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On the 2010/11 issue of the parish poll. I can't remember the exact make up of the town council at that time but I believe it was comprised of of Lib Dems and Tories with the Tories in control. Anyone know otherwise?

1½ weeks ago

Have now been told by TDC that 10 electors in South West ward have also called for a by election. Elections will be held on Thursday 29 June to fill one vacancy on each of the three wards of Dawlish Town Council.  The Notice of Election will be published on Wednesday 24 May. Click on this link for the timetable for proceedings.

1½ weeks ago

Up to date info on these casual vacanices: With regard to the 1x vacancy in Central ward and the 1x vacancy North East ward I understand from TDC that the requisite number of requests were received from 10 or more electors in each Ward to request that the vacancies be filled by way of a by-election.  Whether the vacancies will be filled by a poll will be based on the number of nominations ...

According to the local newspaper Linda and John Petherick have reported the reason leading to their resignations to the appropriate officer at Teignbridge District Council..

So now yet another councillor has resigned. = Total of 3. Anyone know the reason(s) why? Just curious. If anyone's interested in filling this vacancy there is info in the latest Dawlish Gazette or alternativey contact the town clerk.

Gary Taylor
2 weeks ago

Seems it's your turn now webmaster............. (no doubt followed very shortly by its being mine?)

2 weeks ago

@webmaster -  well said! (and on another matter - many thanks!)

Or they've been released to the organisers (which is why you have seen them) but not the public in general? In which case I'll widen my request. If anyone reading this knows how everyone else can see the representations please can you post a link so that those wishing to view them can do so. Thanks.

29 Apr 2017

For clarity: We need to distinquish between the group that was set up back in 2011 and the group that was set up in 2015/16.. Remember the concept of Localism? As part of that concept the coalition government pushed for local communities to feed into local development plans how they would like to see their neighbourhood developed.  For neighbourhood read Dawlish for local development plan ...

So.....subsidised (ie paid for by taxpayers) bus fare monies help create the profits of private sector bus companies? What happens to the profits? Bit like subsidised (ie paid for by taxpayers) housing benefit monies going straight to private sector landlords?

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