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So no surprise then that a Lib Dem leaflet advocates voting ..............Lib Dem!

7 Jun 2017

@Andrew - the person i refer to is not an actor. he is retired. he lives in this constituency. there is a picture of him on the leaflet which also gives his name and contact details. I wonder what the Green Party leaflets in Brighton Pavilion and Bristol West are urging Lib Dem and Labour voters to do. Vote Green perhaps?

7 Jun 2017

@Andrew - i do not work in any campaign office.

7 Jun 2017

@Andrew - the quote is from a 'day before poll' lib dem election leaflet (as i pointed out in my original posting). The person is not fabricated. He exists. And whilst I do not know him I do know of him.

7 Jun 2017

On another thread there is mention of our undemocratic election system and how it can create a need for tactical voting. A case in point is this. Here is the slightly abridged version of the text of the Lib Dem 'day before poll' election leaflet that I have had sight of. “I was a Labour councillor for many years and I’ve experienced Tory cuts at the coal face – quite literally – I ...

It is election time. Of course, he is not supporting her re-election. (and where is the "well displayed disgust"?) Please give me an example of a Tory supporting a Lib Dem in election time. And actually isn't that photo an example of his doing that very thing you are saying he should do? ie working with her  to try and solve a problem.

7 Jun 2017

Of course he is not supporting Ms Morris. Why on earth would a Lib Dem support a Tory who is standing for election against, amongst others, another Lib Dem. Are you seriously suggesting that we would we expect a Tory mayor to say that they would be supporting a Lib Dem candidate?

this is on top of six teaching posts lost in recent years as staff who have left have not been replaced. See more on this story in today's Dawlish Gazette page 2.

@Paul - do you? With regard to our voting system: I also believe that our voting system needs to be made a democratic one. The one that we have, given that we have more than two parties to vote for, is far from democratic.

7 Jun 2017

"Brexit needs a strong leader who is able to say no if we are being ripped off." and that would be weak and wobbly MaybeI'llchangemymind Theresa Mayhem would it?

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