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We have an increasingly ageing population. And I am one of those adding to it. So I may have (after all, who knows what the future holds?) a vested interest as to how the present crisis in adult social care might be resolved. Anyone any thoughts? ...

So how would the council know if the bins are full unless someone tells them? I guess that if they were to send council employees out and about to check the bins the council could  then be accused of wasting council tax payers' money.

So any thoughts on how any of the above could be rectified?

There is also a once a week kerbside collection service (or at least there is where I live).

We are going off subject but might I suggest that what will be and what will not be deemed to be good/bad deals in any upcoming negotiations will be in the eye of the beholders.

3 weeks ago

So, no hope for the NHS then? (and I've just been reading some other Telegraph articles on PFI.  Seems the finger of blame for the PFI mess could get pointed in the direction of Whitehall civil servants whose skills and experience in negotiating deals with the private sector might just have left a lot to be desired). Do so hope those civil servant negotiating skills have been honed up ...

3 weeks ago

Well, however we are where we are, we are. If you see what I mean. The question I'm posing is not how we got where we are but how we get out of where we are.

Where E. Sussex leads others may follow?

Perhaps we might ultimately end up with a two tier health provision system? Private health care for those that can afford it,  whilst for those of lesser means they would have whatever might be left of the NHS?

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