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Pete B
Green loss
3 days ago

But the problem is that although immigration is unpopular, it is needed and will not stop when we leave the EU. Already the government is lifting the Tier 2 immigration cap so that non EU doctors and nurses can come and work in this country.

Thank you Linda but I don't have to be there (anymore than does anyone else) to express my thoughts given that we now all know who sits on the working party. If we wish to contact the working party members, the cllrs certainly, then we know how to contact them. I expressed my thoughts to Cllr Mawhood when she sent out her round robin email back at the beginning of April asking for ...

3 days ago

For info - the section on the town council's website concerning the lawn working party was only placed there last week. (source: email response from Dawlish Town Clerk)

Green loss
3 days ago

Because if demand is greater than supply, prices rise.  More profit to be made. And also, from a political point of view, why would any political party, whose voters are mainly home owners, pursue economic policies that would see house prices fall?

3 days ago

So here's the dilemma; Immigration. The easiest solution to an ageing population is to encourage young migrants of working age. For example, the UK has attracted many young workers from Eastern Europe. But, net migration and free movement of labour is unpopular for fears it drives down wages and places stress on infrastructure and housing demand. ...

3 days ago

I wasn't saying that at all. I was simply trying to make the point that the housing crisis is not due only to immigration. That families split up more now than in previous generations thereby increasing the demand for accommodation is another factor. "Today, an average of 2 people live in a property, this is significantly different to the situation in the 1950s, where an average of 5 ...

4 days ago

And of course us baby boomers (there are a lot of us) are living longer and under occupying empty nests. Don't forget our contribution to the housing shortage! And should we end up in hospital and/or care homes will there be enough staff to look after us?

Which town council meeting was that? Can you give me a link please? I cannot find anything.  Are you referring to the town council meeting held earlier this month? As I type this, the minutes for that meeting are not yet published on the town council's website. The first meeting of the lawn working party took place in early April and to my knowledge the only info put in the public domain, ...

Green loss
4 days ago

As suggested before - perhaps thought should be given to the lawn becoming a post Brexit communal allotment and orchard. (anyone started to hoard the odd can or two yet? You know, just in case..........)

Linda - I was told by a senior member of the working party some few weeks back that the reason there was nothing on the council's website about the lawn working party was because of technical problems.  What I thought should have been on the council's website from the very first was 1) who was on the working party, 2) when and where it met and 3) that although there was/is no statutory requirement ...

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