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Due to the resignation of two councillors (see ) there are now two vacancies to be filled. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in being on Dawlish town council then take a look at and then scroll down until you see the heading ‘Other’. Then click on Casual Vacancy. The official notice that you ...

There has been talk on this forum over the years about the unfortunate tendency of some to resort to name calling. Sadly it would appear that this tendency is also to be found elsewhere within the town. And yes I know I'm being cryptic. How could the expression "Janus illigitimus" translate into anglo saxon?

General Election
20 Apr 2017

It might be longer than two years. And there might be an increase in the Bregretters. Wonder how the quitlings would deal with that? (OMG! now even I've gone and resorted to name calling.)

If you click on this link and then scroll down you will see a heading 'Other' concerning the 2 x casual vacancies caused by the resignation of Cllrs John and Linda Petherick. If you click on the link at 'Other' (it won't let me post it) you will find details about how these two vacancies can be filled. The deadline for nominations for those ...

John and Linda Petherick

@Huw - the info I posted about it was sent to me by someone who had gone along to TDC offices at Forde House and taken notes of what was/is being proposed. The info is not online. If you or anyone wish to see the application you will need to contact licensing at TDC and then arrange a time to go in. There are official notices about the application near Warren Farm as you go along Warren ...

From TDC's website: Casual vacancies Parish and Town Council vacancies If a seat becomes vacant on a Parish or Town Council, the Clerk is required to give public notice of it. To call an election, 10 or more electors for the electoral area need to make a request, in writing, and within 14 working days of the date of the notice. The request or requests must be sent to the Proper ...

General Election
19 Apr 2017

Have the Liberal Democrats selected their candidate yet? Or will that be decided between now and 11th May?

As there was nothing about this in today's Gazette, and as I have now had this confirmed by the (ex)councillors concerned, I am putting this information into the public domain.

General Election
19 Apr 2017

Right then. So now we all know. And now to matters of a more practical nature. This is the info I have just received from TDC Electoral Services re the last date and time for nominations to be lodged with TDC from candidates wishing to stand in this constituency (Newton Abbot). 4.00pm on 11th May (to be confirmed by the electoral commission)

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