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Sophie Victoria88

Oh and then of course there is the matter of farming subsidies. What happens to the UK farming industry if, on top of what I have outlined above, subsidies go or are considerably reduced.

25 Jan 2018

So..........if food imports from EU countries end up costing more (import tariffs) and exports to the EU of food produce by UK farmers end up costing more (export tariffs) then 1) where will we get our food from? and 2) how will all this affect the UK farming industry? Some answers to (1) Elsewhere in the world. I have read that because elsewhere in the world doesn't necessarily have ...

24 Jan 2018

and this makes for an interesting read Here is an extract: "We import more than we export of all types of food. The UK imported a whopping £38.5bn worth of food, feed and drink in 2015 , the most recent official statistics available. The number dwarfs the £18bn worth of food we exported that year. In fact, just half of the food ...

24 Jan 2018

I typed in Where Does Asda Get Its Milk From ? and got this ​All ASDA fresh milk now carrying Arla farmer-owned marque | Arla UK › Overview › News & Press › Archive News 30 Oct 2015 - We will continue to work with ASDA and other retailers to get the farmer-owned message on a wide range of dairy products. ” ASDA ...

23 Jan 2018

So, when I did a search using the words UK Farming Industry post Brexit this is what came up: UK farmers risk seeing incomes halve after Brexit - Financial Times 9 Oct 2017 - Agricultural incomes could halve after Brexit unless the UK strikes a free-trade agreement with the EU, according to a ...

23 Jan 2018

EU legislation. http://

@Duckileaks : see my post of today's  date timed at 16:15

22 Jan 2018

and click here for map of Dawlish Central and North East ward to see if you are eligible to vote in the District councillor by-election

22 Jan 2018

If you live in any of these Roads, Streets etc below then you live in Central Ward so will be able to vote for the new town councillor as well as for a new Teignbridge District Councillor. Alexandra Road                                                                Priory  Road                                                        Elm Grove Drive Barton ...

22 Jan 2018

The candidates are: Teignbridge District Council Angela Fenne - Conservative Martin Wrigley - Lib Dem Dawlish Town Council Lin Goodman-Bradbury - Lib Dem Tanzey King -Labour Michael Stubbs - Conservative

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