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found this on Eyes of Dawlish so…….. We've all been busy little bees over the past few weeks, plotting, planning and organising! We all decided that Dawlish needed a massive boost, a lot of cheering up and something to look forward too! its with these thoughts in mind that I have the great pleasure in letting you all know That We have organised Snooky Fest !!!! and we are all ready and ...

This building work (you can't miss it if you are travelling on the A379) is to build a car park for the new community park (SANGS). I thought to put this message on here given as the following remark was overheard in Sainsbury's this morning "Do you know what that building work is all about up by St. Mary's cottages, right by the main road?" "Yes, it's another lot of houses being built". ...

This is what it says at section 3.9 of the Devon Home Choice policy document 3.9 No local connection to Devon 3.9.1 Applicants who have no local connection to Devon will have their application placed in either: - The Low housing need band (D) if they are assessed as having a housing need (whether this be high, medium or low need), or - The No housing need band (E) if they ...

26 Jan 2017

Thank you Gary for your last paragraph. That is how I understand the situation to be.

26 Jan 2017

I thought what Gary had posted implied that having a local connection to the parish (in this case Dawlish) or adjoining ones (eg Starcross) was more or less a necessity. And yes of course people from outside the area (both within Devon and elsewhere) may move into the area. They may have a local family connection, or they may be part of a witness protection scheme, or they may need to be ...

25 Jan 2017

For those interested this link should take you to the planning documents click on View Application (bottom left hand of page) to access correspondence concerning this redevelopment.

25 Jan 2017

@Daverc - believe a purpose built building for the cf is going up on the redrow site by sainsburys.

25 Jan 2017

Genuinely want to know the answer to this question. Why would the Devon Home choice Scheme stop affordable housing going to local people?

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