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Do read the lead letter in today's Gazette (Put 'em in the stocks). I think it's hilarious.

That’ll fix it Tuesday, 24 October 2017  By in Local People The first Fix Fest SKILLED volunteers are lining up to help at the second Dawlish Fix Fest. A professional electrician and others with skills including digital repairs, welding, bike repairs, clothing and textiles and IT issues will be at the event which takes place on Saturday, October 28 at ...

Have been told that the powers that be are aware that more dog poo bins are needed and that getting more of them installed at the park is underway.

Low Pay
19 Oct 2017

Low pay/not having enough money to pay bills etc is indeed a subject to be taken seriously.* But bear with me if now I sound frivolous on the subject. So........... all these low income families in Dawlish are going to spend their spare income (what spare income?!!!?? ) in the shops in the centre of town when they come into town in order to take their under 8 year olds to the proposed ...

So I wonder if those who disagree with any or all of the sentiments expressed in either of those two letters might wish to be more explicit. In other words, rather than attacking the man (making personal comments about the authors) they attack the ball (the contents of the letters).

19 Oct 2017

To state the obvious - that's a matter of opinion.

18 Oct 2017

More letters about this in the latest editon  (18th October) of the Gazette.

Some info here re the closure of Daw Vale care home and the provision (or lack of) of elderly residential care in Dawlish.

16 Oct 2017

Applications withdrawn PARISH: DAWLISH WARD: Dawlish South West APPLICATION REF: 17/00982/MAJ OFFICER: Kelly Grunnill DECISION LEVEL: DEL LOCATION: 56 West Cliff Road PROPOSAL: Demolition of existing building and erection of 13 open market dwellings and 1 affordable dwelling APPLICANT: Mr Kent 56 West Cliff Road Dawlish Devon EX7 9DY AGENT: Mr E ...

An update on the outdoor gym equipment idea. I did make enquiries about this but got told that this could not happen as SANGS are not allowed to be built on. (therefore no children's play equipment either). That's absolutely fine by me not least because having children's and/or adults' play equipment there might prove to be the slippery start to even more development of other kinds sometime ...

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