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Pete B

@flo - yes. see my post above dated 8th june timed at 19.41

5 days ago

At last! This link will take you to the town council webpage concerning the lawn working group.

Dogs on Lawn plus.
6 days ago

So if it is self financing then: 1. A lot of people will need not only to infringe the dog legislation but also to be caught infringing it or 2.A target will need to be set whereby a certain number of people will need to be fined (whether or not they have infringed the law) in order for the self financing target to be met.  Can you imagine that? So I reckon it will either be ...

Play park costs (from the link I've given above) Play Area • Maintenance – Play equipment lasts about 10 years – Previous large park design around £250,000 – Maintenance would be annual fixes and upkeep, plus allowance to replace the lot in ten years time • Approx £5,000 annual fixes • £25,000 annual allowance towards replacement

Dogs on Lawn plus.
6 days ago

Dogs to be on leads or dogs not allowed at all? If either or those how will it be enforced? Who will enforce it? Who will pay for the enforcer(s) to enforce it? How much will it cost to enable the enforcer(s) to enforce it? etc etc. Or will there just be signs telling people of the lead requirement/dog ban? Loads of holidaymakers walk along the sea wall from the Warren with kids and dogs.  ...

Click on link below for more info about the lawn working party and what is suggesting (so far).

1½ weeks ago

Yes on occasions I also have difficulty with hearing certain councillors but I could hear relatively easily what Cllr Wrigley said in his presentation. Which was, to sum up, putting the playpark down where the TIC is. Have it aimed at up to 12 years of age. Victorian type bandstand to replace what is there presently. Feel sure there will be stuff about all of this in this coming Wednesday's ...

Sports event on the playing fields - lots of cars Rural Skip in the car park - lots of cars coming and going Coach driver not happy that he can't park up after dropping off holiday makers in the town and his therefore having to stay in his coach parked in Sandy Lane with  hazard lights on. Not a happy bunny. "I thought I was supposed to be able to park here and use the toilets and get ...

The interim report concerning proposals for the future of the lawn can be viewed via the link below. The presentation starts at about 29 mins into the meeting and lasts for about 30 mins. Dawlish Town Council meeting 06-06-2018 - YouTube ▶ 1:06:38 7 hours ago - Uploaded by MeetingsFor ThePeople AGENDA 1. ...

17 May 2018

Thanks for posting that information @Lindapetherick . I have been trying to get that information out and about to others as well (see my post above dated 10th may). I'm a bit like Helen in that my Friday mornings are otherwise occupied. Can you ask why nothing whatsoever concerning this working group is on the town council website?  Thanks

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