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"Open DAW is still in full operation - it was just unfortunate wording on our website." Thank you Angie W for the clarification. @From The Grave /Stark Ross - that was all that was needing to be said. Unfortunately From The Grave didn't say that. So the last thing From the Grave did was to correct the original poster! In other words, it wasn't the original poster that needed ...

16 Jun 2017

I've just looked at the link again. I can't see any indication that the 'in administration' headline refers to the Plough and Share credit union. In fact it doesn't refer to anything at all. So as this information is on the Open Daw website it would be perfectly feasible for people to think it refers to Open Daw. This is what is says: LATEST NEWS!! Sadly The Open DAW will no ...

16 Jun 2017

When I clicked on the link given in the Gazette for registering online for the Dawlish in Bloom competition this is what I came across re Open Daw:

There is a bit about this in the latest Dawlish Gazette but I thought to put it on here as well. click on this link for an application form There are five categories: best residential floral display, best holiday accommodation display, best business display, best pub floral display and best school floral display. Closing date for ...

yes, i agree with you @webmaster .  i raised it because a certain poster (who has recently closed her account but if past form is anything to go by will be back sometime soonish but posting under yet another name) chose to call me that recently.  and i'm pretty certain that wasn't the first time. it usually occurred whenever i was trying to elicit or communicate information that she disapproved ...

13 Jun 2017

If, for example, one member called another member a busybody would that be deemed a personal insult?  Or is the term busybody one that is okay to use on here?

And apparently the bootfair held in Sainsbury's car park on some Sundays during the summer will also no longer be running.

12 Jun 2017

@flo - many thanks Have just phoned the tel no for the Weds market. The person I spoke with confirmed that the Wedneday market is now cancelled permanently. Not enough take up to make it financially viable apparently. Thursday boot fair still running (different organisers) but subject, as always. to weather conditions.

10 Jun 2017

Anyone know if this is permanently ended? I went along to it this Weds. There were very, very, few market stall holders in fact they were easily out numbered by the car boot sellers. I put the lack of open market sellers down to the bad weather. However, Thursday/Friday this week I got told that the signs advertising the open market that were placed in the field where it gets (got?) held ...

I have absolutely no idea Burneside who reads/posts on this site and where they may quite literally, physically, be based. And neither do you.

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