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And now the candidates have been announced. One councillor representing Dawlish to be elected. Click on this link and then scroll down to see who the Dawlish candidates are. There are four. One each for: Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP

So we await to see then just how much more does get spent on the NHS in two years time. In the meantime how do we start sorting out the NHS now?

2 weeks ago

Well whatever the Leave campaign meant by that message on the side of the bus I don't doubt for one moment there were those who did indeed believe that we could fund the NHS to the tune of £350m per week once we'd left the EU.

Well, here's a slightly different 'complaint'. I went along Warren Road about 11.00am today and lo and behold there was a car parked on the cyclepath outside the shops by the chip shop/Ryders bakery.

Yes she did change sides I agree. I remember she said that she did so because her 90+ aged father begged her to because he could remember what it was like fighting in WWII and he saw the EU as a way of the European countries not fighting with each other again. (Anyone else notice that within less than a week of Article 50 being triggered a member of the House of Lords was talking about the ...

As it happens three of our Dawlish TDC councillors sit on the licensing committee.  One of whom, Ted Hockin, chairs it. So if you have any comments you wish to make about what is being proposed (I believe it has to get a temporary event licence) then you could contact one or more of these TDC licensing committee councillors. But do it soon. Ted Hockin Aalsmeer, 14A ...

and on top of A&E doctors leaving we have GPs departing these shores as we well

Just a neighbourly suggestion. Can those of us who know about the above and who know people who live within hearing distance of the Warren Farm site bring to their attention what is being proposed (a music festival) and for when it is being proposed (Sat. 15th July 2017). Please note I am note making any pro or con comment on whether or not this should take place. I am just wanting people in ...

And lest we forget: ‘The most remembered statistic of the EU referendum campaign was the £350m a week for the NHS - a cynically deployed and rapidly disavowed non-fact for which no one can be held to account.’ Conservative MP Dr Sarah Wollaston ...

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