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According to my Riviera Line timetable, Cross Country trains presently stop at Dawlish at the following times: Travelling towards Exeter Mon-Fri: 0726; 1031; 1433; Sat: 0731; 1009; 1035; 1309; 1424; 1710; Sun: 1120; Travelling towards Plymouth Mon-Fri: 1237; 1824 Sat: 1059; 1239; 1504; 1636; Sun: 1725; 2142

24 Nov 2016

So the answer is............use trains that don't have holes in the top of them!

21 Nov 2016

I remember SW Trains when there was a through service to Hove from here.

Just to suggest that all the cut backs in what the police do (or don't do), as with delays in ambulances turning up, and much of the deterioration in other public service delivery (NHS?) is due to cut backs in funding which are caused by central government policies. So blame central government not local government or the NHS or the fire and rescue service etc etc

I wouldn't disagree with you at all Margaret but if we don't complain to CC directly then they have the added excuse of saying they received no objections from the public.

19 Nov 2016

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I've been told, and it was also in the paper, that the person who won the tender subsequently pulled out of the deal. Who that was and why that was I have no idea and I doubt that it will ever be put in the public domain.

In the same (overheard by me) conversation  one of the women concerned stated that at 63 her husband could now claim pension credit. Well yes, so he might but that doesn't mean that it is at age 63 that all can do so because again who becomes eligible for what and when depends on date of birth and how that ties in with when women of the same date of birth reach their state pension age. Hope ...

This is all tied in with the state pension age and, more to the point, the state pension age for women. I know I've another thread going on about the rising state pension age for women (see ) but I thought to start a separate thread about the bus pass issue because of what I overheard in a Dawlish shop the other day. One woman to another woman ...

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