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And I saw a tv picture showing the crowd yesterday holding a minutes silence of respect. Many took small bunches of flowers to place at the makeshift memorial opposite parliament. For what it is worth I'd laid a quiet bet to myself yesterday that if, one way or the other,  there was anything negative to report about the march then certain newspapers would be sure to highlight it. ...

24 Mar 2017

@burnside It isn't up to me when this issue gets revisited next. It is up to the people of this country. Could be next year. Could be in 40 years time. Could be never at all. It's for the population to decide  - and I guess how the population will view things will depend on how things pan out.

There was an article in one of the national newspapers last week about the new state pension and national insurance contributions (Nics). For those of an age where all this starts to matter, the info contained in the link below, to the newspaper article, might be of useful interest. ...

With the passage of time people's opinions can always change.

23 Mar 2017

I expect there are a lot of people in this country expressing wishes that we didn't have a Tory government.  Some, further express these wishes by going on marches in London. The goverment may have been democratically elected, but the disaffected electorate have a democratic right to express their dissatisfaction with various government policies. As far as I am concerned Brexit is no ...

23 Mar 2017

Many have great concerns about what Brexit will mean for this country. And they have a democratic right to express that opinion.

23 Mar 2017

Oh dear. Where do I begin? (and I did think about not gracing that posting above with a response but.....) Did I imagine it or did quite a number of Conservatives campain for, and then (I assume) vote for, Remain.? Thought so. Trump and Putin, quite understandably, will put their countries interests' first. Whether or not the UK (if the UK still exists) will benefit from that is anyone's ...

Some people have got no sense of humour. BTW I understand that there are some pubs in the country by the name of The Telegraph

21 Mar 2017

@b.o. or pubs called The Star?

21 Mar 2017

@b.o. have you tried any pubs called The Sun?

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