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Apologies - yes I know i'm banging on about state pensions again but when you get to a certain age boring things like pensions suddenly become very important. Take a look at this I had no idea that a grandparent, aged below his or her state pension age, who looks after a grandchild could claim this caring towards their state pension amount. So if ...

@Paul - no worries then about this exercise starting ww3.

And this is what our Conservative MP thinks (about the raising of the state pension age)

Yes I've read about liable land having to be registered by the Church (by 2013 I think it was) but..........some mess up in the law means that even if the Cof E didn't meet that 2013 deadline then land not registered by that time can still be liable. This explains why I have heard that those buying houses are now strongly advised by their solicitor to take out chancel repair liability ...

5 Jan 2017

Anecdotally I gather that the inclusion of insurance protecting against any possible Chancel repair liability is now a standard inclusion by conveyancing solicitors. In which case, with all this expansion in house building going on, it strikes me that the insurance companies and their shareholders are on to a nice little (perhaps a very big!) earner what with all the premiums they will be ...

Oh and just to add salt to the wound, the person who was pensions minister during the coalition government when the extra time was added onto the state pension age of women born 1953/1954, and the same person who introduced the flat rate pension (which isn't flat rate at all - see above) was awarded a knighthood in the New Year's Honours List. Arise Sir Steve Webb - ex Lib Dem MP and Pensions ...

Our MP's contact details: Constituency Office 01626 368 277 2 Salisbury House, Salisbury Road, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 2DF

3 Jan 2017

Yes I know insurance is available - its inclusion in draft legal papers concerning a house purchase  is how I came to know about this Chancel Liability Insurance. I had never seen it before. I totally agree with Cassandra - this law is archaic. What on earth is it still doing being enforceable in the 21st century? More to the point why, given its anachronistic nature, have some parish councils ...

1 Jan 2017

and more info here

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