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and what about the trade negotiations that will allegedly take place after Brexit. Wonder what and whose priorities, arch negotiator and deal winner, Donald "America First" Trump will have in mind?

7 Jun 2017

PFI - now wasn't that something that kicked off during Conservative John Major's premiership? Pretty certain that it was. And from what I have a read it seems the civil servants who negotiated PFI deals with the private sector were out manoeuvred by the private sector negotiators. Wonder if history is about to repeat itself (Tories starting something off but not there not being the ...

So......I have still only had the one response back - from Cllr Wrigley.  I asked both him and Ms Morris about the photo and why a Lib Dem is shown in a Tory election leaflet. Here is Cllr Wrigley's reply in full. Dear Lynne, I too was very surprised to see this. It was not put in with my permission, but since it was taken at an open meeting, and we posed for Network rail ...

I fear it isn't only Theresa May who has acted/is acting as if the British Empire still existed. I remember hearing people during the referendum debate say that  all the heavy industrial work of the Midlands/the North/South Wales has gone. Yes I would agree it has. But..........the implications from those voices was that it was all the fault of the EU and that therefore it we left the EU ...

5 Jun 2017

apologies @Andrew i acknowledge that this thread is now going way off topic but as we have now seemingly hit another one - brexit -  i thought the article found via this link might be of interest to some. It was published in one of the national newspapers on Sat morning - ...

Okay, so........nominations have closed and .......... there is only one nomination for Central Ward so that person is duly 'elected'. But two nominations each in North East ward and South West ward which means there will be elections in those wards ( end of this month I think). Click on these links for more info ...

Can someone tell me please what the Conservatives say in their manifesto about immigration. I imagine it would be something along the lines of it being 'fair' and 'managed'.

Like I said, I am giving the one who is yet to respond some time in order to do so. If I haven't heard anything back by,say, approx this time tomorrow I'll just post the one response that I got back.

and btw Free movement of people will end after Britain leaves the European Union, Jeremy Corbyn has said, as he vowed a Labour government would implement a “managed” and “fair” migration system if elected in four weeks’ time.

5 Jun 2017

"when did anyone ever stick to there manifesto. At least i know the tories want closed borders and no free movement my vote this time is who will deliver a hard brexit, thats it nothing more nothing less". So....if, according to you, political parties don't stick to whatever is in their manifestos then by your reasoning neither will the Tories stick to what is in their manifesto!

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