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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88

Jingo bells Jingo bells Jingo all the way

14 Dec 2017

Yes, I hear lots of boos and hisses coming from their direction. There's just no pleasing some people.

13 Dec 2017

Casting: Latest News Lynne productions is now proud to announce that Brexit Secretary, David Davies, will play Simple Simon. Open auditions for Irish Leprechauns to follow shortly.

If you live in Central Ward (which is roughly from Marine Garage area inwards towards the town - but if in doubt check!) and you would like there to be an election (as opposed to to the town council making a co-option) then you must let the electoral officer at Teignbridge know of your wish before 20th December. You must live in Central Ward for your request to be valid. Contact ...

10 Dec 2017

And there was I thinking it was Santa doing a dummy run before the big day......

Would "heaven help us" be an acceptable wording for you Majorp?

10 Dec 2017

Nominations now open for the role of Pinocchio. Candidates must be good at telling lies.

10 Dec 2017

Er...excuse me. UKIPPERS/Leavers and fellow travellers whinged for quite some years about our being in the EU. What short memories some people appear to have. What's good for the (mother) goose is good for the gander.

10 Dec 2017

And how long before this first stage agreement turns out to be a bit er.............. Wishee Washee?

10 Dec 2017

Do they sell fudge at funfairs?

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