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Diana Mond

Well, my assumption was that a decision had already been made for there to be a playpark on the lawn and given that, we were then only asked where we thought it should be. If there was still an option for no playpark at all on the lawn anywhere then there should have been a question explicitly asking: Do you want a playpark on the lawn? Yes or No? That could then have been followed up with: ...

2 weeks ago

Hang on a minute! Hang on! If there was no question on the consultation paper asking whether or not people thought there should be a playpark on the lawn then how can anyone claim that 76.9% thought it was a good idea? Am I missing something here? As I understand it, the questions were concerned with where on the lawn the playpark should be located not whether or not there should ...

Premier Inn are also building a 75 bedroom hotel in Seaton.

3 weeks ago

I must admit to quietly screaming to myself when I read this excerpt from the minutes: "There was a large response and 76.9% of Dawlish residents voted in favour of a Play Park on the Lawn." Perhaps what should have been said was that 76.9% of those residents who voted did so in favour of a play park on the lawn.  Or even, given that it seems respondents were not necessarily residents of ...

3 weeks ago

to return to the topic of this thread. THE PLAY PARK ON THE LAWN Click on this link to read the minutes of the Finance & General Purposes committee meeting held in July when the topic of the play park and how it should be funded was discussed and decided upon.

Parking tickets
3 weeks ago

Sorry but I have been in some car parks whereby you take a ticket as you go in and the barrier rises so that you can do so. Then, when you wish to leave you find the nearest paying machine within the car park to where your car is parked and pay the amount required. Then you take your ticket that has now been through the paying machine and then when you reach the barrier you insert it and the ...

3 weeks ago

Can one of you explain please why it is that in some car parks you take a ticket when you go in and then pay whatever amount is due for the amount of time you have stayed in the car park when you leave, whereas for other car parks you pay at the beginning of your stay for, say, 2 hours, even if you only use the space for 1 hour?

I think what it has to do with a playpark is that the town councillors voted that the town should have one. That was a political decision made by the majority of them. With few exceptions all the town councillors successfully stood for election against other candidates . That is politics. I am still confused as to what some people think other people should have in terms of qualifications in ...

24 Aug 2017

So.......the only way to gain the experience necessary to be a councillor is by having been a er.............councillor? And as for a working party. Would those on it be elected on to it or would they be self selecting? Would a pre-requisite be that a candidate must have been a councillor somewhere at sometime in their lives? where has @ER113 said anything about city & guild etc ...

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