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I've just come across this Chancel Repair Liability issue. Seems that in some circumstances the CoE can make a claim on you, yes YOU!, to help them with the cost of church repairs. Have a read of this especially the bit concerning the Wallbank case. Look how much they got stung for!

And today Rick Parfitt of Status Quo has died as well.

Some links concerning the new state pension which came into effect for those reaching their state pension age on or after 6.4.16 What the new State Pension means for you | Age UK pensions /what-the- new-state-pension ... If you reached State Pension age before 6 April 2016 , ... age may not be aware that they could receive more or ...

Yes Ken, I totally agree with you. "Be careful what you wish for" was an expression that was going through my mind when I watched the tv coverage yesterday. Below is the unedited text of a letter published some 14 months ago in the Gaz.  (published letter was a shorter, abridged version). "Although the contents of this letter should be of interest to many, it is particularly aimed ...

21 Dec 2016

I see the lack of joined up road (and planning?) at Carhaix Way is a story today on the local BBC TV news. Just to point out that this story first broke on here just over a year ago My only surprise is that it has taken this long for the mainstream media to run with it. Click on this link and then scroll down ...

I think the lesson to be learnt from this sorry saga is that people (especially those, say, presently aged 40+) need to keep an eye on what is happening NOW re their FUTURE state pension age. I've picked on age 40 as I was 41 when the government of the time first raised my state pension age from 60 to 63 years and 10 months. It then raised it again to age 65 and three months when I was aged 58. ...

This link should take you to the new timetable and this to the petition concerning the new timetable.

18 Dec 2016

Well, the person who told me about it lives in Dawlish and uses it. You buy it from the bus driver just as you would any other ticket Exeter dayrider plus!

17 Dec 2016

Got told today about the Exeter Day rider Plus ticket which costs £5.50. Click on this link to see the  area it covers (it includes Dawlish) Thank you to the person who told me about it.

Just bloody rude
17 Dec 2016

Can we agree that both NATO (formed late 1940s) and the embyronic EU (Common Market formed mid/late 1950s * between France, West Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries) were created as a reaction to WWII and its aftermath. * but note that  i n 1951, the Treaty of Paris was signed, creating the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). This was an international community based on ...

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