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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88

P'raps we should ask Santa to lend us a hand on our post Brexit communal allotment in the centre of Dawlish. After all he does like to ho ho ho.

19 Dec 2017

Because their days are numbered.

On his way
19 Dec 2017

I didn't start this thread. Leatash you're not being political again, are you ?

Planning application
19 Dec 2017

10:54 Proposal to approve the Mini Golf plans as set out Unanimously approved by the council 10:53 Cllr Charlie Dennis As someone who lives nowhere near Dawlish, this is the sort of thing that a seaside town needs. it is a prime position for it. this is an ideal position for this and i support it 10:52 Cllr Humphrey Clemens I have heard numerous remarks ...

Dawlish Taxi's
18 Dec 2017

More than likely (and remember you said it first Leatash, not me.) And it seems by the agrees that you are getting that it isn't only you and I who think that way

On his way
18 Dec 2017

Made Up ? MADE UP?!! Do you mean made up like lots of the myths about the EU?

18 Dec 2017

Got it! He's got dual Turkish/Finnish (Lapland) nationality. Does that make him a Turkish EU citizen?

and on the subject of farmers and quotas and subsidies and trade deals and, and, this.

On his way
17 Dec 2017

Are you saying that Father Christmas and Santa Clause are one and the same person?

Can you give us some examples please.

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