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Diana Mond

Just to make sure that what I had written in my post above wasn't a figment of my ageing imagination I subsequently checked out what I believe with someone I know who had also followed the planning proposals for CW circa 2008/9. This person confirmed that the original plan for CW was that hydraulic bollards were to be put in place so that the small shopper bus could have a through route. ...

15 Aug 2017

It will be somewhat ironic if the two parts of Carhaix Way end up being connected by way only of a pedestrian and cycle path courtesy of what seems to have been a surveying **** up. I say ironic because I seem to remember way back in 2007/8/9 when the planning apps for the Strongvox site and the Cavanna/Bovis were in their infancy that the original plan was that the two parts of Carhaix Way ...

The info found in these links concerning non EU citiizens wanting to live in Spain might be of use

@DEEDOODLE - have you tried contacting devon county cllr john clatworthy? he might be able to give the county council's public right of way officer(s) a nudge to try and get sorted out with sww. And/or send the pictures and your complaint to the Gazette?

There are now potentially quite a few issues concerning retiring to sunnier southern europe  (and before anyone tells me that nothing has been sorted out yet - I know that! - I am just flagging up some points to bear in mind). I've been thinking about posting about this for some time. This newspaper article has just prompted me to do so. ...

From looking at the posts above it seems the council (which council? town council? district council? devon county council?) has actioned the complaint made by Deedoodle. The matter has been referred on to South West Water whose responsibility it seems it is. So perhaps it is SWW that needs chasing up not any particular councillor, or council.

Super market prices
10 Aug 2017

And don't forget the time it takes to shop around and the availability of supermarkets. Not everyone has the time. And not everywhere has a selection of supermarkets in close vicinity to choose from. Until recently we had a dearth of supermarkets in this area. No option but to travel to Exeter or NA. Now there is a Sainsburys in Dawlish and a Morrisons in T'mouth.  Plus some co-op outlets. ...

@tom said something about vehicle drivers breaking the law. I have lost count of the times I have seen motorists on their mobile phones whilst they are driving! Didn't that get made an offence relatively recently? My latest experience of this was on Saturday when I saw a van driver (white van man it was) exit East Cliff road to go on to the Exeter road. He had one hand on the steering wheel and ...

7 Aug 2017

Saw cyclists using the steps (for them) and the gulley (don't know the technical term but you know what I mean) for their bikes only yesterday on the cycle/pathway that's recently been revamped by the railway station.

for info it looks like the system for UK passport holders travelling to EU/Schengen countries after we leave the EU  may be something along the lines of the system presently operating to travel to the likes of the US. We will need to pay for a visa of some kind online (for the US it's the ESTA scheme) and we will then ...

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