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Many have great concerns about what Brexit will mean for this country. And they have a democratic right to express that opinion.

23 Mar 2017

Oh dear. Where do I begin? (and I did think about not gracing that posting above with a response but.....) Did I imagine it or did quite a number of Conservatives campain for, and then (I assume) vote for, Remain.? Thought so. Trump and Putin, quite understandably, will put their countries interests' first. Whether or not the UK (if the UK still exists) will benefit from that is anyone's ...

Some people have got no sense of humour. BTW I understand that there are some pubs in the country by the name of The Telegraph

21 Mar 2017

@b.o. or pubs called The Star?

21 Mar 2017

@b.o. have you tried any pubs called The Sun?

Most Britons say Brexit vote makes break - up of UK more ... https:// /politics/2017/mar/18/majority-britons... Most Britons say Brexit vote makes break - up of UK more ... the chances of the United Kingdom ... vote to leave the EU has made a break - up ... Brexit could force the breakup of the UK , and Scotland ... ...

20 Mar 2017

And in all those 40+ years you and others who felt aggrieved with our membership of the EU (as it subsequently became) had the opportunity to hold rallies, marches, write letters to papers, lobby MPs etc in protest at what you thought was wrong. Some of you even formed your own party - UKIP. As was your right to do. And just for the record I know a lot of over 40s that voted remain.

20 Mar 2017

A deal may not have been negotiated yet but from the noises coming from the government it would seem they are looking at a deal of the hard Brexit kind. By doing that they are effectively ignoring the wishes of the 48.1% who voted to remain. Whatever happened to that thing us Brits are famed for? Compromise.

19 Mar 2017

Well it seems it was for an awful lot of people...........

19 Mar 2017

So that £350  a week for the NHS on the side of the 'Leave' bus  was at best only a possibility and could even be, shock horror probe, a porkie oh and er.........polls are accurate now then, are they?

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