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Diana Mond

I have no strong feelings either way on this matter so when I say what I say below I am not saying it necessarily because I am on the 'we want a playpark on the lawn' team. A referendum was held. People had the choice to vote or not. Of those that voted the majority chose to have a playpark on a certain part of the lawn. The people have spoken. Some people don't like the ...

But the cabinet isn't saying we won't leave the EU. What the agreed line appears to be (and it seems that arch Brexiteers Johnson, Fox and Davies agree with this) is that it is in the country's interests for there to be a softer economic landing by way of leaving the EU completely over a period of time rather than leaving the EU completely on March 29th 2019. If you disagree with that ...

28 Jul 2017

It was entirely up to the UK when Article 50 got triggered. Theresa Mayhem went for March 2017. Twas the UK that started the clock ticking. Tick Tock.

and here are the minutes of the full council meeting held on 6th July last year when the play park issue was debated and voted on and these minutes (see below) of the full council meeting held 14th July last year have more info (including why the playpark couldn't be built on the site of the piazza - it would cost too much). ...

I think the cabinet are listening to the voices and concerns of business people and the negative economic impact they (the business people) believe a hard Brexit would have on many in this country. There was no timetable on the ballot paper as far as I remember.

I heard (so its hearsay!) that last year, when this issue was raised at the town council meetings, it was almost as though the issue had been predecided (to have a playpark on the lawn) by certain councillors and that on top of that discussion of this topic in the council chamber was curtailed. From what I heard (again hearsay) there were councillors for and against the project. And the divide, ...

28 Jul 2017

Funny (as in co-incidental) that you should say what you do about the T'mouth playpark and vandalism @JD2017 as I was wondering to myself only yesterday whether or not it (the T'mouth playpark) is subject to vandalism or not.  I imagine it would be very easy to find out.

27 Jul 2017

Does anyone know the outcome of last Thursday's F&GP meeting where how to fund the proposed playpark was on the agenda.

Dawlish Town Council's planning committee will be meeting this evening. Amongst the other planning applications on the agenda is this one.

I know it's called negotiation. It usually means give and take on both sides.  Thus the negotiations, let alone the outcome(s), won't be on our terms alone.

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