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Berniece Wallace86

I'll speculate that it might be sunny and warm again this coming week. But just in case not, I'll pack my brolly and some rain proof clothing. Whether or not others do the same is entirely up to them.

29 Jul 2018

But here's some info just in case NO DEAL should happen: Top stories What would happen to the UK economy after a no deal Brexit Business Insider 22 hours ago Millions of diabetes patients could be 'seriously disadvantaged' by insulin shortages after no-deal Brexit The Independent 21 ...

29 Jul 2018

As I understand the situation, there is no appetite amongst the majority of MPs of whatever party for a No Deal scenario.  Some 60 or so Tory MPs are hard Brexiteers but that is all. I do not see Leave MPs in the Labour party voting for a No Deal which would bring such negative results for their constituents. So, if the May proposals fall and there is no parlimentary majority for a No Deal, ...

28 Jul 2018

Did you say you wanted some facts?

28 Jul 2018


28 Jul 2018

If you do a search by typing in Ration Books Brexit Britain you'll find this oh and I also found a link saying the ration books will be coloured blue same as the new passports but..........they will be made in France. Amazing what you can find on the internet.

28 Jul 2018

@DM - got a link for that last claim of yours?

TODAY - SATURDAY 28TH JULY LAWN WORKING GROUP PUBLIC CONSULTATION THE MANOR HOUSE 10.30AM - 2.30PM AND 7.00PM - 9.00PM Click on this link for more information about the Lawn Working Group The above public event and the other public events scheduled until the end of August will be an opportunity for the public to ...

Brexit is a pig in a poke.

27 Jul 2018

Federal aid for farmers is nothing new, but Trump's bailout is CNN 2 days ago Trump's Farmer Bailout and America's Broken Food System The New Republic 1 day ago Trump under fire for handing $12bn to farmers The Independent 2 days ago More for How much has Trump bailed out the US farmers ...

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