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Diana Mond

Au Contraire - This whole thing is of great importance. Do you  have any comments re the Irish/UK situation?

17 Aug 2017

The Common Travel Area (CTA; Irish : Comhlimistéar Taistil ) is an open borders area comprising the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland , Ireland , the Isle of Man , and the Channel Islands . Isle of Man There are no routine immigration checks on travellers arriving in the Isle of Man from another part of the CTA. [44] As there are currently no ...

17 Aug 2017

@leatash - so.........EU citizens from other EU countries have free movement, even with passport checks, into the RoI.  They can then travel north (no border) into the UK (Northern Ireland).  As long as there is a bilateral freedom of movement agreement between the UK and the RoI * then why should there be any need for strict controls at ports of entry into the other UK countries for those ...

17 Aug 2017

The point is that how us UK non EU citizens (unless you're Northern Irish of course - see separate thread) enter the EU countries (border with the Republic of Ireland anyone?) will not be as so many, many, people in this country will have gotten used to over the years.

17 Aug 2017

more info here

I don't know to how many generations back it applies but certainly to some extent if you can trace that you are descended from an Irish citizen you may be able to claim a Republic of Ireland passport and then have dual British/Irish nationality. And it certainly seems that if you were born in a certain part of the UK, namely Northern Ireland, that not only can you presently claim dual ...

Course it will @Flo , of course it will. Silly me!

They voted Leave so that this country would leave the EU but now they are thinking of moving to a country that is within the EU. It is their thinking that I don't understand.

15 Aug 2017

I "understand" they voted Leave because that is how they said they intended voting. As I was not in the voting booth to witness how they actually voted I cannot say that I know for a fact how they voted. I chose my wording quite deliberately. No doubt had I said I know a couple who voted Leave in the referendum someone would no doubt have asked me how I knew for an absolute certainty how they ...

Ah yes! Red Tape. Wonder if that will go when we leave the EU? After all wasn't that a reason for leaving? To get rid of red tape?

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