the NHS care is funded? * believe the tab gets picked up by the local authority if the individual concerned ...

1 Jun 2017

It isn't only your vote they are seeking. They're also working out how much your house is worth just in case you should need social care.

· Calls for Honiton councillor to resign - View News -resign CALLS are growing in Honiton for John Taylor to resign from the town council after the judicial review he launched against the council is set to cost the taxpayer ... · Two more Honiton town councillors resign - Breaking news ... ...

Hopefully all the candidates will be there. And does anyone know the process for submitting questions to the candidates?

With all the chat going on about local councillors on some of the other threads it made me think about this one. Anyone know of any developments?

@leatash - i do not doubt what you say for one moment.  those of us who are interested in politics (both local and national) will be aware of who is who and what is what. but those not interested in politics, probably haven't got a clue who their mp is (or was to be technically correct) let alone councillors. Politics for the non political is like sport is for me. It, and the people involved ...

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