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@webmaster - " From now on, if someone posts abuse to another member, I will close their account and edit the post to let other members know." c ue - a debate on what is, and what is not, abuse/name calling/making insulting remarks.

I know we can all get very parochial Burneside and that this is a Dawlish based website functions via the World Wide Web It was a general call to arms. And what I said in the very first line of my first post still holds true PS I see Ben Bradshaw's vote in Exeter was MASSIVE. Ben Bradshaw: Labour: 34,336 James Taghdissian: Conservative Party Association: ...

@leatash - the first past the post electoral system we have in this country is far from being democratic. if, as is the case, we have forms of pr in other elections in other parts of the uk i fail to see why we can't have the same for our general elections. Take this constituency. Unless you are a Tory voter your vote is too all intents wasted. How on earth is that democratic?

and then I saw the exit poll result and my jaw dropped even further. And then the results started to come in ..............

The 'nasty party' was/is the way lots of people regard the Conservative Party. Who said so? One Theresa May! "The term Nasty Party is a term used to refer to the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom . It was popularised in October 2002 by Theresa May , the then Chairman of the Conservative Party and future Prime Minister , when she said in a conference speech that: "There's ...

Just got back from the polling station. My jaw almost dropped to the floor. Saw some young people, looked like 18/19 year olds with polling cards in their hands, on the way to the station. Keep it up!

We do have this nonsense in this country whereby the broadcasting media cannot utter a word about the General Election (except  to keep reminding us that it is happening) until after the polls close at 10.00pm. The press however, have no such constraints. Why is that? Every election,  and without fail, highly polemic newspaper editions appear on polling day. Mind you, I do wonder what ...

The political parties, all of them, will only start listening to your needs and wants if they believe that you will get out and VOTE! (and yes I know the age demographics of this website is more than likely of the over aged 50 bit of the age spectrum but I like to think we have some younger readers/contributors. ) Young people - get out and vote! (and tell your mates and sibs to do ...

@Andrew - there is no lib dem candidate in brighton pavilion constituency because the lib dems there decided not to put up a candidate in order to help the green party candidate - caroline lucas.

7 Jun 2017

@flo , well i don't suppose labour would be happy with the leaflet! A Labour supporter telling other labour supporters to vote Lib Dem in this constituency in this election. A bit like the old (pre, and up to, 2010) days then?

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