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16 Dec 2016

I guess they joined the EU for economic and political reasons. Some, but not all, ex iron curtain eastern european countries are also members of NATO - which I imagine is where the protection comes in. Although who knows what might happen once Trump takes over in the White House. But to get back to why some countries are pro the EU. The UK is made up of four countries. Two voted to ...

16 Dec 2016

Perhaps those countries near the Russian border, mindful of their very recent post WWII history  vis-a-vis Russia, wished to become members of the EU as much as the EU wished them to become member states? The British troops in Poland is a NATO initiative not an EU one.

16 Dec 2016

@DEEDOODLE - i was pointing out the origins of the eu and why it came into existence.  i did so in response to the initial posting about European nation states and WWII. Am I missing something here? Perhaps you could explain where it was that  I made any any comment about how the EU functions. I don't know , but I have always strongly suspected that the continental countries have more ...

16 Dec 2016

Isn't one of the reasons for the EU's existence being to prevent further wars in Europe?

This will represent a 1.4% pay rise. It will take effect from April 2017. Earlier this year they had a pay rise of 1.3%. Two years ago they had a 10% pay hike. Public sector workers such as nurses, firefighters, teachers, police have been limited to 1% pay rises for four years.

see Viewpoint in today's Dawlish Gazette.

I'm not suggesting that people who have cars will stop using them. What I am saying is that there are people who do not have cars and therefore have no option but to use public transport.

11 Dec 2016

I don't know that percentages come into it - surely it is more a question of whether or not the numbers make the provision of a service viable or not. But even if the % were to be small, if that % has no recourse to private transport then the only option open to them is public transport. So what happens if that public service is removed/cut back? It is noticeable to me how many elderly women ...

11 Dec 2016

As far as I am aware bus passes are only free of cost to those who use them, as the fares still have to be paid for. So, who pays for the fares? Local councils. And where do the local councils get their money? From council tax payers and from central government via the national tax take.   But central governemnt has restricted how much money local councils can raise via council tax. This has, ...

10 Dec 2016

Would smaller buses use less petrol/diesel over the same route? Just thinking along the lines of a mini bus type of service.

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