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Julias Sachin

Actually if the world warms up then our climate could well become colder. Why? Because if the Gulf Stream is disrupted (and it is the warmth of the Gulf Stream that keeps our climate as temperate as it is) then we will have a much colder climate in this country.

1½ weeks ago

Some points: The beginnings of the shortage of housing that people could afford to buy/rent can be traced back to the Thatcherite policy of Right to Buy of council housing stock.  Whilst the RtB policy created many more home owners, its legislation forbade local councils from building more homes to replace those that had been sold. It was argued that the private sector would pick up the rental ...

1½ weeks ago

I understand that about 60% of the food consumed in the UK is grown here.  The other 40% being imported. Therefore, as I see it, the more agricultural land that gets used for new housing development (and we do need more houses) the less there is then available for food production.  So we will need to import even more food? Was just having a quick read about this food self ...

1½ weeks ago

Yes I always say to myself, sarcastically, when travelling around the country and seeing vast amounts of open countryside - "Gosh, this country is just so full" (or words to that effect). Click on this link to see the BBC report

More about all of this in this week's Gazette - see page 3. It seems that if Natural England are involved then they have the clout to enforce these proposed car parking changes.

Parking changes
2 weeks ago

See bottom page 4 in this week's Gazette for more info on the extension of double yellow lines in the areas I have mentioned above.

When I am in an unfamiliar town/city I am very appreciative of signs telling me how to get to various places and how long (approx) it takes to walk to them.

New Benches
2 weeks ago

Very fortuitous you mentioning benches Leatash because I have just come back from a few days in Falmouth and noticed whilst there (couldn't miss if truth be known) that their public benches by the beaches have been brightly painted in primary and secondary colours in a gloss like paint. Looked very attractive. Also the doors in the public toilets at Gyllingvase beach had also been painted using ...

Planning application
2 weeks ago

There have been a lot of objections lodged with TDC with regard to this planning application - both the original  and the revised one. I wonder if any of those who object to this application will avail themselves of their being able to speak about their concerns at the town council planning committee meeting being held this Thursday? (the issue of the route of the cycle path ...

2 weeks ago

That link takes you to a document dated 2007

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