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Ahem! to get back to the play park and the lawn. See my post on this thread dated 28.06.18 timed at 09.13

25 Jul 2018

@ DianaMond - the difference is that I do not claim that number to be 'overwhelming'.

I was in T'mouth last Friday and again bought a copy of the  Teignmouth Post as the lead story (again) concerned the background to Tracy S's resignation. I held off, until today, posting anything on here concerning this latest newspaper report as I thought there might be something in today's Dawlish Gazette as it is also a Dawlish story given that Tracy S was also the town manager for Dawlish ...

Just found this: In July and August 2016 the Teignmouth and Dawlish Community Interest Company asked people in the street in Dawlish questions about plans to build a play park for children under 8 on The Lawn in Dawlish. (The idea is to build a park large enough to compete with the one in Teignmouth to bring more trade into town.). Also available in a few places on paper, and on-line, ...

25 Jul 2018

Overwhelmingly in favour of a playpark? Really? Surely it should be more like 'of those who voted, a majority expressed a wish for there to be a playpark on the lawn". For context it would be useful to be reminded of how many voted in total, and of that number how many expressed a wish for there to be a playpark on the lawn. @DEEDOODLE should be able to tell us.

25 Jul 2018

They are trying to get a consensus on what the future of the lawn might be given that the earlier proposals, from the previous consultation, proved contentious. Public notice about dates, times and locations of this consultation on page 27 of today's Gazette plus an article on page 4.

25 Jul 2018

DATES, TIMES, LOCATIONS - PUBLIC CONSULTATION Dates and timings for Dawlish Town Council, Lawn Working Group Presentations For public feedback Sat. July 28th Manor House 10.30 – 2.30pm (Council Chamber) 7.00 – 9.00pm Wed. Aug. 1st The Strand 12.00 – 3.00pm Fri. Aug. 3rd St Agatha’s Hall 3.00– 7.00pm Wed. Aug. 8th Cockwood Village Hall 3.00 – 7.00pm Fri. Aug. 10 th Holcombe ...

I think the Prime Minister understands things only too well. And I think she has made a decision based on that understanding. You may not like that decision for your reasons and I may not like it for mine. But nontheless she has still made a decision. Civil servants are by definition unelected. What they do is give advice. Politicians decide whether or not to take that advice.

25 Jul 2018

'Taking back control' is a relative term. Just how much control do you think this country, in reality, has, and will have, when negotiating from its ever increasing position of weakness. I suppose the next stage in this whole sorry saga will be when the division between the Protectionist Brexiters and the Free Market Brexiters comes to the fore. Still, not to worry as I'm sure ...

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