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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mond
22 Aug 2017

Not me.

So why not ask our county councillor, John Clatworthy, to answer the question?

20 Aug 2017

More info about public rights of ways (PROWS) here.

19 Aug 2017

Can't - he's dead (or should that be 'she'?...............)

But the point is that with the free movement agreement between the RoI and the UK, the UK will not necessarily know who has entered the UK and who has left it. We may know, courtesy of the Irish border authorities, who has entered the Republic via their official passport controls,  but how will we know whether or not those people have consequently travelled into the UK? And remember that a ...

18 Aug 2017

You were the one who brought up the possible future (re)unification of Ireland - not me. There is a whole can of worms regarding the land border with Ireland. That can of worms I have explained above but here it is again : In a nutshell we are presently in a situation whereby the British government is pursuing change (leaving the EU) with wanting to keep some things the same (open border ...

18 Aug 2017

A united Ireland = Part 1 of the break up of the United Kingdom. Scotland to then break away from the rUK? (or, even, perhaps, to break away before Ireland unites as one country?). Then England and Wales will have a border issue with Scotland. And so it goes on and on. Meanwhile, and back to the present, there is still the EU/RoI/NI/UK border issue to resolve. Which is very important

18 Aug 2017

More on the EU/RoI/UK border conundrum here

17 Aug 2017

Au Contraire - This whole thing is of great importance. Do you  have any comments re the Irish/UK situation?

17 Aug 2017

The Common Travel Area (CTA; Irish : Comhlimistéar Taistil ) is an open borders area comprising the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland , Ireland , the Isle of Man , and the Channel Islands . Isle of Man There are no routine immigration checks on travellers arriving in the Isle of Man from another part of the CTA. [44] As there are currently no ...

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