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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88

You know, that's the one that could have stayed blue all the time apparently.

A skate park for fish?

Yup! She'll deffo be hoping no-one talks turkey.......... (but what a cracker if they did)

22 Dec 2017

Did he really think he wouldn't get found out? Green by name and green by nature perhaps?

22 Dec 2017

Will there be a cover up or will all be revealed.............?

21 Dec 2017

I have to disagree with you there Burneside (just for change). I think Deedoodle's posting is hilarious.

21 Dec 2017

It's called political satire - a long standing British tradition. And I see that's what you are also indulging in Deedoodle. Tis the season to be jolly Tra la la la lah Lala la lah

21 Dec 2017

Seems this has been leaked and as it is doing the rounds on the internet I thought it only fair that readers should see it as well. From Number 10 Downing Street. London SW Dear Santa As you know, we will no longer believe in you from 29th March 2019. However, we would like to maintain the closest possible relationship with you even after we have stopped ...

Tit bits
21 Dec 2017

What a naughty boy! No presents from Santa for him then!

Of fences not allowed.

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