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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88
13 Jan 2018

Okay - there any food produce in the UK that is PRESENTLY subject to quotas? If there are, please post on this thread what they are and give the source(s) of your information. And here's something else I'll throw into the mix. If the pound falls in value then the price of imports increases. And as we import an awful lot of food I can only assume that the price of all this ...

12 Jan 2018

Not an unrelated topic to that of plastic. Just thought I'd post a few things that I've recently read about UK food consumption and UK food production. 1. Since 1984 UK self sufficiency in indigenous foods has fallen from 96% to 76% 2. Imports of non-indigenous foods have grown so much that half of what is eaten in the UK now comes from abroad. 3. The UK food deficit rose by £800m ...

11 Jan 2018

@leatash - it was H&M not M&S

Just had a phone call from someone purporting to be from Talk Talk. Apparently we are having problems with our internet connection and the person on the other end of the line said that they wished to install some software in order to rectify it!!!!!!! Beware!

Do you mean this Anne Milton?

Rail Fares
6 Jan 2018

I've not done this myself (yet) but would split ticketing be of any help?

Rail Fares
4 Jan 2018

I totally agree with you Flo.

4 Jan 2018

Don't know what it would be now but I do know that in March of 2017 a super off peak day return Exeter-Paddington was just shy of £85.00.

READ THIS This has been posted on Eyes of Dawlish " In Devon there are now plans to Introduce an ACO (Accountable Care Organisation) to run all health services from 1st April 2018. This is likely to be our biggest challenge in 2018. Stephen Hawking, Allyson Pollock and colleagues have launched a legal challenge to stop Jeremy Hunt and NHS England from proceeding with plans to turn ...

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