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Okay, so,   let's just say, for the sake of argument, that a consensus is now emerging amongst those of us who post on, and read this website,  that the proposed playpark is such that it would not act as a draw to entice others into the town from the likes of T'mouth and Paignton. But what it might do, arguably, is stop Dawlish residents taking their (grand)children to the playpark in ...

On the issue of last year's information/consultation project. The latest playpark design (which should be in the Gaz tomorrow) is smaller than the design that was shown to the public last year and therefore it doesn't have the space or the facilities that the public were originally shown and asked to vote on.

In my post of 8th October 13.40 I left out the financial restrictions that are being felt, and have been felt for some time. by public sector workers, eg NHS staff, school staff, police, armed forces, fire service, My apologies to you all. Public sector pay was frozen for two years in 2010, except for those earning less than £21,000 a year, and since 2013, rises have been capped at 1% - ...

On the other hand, and thinking of this specific location - those parents with under 8 year olds who live in the new homes (which are, with each new home built, getting further and further away from the town centre) might well decide to use the play facilities nearest to them. Why go into the town centre to spend money when there is the new Gerald's mini supermarket (and a very nice shop it is ...

9 Oct 2017

When this latest Gatehouse development planning app goes to the town council planning committee in a few weeks time, I wonder if the number of under 8 year olds it might bring to the town ought to be a planning consideration given that the reason for the proposed new playpark for under 8 year olds on the lawn is premised on the argument that the under 8 year olds' parents who live in all the new ...

The crazy golf facility is an income generator for TDC so I would say the likliehood of the crazy golf area being given up by TDC for a non income generating play park is about ........zilch. There is presently a planning app in for redevelopment of the crazy golf area by a private operator. They will lease the area from TDC.

9 Oct 2017

Have been told that latest proposals for the playpark will be in this coming Weds Gazette and will also be on the town council's website sometime soon. click on the link and then scroll down to see details.

Totally agree with you Calamari. Oh if we could only control our weather! Yesterday was beautiful. It was also a very low tide. I went out for a two hour walk along the beach and around the town. The beach was busy, the town was humming. I expect quite a lot got spent in the town yesterday.  Up by Coryton Cove where the rock pools were exposed, the kids were having a great time with their ...

I did not say that the town centre shops should give up the ghost. Stop putting words in my mouth. I made a statement about what I believe are present day shopping habits. If my statement has some truth to it (which I believe it has) then town centre shops need to adapt to what the market (ie consumers) are telling them. Market forces and all that. It seems that some believe that having a ...

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