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A questionable butterfly


Berniece Wallace86
15 Aug 2018

I wouldn't disagree for one moment that if you go to live in another country that learning its language is important. So I think it important that courses should be available for those who have moved to this country whose first language isn't English. Migrants told to learn English upon entering UK face three-year wait ... › News › ...

15 Aug 2018

Another saying: what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Next public consultation is this coming Saturday (18th August) at St. Mary's Hall, Dawlish Warren 7pm - 9.30pm

15 Aug 2018

I wonder how much Spanish all those English immigrants to Spain speak?

Someone on EoD has posted that if Gary is in the parade on Friday that he'd better not go looking in any windows!

There was a suggestion in 2016/17 that a large playpark should be sited between the bandstand and the bowling green.  Whilst some welcomed this suggestion it proved contentious, and anyway what had been proposed to the public in the 2016 consultation(a large playpark taking up most of that space) had subsequently been reduced in size as what had been proposed, due to cost, was not viable. So what ...

So keep the gorilla theme and the free publicity going and have a gorilla fancy dress competition or something along those lines. Lots of suggestions on Eyes of Dawlish thread. Including one that Gary the G should be put on a trailer and lead the carnival parade on Friday.

Will there be any gorillas taking part?

11 Aug 2018

Not obsessed at all B/S. Just pointing out the British hypocrisy with regard to the 'When in Rome.....' saying.

11 Aug 2018

and here's a little something about ex pat (ie immigrant) Brits in Spain

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