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Sophie Victoria88
Rail Fares
2 weeks ago

I totally agree with you Flo.

2 weeks ago

Don't know what it would be now but I do know that in March of 2017 a super off peak day return Exeter-Paddington was just shy of £85.00.

READ THIS This has been posted on Eyes of Dawlish " In Devon there are now plans to Introduce an ACO (Accountable Care Organisation) to run all health services from 1st April 2018. This is likely to be our biggest challenge in 2018. Stephen Hawking, Allyson Pollock and colleagues have launched a legal challenge to stop Jeremy Hunt and NHS England from proceeding with plans to turn ...

Tit bits
2 weeks ago

What!?  All those foreign Welsh people coming over 'ere and using our English NHS? Time for a Wexit?

This is from one of those links I've posted above. The NHS is battling a spell of ill-health. Suffering from a chronic shortage of nurses, doctors, midwives and general practitioners; as well as developing a dependency on costly agency workers . The NHS workforce crisis has been further compounded by recent figures from the Nursing and Midwifery Council and British Medical Association ...

3 weeks ago

I have no idea how to resolve the agency situation either But just think how much public NHS money must be going into the private sector agencies that specialise in providing health staff. So shortage of NHS staff not necessarily the fault of the NHS then? More info here about the NHS and agency staff Agency workers - NHS Employers www. nhs ...

3 weeks ago

For RD&E click on this link For Torbay, click on this link

Tit bits
3 weeks ago

So if health care in this country (do you mean England or the UK?) is a post code lottery, why is that? What do you think is wrong with this area's health care provision? How do you think it could be rectified? and here are some links giving info on Virgin suing the NHS  to which DM referred in their post above Virgin Care sues NHS after losing Surrey child services deal ...

3 weeks ago

As our public services (eg NHS, state schools, social services, police) are paid for by taxation we either have to pay collectively for those services or if we don't want them provided from public funds then we will have to pay for them privately. Private health care, private schooling and the like. That's okay for those who have enough wealth to be able to afford to do that and who, ...

Happy New Year!
3 weeks ago

A certain poster might appreciate Leatash's posting after all it is a photo that shows a sign telling cyclists to dismount. A Happy New Year to EU all.

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