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Another member of the audience raised the issue of there needing to be more jobs in Dawlish. She pointed out that it was all very well for Exeter to be expanding in terms of job provision but that necessarily involved commuting from Dawlish and back everyday. She pointed out the cost of this both in literal financial terms and also the impact on the environment. Costs of our local bus ...

29 Apr 2017

More a central government (therefore general election matter) than a county council one is the issue of bus passes for those of state pension age. Someone at the meeting last night suggested that instead of these passes enabling the holder to travel free of charge (to themselves that is) that those of an age entitled to a free bus pass should instead pay a nominal fare of £1 per journey.

29 Apr 2017

Until it was mentioned last evening I had completely forgotten about the closure of Daw Vale. How long ago was that? Last time I had any correspondence with any cllrs about  its future use I was told that it had been sold and that the plot would be redeveloped for housing.  Don't know what type of housing was being planned (houses/flats, open market/affordable/social). But whatever was/is ...

Perhaps Mr Bulpin is concerned that campers who have booked at his campsite for some peace and quiet might turn themselves away.

29 Apr 2017

I believe Andrew is the secretary of Dawlish Warren Tourism group. I'm 99.9% certain that he has nothing to do with the Dawlish Neighbourhood Plan working party. Huw, are the representations online? If so can you post a link so that the rest of us can see them please.

@flo - no doubt you will flo, no doubt you will .

28 Apr 2017

See y'all this evening then?

28 Apr 2017

Do you mean that Cllr Clatworthy actually wore that t-shirt at a council meeting?

General Election
28 Apr 2017

I wonder if the Johnson sibs will play Happy Families this Christmas?

7.00pm Friday 28th April, The Strand Centre, The Strand, County Council Election Hustings

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