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Pete B
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27 Apr 2018

I read this in one of yesterday's national newspapers: "It is important that he has the chance to see what people in other friendly nations really think of him, and I am sure the British public will be happy to oblige in their tens of thousands." Perhaps he'll be given a tour of our iconic Wembley stadium.....

I imagine (and I use the word imagine because I can't find any information anywhere on the town council website pertaining to this lawn working group) that this group is meeting again today at 10.00am. Somewhere in the Manor House. What they will be discussing and what they have discussed so far still not known by us, the electorate.

There is a meeting of the town council's Finance and General Purposes (F&GP) committee this week. This item is on the agenda: 9) CCTV To call a meeting of the CCTV working group to review whether Dawlish tie in with nearby schemes and to consider the possibility of adding a camera to the current system to cover the lawn following the recent Swan attacks.

Reference: 18/00752/FUL Address: 11 The Strand, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 9PS Proposal: Change of use from A1 (retail) to A3 (cafe/restuarant) including new shopfront Date: 11/04/2018

and another thing. If the Working Party are so keen to hear from members of the Dawlish public why have they not used this site and Eyes of Dawlish (and any other Dawlish based sites that I am unaware of) to let the Dawlish public know of the lawn working party's existence and how to contact it? If we had councillors on this site 4 years ago discussing lawn related things ...

21 Apr 2018

And on the topic of members of the public having been invited to provide their opinions to the working group - yes they have - but only those members of the public who know about the invite. How many members of the public are unaware 1. of the existence of the working group and 2. that the working group would like to know what ideas the public have. I am only aware of one missive that was sent ...

20 Apr 2018

I just think that because this whole topic is so controversial that it makes sense that  the working group meetings are open to the  public.

20 Apr 2018

Earlier this week I received this from the town clerk. My emphasis in bold red "Working Groups are not decision-making bodies; they investigate particular matters and make recommendations (with rationale) to the Council or Committee that established them.  They do not have formal agendas and minutes because the output of the group will be the report(s) back to the Council or Committee with ...

19 Apr 2018

Back in 2008 there was a project undertaken to identify how the town centre (which therefore also includes the lawn area) could be improved. I believe this was called The Yellow Book. I cannot find any online links to the recommendations from this project (although I could until fairly recently) so can't post a link to it on here. However, I suspect that there are those in the town who do have ...

19 Apr 2018

Talking of water, and given how much rainwater falls on this country, might some thought be given as to whether the waters of the Brook could generate electricity? Compact ROR hydropower generator for use in rivers and streams ... ▶ 2:41 11 Dec 2012 - Uploaded by ikinamo kappa ...

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