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You could try asking one of the councillors who represent Dawlish Warren on TDC. Ted Hockin Lisa Mayne Graham Price

@flo - Yes I know of someone who is being made redundant from DCC. And I also noticed the appalling grammar in the leaflet. (I wonder if whoever wrote it/proof read it went to a grammar school? )

27 Apr 2017

The Dawlish Post at the end of March/early April gave the figures below for how each local to Dawlish school will be impacted (ie how much each school will lose) by way of Devon County Council proposals. Remember that the amount quoted below is on top of how much each school may lose due to the new fairer (ahem!) schools' funding scheme. Cockwood Primary School - set to lose £3,135 ...

7.00pm BTW If it appears that I have not responded to any other questions of yours it's probably because you have edited your posts after my having initially read them.  Nothing wrong with editing or adding to posts of course, as I am doing exactly the same thing now. Tedious -  because I felt I was having to repeat myself. I don't intend doing it anymore.

26 Apr 2017

This is now getting tedious. As I have said, several times now, until any of us know what it is that Cllr Prowse had in mind when she wrote of falsehoods going out in print then none of us know whether there is any truth in it or not. May be even Cllr Wrigley doesn't know what she is referring to and if he doesn't know what she is referring to how can he possibly comment? Tell you what. ...

26 Apr 2017

"The title of this thread is 'Would You Like To Know Why The Two Dawlish Councillors Resigned' - why is it now about Cllr Wrigley being 'discredited'?" Because threads wander off topic quite often? If readers of this thread wish to contact any of the councillors mentioned in the email trail then they will know how to do so. But I expect all you will get is a resounding silence from ...

26 Apr 2017

Perhaps Cllr Wrigley is being discredited by way of Cllr Prowse implying that Cllr Wrigley has made false statements in print. But she does not give an example of what she means. So perhaps she should be asked to enlighten us and then we could all decide for ourselves. And should Cllr Wrigley indeed end up being mayor it will be interesting to see if Cllr Clatworthy (if re-elected) and ...

26 Apr 2017

I am as in the dark as you (and possibly many others as well) as to what the "falsehoods that have gone out in print" are. Can only suggest that the person who made that statement (Cllr Prowse) is the one who should be asked. Presumably it is these alleged falsehoods that have upset the Tories.

26 Apr 2017

See page 2 of today's Dawlish Gazette

26 Apr 2017

So now you all know what it was I was trying to tell you

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