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25 Apr 2017

In TM's dreams it would only be those two. But I bet it won't be!

25 Apr 2017

Just watch the Tories turn on themselves. TM's opposition will come from her own backbenchers for there is absolutely no way that she can please everyone.

25 Apr 2017

But the point much the deal she ends up with divides the various Brexit factions within the Conservative party. And then the various Brexit factions within the country. And then of course there will still be Remainers. A united country? In your dreams Theresa. You won't have a united party let alone a united country.

25 Apr 2017

To come back to whatever deal it is that Theresa MaybeI'llchangemymind comes up with, whenever it is she comes up with it. Whatever it is, it will not please all. How can it please all Remainers, Soft Brexit Leavers, Hard Brexit Leavers? It can't, can it? So she could well be on a hiding to nothing.

Talking of the bigger picture and trans national interests When Nigel Farage met Julian Assange The Guardian - 1 day ago On 9 March 2017, an ordinary Thursday morning, Ian Stubbings, a 35-year-old Londoner, was walking down the street near his office ... · Is Farage acting as a human courier for Julian Assange? ... Daily Mail - 1 day ago Nigel Farage could be acting as ...

French Election
24 Apr 2017

"The Tories should never forget that the roots of decay often emerge when an empire seems strongest". Wasn't it Theresa MaybeI'llchangemymind who described the Tories as the nasty party?

General Election
24 Apr 2017

And what about brides' veils?

French Election
24 Apr 2017

Well, as none of us have crystal balls we, all of us , are assuming things.

Dawlish Town Council Code of Conduct for Councillors

French Election
24 Apr 2017

I won't. Even if all those UKIP votes went to the Tories he would still win. Then bear in mind that Green and LD votes could go BB's way.

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