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This application will be discussed at this coming Thursday's (30th November) town council's planning committee meeting. Click on link below to see the other planning apps on the agenda.

and is it my eyes or is he also now missing from this list of Teignbridge District Council Conservative councillors.

2 weeks ago

Have just checked out the town council website and guess what? One of our councillors is 'missing'. There should be 6 in central ward. Why is Graham Price not on the town council website when he is shown as being a councillor in the, presently being delivered, Town Crier?

2 weeks ago

Have now heard from a second, and equally reliable source, that this is true.

I didn't 'vote' in the consultation and I have no strong views either way about a playpark (hence I didn't 'vote'). So I am not a bad loser. I am just unhappy (extremely) about the wording that has been used when describing the outcome. It was/is no more 'overwhelming' than it was the verdict of 'the majority of the people in Dawlish' (which was another, previous, misleading statement).

The tom tom drums are telling me another one has resigned. Anyone else heard anything along similar lines?

Depends on how you define overwhelming and how the figures are interpreted. A total of 644 respondents in 2014 took part in the consultation concerning whether or not to have a playpark on the lawn. Of that number, 430 were in favour of there being a playpark on the lawn - somewhere. And of that 430 - 164 didn't want a playpark near the bandstand. Whilst 214 were not in favour of a ...

2 weeks ago

and no sooner do I ask for more info than as if by magic...........(from the 2014 consultation) Which statement best reflects your opinion? A playpark near the bandstand would be a good idea - 266   41% We should not have a playpark on the lawn - 214   33% I'd like a play park on the lawn but further away from the bandstand   164   26%

2 weeks ago

More background info. It has been pointed out to me that back in 2014 when Voices for Dawlish were in control of the town council, a consultation took place concerning the future of the lawn and how it might be developed.  A playground? New bandstand? etc. I am told that the consultation showed that 67% of those who took part expressed a preference for there to be a playpark on the lawn. ...

Planning application
2 weeks ago

I happened to be travelling upstairs on a double decker bus yesterday both to and from Teignmouth so I was twice able to get a bird's eye view of the site in question (and from two different angles). I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I have to say when I imagined being in situ what is being proposed the last thing I saw in my mind's eye was beauty.

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