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A questionable butterfly


Berniece Wallace86

Trump has clout. We don't. And why anyone takes anything that Trump says or agrees to as a 'given' is beyond me. At any moment he could tell everyone that he mis -spoke or some other such non-sense.

27 Jul 2018

Where's the paper coming from for the ration books? Sweden?

27 Jul 2018

New activity for Dawlish 2019. Community bbq on the lawn Bring your own Herrring Gull plus bottle of English vino (whilst stocks last!) PS Anyone know what swan tastes like....

27 Jul 2018

If Brexit wasn't enough to cope with in terms of our food supply we have on top of that a potential shortage of home grown goods this year due to 1) the unseasonable snow back in March (killed off a load of new born lambs) and 2) this continuing drought which is causing crops to fail. However. All is not lost. Apparently due to the mediterranean climate this summer the grapes have ...

Official notice giving dates, times and locations of the working group's consultations also on page 61 of this week's Dawlish post.

Tins of Spam perhaps?

27 Jul 2018

UK food supply post Brexit - see page 11 of today's i newspaper.

27 Jul 2018

But please note that because of their fragile nature, stockpiles of jobs and livelihoods can not be made.

27 Jul 2018

And it is precisely because vote Leave won that we are in the situation that we are/are possibly going to be in. "This week, ministers have lifted the lid on plans for ensuring food, medicines and blood will still be available after exit day next March." ...

26 Jul 2018

Seems I'm not the only one who has thought that the lawn could be used as a communal allotment. I was just doing some research about the playpark on the lawn saga when I came across these two posts. Brooklyn Bridge 13 Sep 2016 17:23 Why not just dig the whole of the Lawn up and have allotments and use the wonderful bandstand as shed for tools and while they ...

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