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Expected world trade? Ha! That's just pie in the sky. PS Busy/busiest can be defined in different ways.

A word of caution concerning any future development (or not) of the lawn. To state the obvious - money is needed. As I understand it, the funding for any development of/on the lawn will come from developer contributions by way of CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) payable to TDC who can then pass on 15% of the CIL received from housing developments in Dawlish to Dawlish Town Council. ...

Yes Leatash I was around in the 1960s and 1970s. do I want to go there again? NO! And if the result had been 52% Remain 48% Leave do you think that the Leavers would have left it at that? For if you do then you really are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Now here's a thought that's come to me As I sit with my fruitcake and nice cup of tea That the lawn is a place for a bit of a 'do' Where those of one mind, Should they feel so inclined Can blow bushels of raspberries straight at the EU

Funny you should mention the term United States as I was only wondering to myself this morning what type of trade deal the UK would get with an "America First", protectionist, Trumpton U.S.

3 weeks ago

Back to the 1960s/1970s? - OMG! No thank you! So if the people decided that they wanted another vote and this time the vote showed that they wanted to stay in the EU I take it, by your logic, that you would be happy with that? And I see that Jacob Tree-Frog is now saying that he thinks a No Deal scenario is ever more likely but that there is nothing to worry about. So that's okay ...

3 weeks ago

Some might say that hysteria was/is the approach taken by some in this country towards the EU. See you in the morning B/S. Nighty night.

3 weeks ago

The EU and Japan have just signed a trade deal. And didn't the EU sign up to one with Canada not so long ago? Talking of shit  - that reminds me - I must get some manure for all that fruit and veg I'm gonna have to try and grow...........

3 weeks ago

If you click on this link and then scroll down you will get an itemised list of the DUP's Brexit wishlist. Note item 7 -"Frictionless border with the Irish Republic assisting those working or travelling in the other direction". And also of course there is ...

3 weeks ago

I thought we were talking about the outcome (or one of them) of that democratic vote not whether or not there should be another one. I do seem to be detecting a pattern evolving on this website (and no doubt on countless others as well) which goes along the lines of if anyone points out the problems that have been caused/are causing/will be caused because of the vote for the UK to leave the ...

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