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Which is why they need to be subsidised?

9 Dec 2016

More info: I've been told that the cuts " are because "there is currently no contractual involvement or financial support from Devon County Council " and Stagecoach has had to "review the route to make it commercially viable". (DCC's words) also "the Stagecoach depot at Shutterton has been closed down by the company."

9 Dec 2016

Yes, I have to say that all this cutting back on public transport is ironic given that one of the reasons put forward for Dawlish having lots of new development is because of the good public transport links it has (had?). BTW can someone put the petition link on EoD please. I don't have a fb account. Also if any of you are on fb and twitter can you send out the link please and also email ...

8 Dec 2016 (can someone kindly put the petition link on Eyes of Dawlish please -Ta)

check out page 2 of today's Dawlish Gazette

7 Dec 2016

Click on this link for info on the Devon Home Choice scheme I'm genuinely interested to know how the Home Choice scheme is allegedly responsible for Dawlish having residents who have substance addiction problems. Can someone tell me please.

DAWLISH POSTER PARTY PAINT THE TOWN PURPLE - 2ND DECEMBER 2016 Dawlish Town Centre – 2pm to 4pm WASPI's will be hitting the centre of Dawlish on the 2nd December between 2pm and 4pm. Keep an eye open for us and stop us to chat, grab a few posters for your workplace and check out what's happening in WASPI world.

and more profits for Cross Country trains?

26 Nov 2016

Didn't Beeching do some kind of similar statistical analysis back in the 60s in order to justify closing down loads of branch lines and/or stations?

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