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To be serious for a moment. Think on this. If. for the sake of arguement, part of the present CW did have a name change then I wonder how that might impact on the ability of those living there to get things like credit cards/open bank accounts/get passports etc. I haven't needed to open anything like that for ages but I seem to vaguely recall that you get asked how long you have been ...

12 Feb 2018

Very witty DM, very witty. and on that theme perhaps another name might be Rue Street

12 Feb 2018

A change of name for one part? the street names are a bit Frenchified around that way and as the change of name is needed seemingly because of some huge mess up howsabout........... Balleds Up Boulevard

11 Feb 2018

Okay, so.........let us say. just for the sake of argument, that a new house building development takes place. One of the new roads in this development is planned to be a through road but then seemingly someone, somewhere, decides that it shouldn't be a through road after all and bollards get put on it to stop vehicular traffic from using it as a through road. In those circumstances what, if ...

11 Feb 2018

Does anyone know what legal notice(s) (if any) have to be given before a road designated as a through road, then gets blocked off and to all intents and purposes becomes a cul-de-sac.

Just a reminder that the by elections take place this coming Thursday (15th Feb).

Alternative route for through traffic will be via High Street, Queen Street and The Strand. For more info contact: Western Power Distribution tel: 01803 320334.

More info (leaflet just come through the letterbox) Sandy Lane will be closed to vehicles throughout the duration of the works. If you have a vehicle or vehicles on Exeter Road please remove them whilst the works are in progress (any remaining vehicles may be towed away). If you live on Exeter Road there maybe times when access to/from your driveway may not be possible. Works ...

Deeds not words
7 Feb 2018

Yes. But......... there is also the issue of equal pay for work of equal value. ie not necessarily doing the same job but one that should be paid the same amount as a job being done by a man/men because although both jobs may be different the amount of skill, qualifications etc required to do both jobs are comparable. Employers must pay men and women equally if they are doing 'like ...

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