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But it comes with a warning: continued free and frictionless trade with Europe will be vital for future success. In other words, it is firmly committed to the UK for now. But that commitment is not open-ended or unconditional.

1 Mar 2018

Provided we still have a car manufacturing industry.

If you click on this link you will get to the agenda for the next meeting of the Dawlish Town Council Events Committee scheduled for Tuesday 6th March 2018. Note agenda item 5 and then scroll down to read the letter from the Dawlish Park run steering group concerning their wish that a Dawlish park run should take place at the ... "a no-deal Brexit would “undoubtedly be hugely damaging” for the UK car industry, which directly or indirectly employs 900,000 people." "If the UK does not secure a deal, cars imported into the EU would be subject to a 10 per cent tariff ...

28 Feb 2018

Car industry warns over dangers posed by Brexit and diesel threats 28 Nov 2017 - Slow progress agreeing a Brexit deal risks undermining the competitiveness of the UK car industry, the Government has been warned. Tony Walker, president of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders ,used his ...

28 Feb 2018

2018 European Union VAT rates The EU sets the broad VAT rules through European VAT Directives , and has set the minimum standard VAT rate at 15%.  The 28 member states are otherwise free to set their standard VAT rates.  The EU also permits a maximum of two reduced rates, the lowest of which must be 5% or above. From: I wonder ...

27 Feb 2018

Brexit: Huge economic cost of leaving EU outlined in government ... › News › UK › UK Politics 7 Feb 2018 - North-east England , the West Midlands and Northern Ireland will suffer the biggest hit to economic growth after the UK's withdrawal from the EU, according to secret Brexit impact studies released to MPs by the Government. ...

26 Feb 2018

The UK market can only buy cars, from whatever country, if it has the economy that enables its citizens to do so.

The UK, overall, may not have voted for Brexit. That's what may have been different.

Brexit is brexit - yes, and cheese is cheese. " When we voted to exit, did anyone know what they were voting for? I doubt it very much because no one knows what is going to happen, how it is going to happen and why it should happen, now. It appears to me that everything is one big guessing game and until it happens, that is when judgements can and will be made." But it will be ...

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