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And it seems that the issue of public money and the royal family is not only an issue that has gone through my mind.

22 Jan 2017

Well, I don't know exactly how much they contribute now as I only have read that they do contribute. For example I understand that the Cambridge's contributed towards the internal refurbishment of their apartment at Kensington Palace. If I researched enough I might well be able to find out exact amounts. However, my point concerns the principle that they should contribute more than they ...

22 Jan 2017

My mind is made up. They should contribute more. Thank you for enabling me to make myself clear.

22 Jan 2017

Yes, I know that. What I am saying is that they should contribute more. Lead by example and all that.

22 Jan 2017

22 Jan 2017

No, but they use these publicly owned properties as private residences.  Therefore I see no reason why they should not contribute from their private wealth towards the costs of running/refurbing/repairing them.

22 Jan 2017

Perhaps the royal family could/should show their acknowledgement of the need to spend public money wisely by funding building and refurb costs to royal residences out of their own pocket(s)?

20 Jan 2017

If this country was wallowing in money the Tories would still be cutting back on publicly funded services (eg schools, NHS, social services, police etc etc etc). And the reason they would be doing that is because the Tories do not like the publicly funded sector. They eat, breath and drink private enterprise. Their priority is the private sector and the profit to be made from it.

19 Jan 2017

Council services cutbacks. Anything to do with reduction in grant coming from central government plus restrictions in how much they can raise locally via council tax?

I've held off from posting about this before as I didn't want to add to the anti cycle lobby but............I was in town yesterday and how narrow the main road now is immediately outside Bailey's (can't remember its new name) where the coaches drop off and pick up was very apparent. How a bus or a lorry or other large vehicle will be able to go along that road if a coach or coaches are parked ...

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