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Timeline of changes to women’s State Pension Age (SPA) 1995 : The 1995 Pensions Act brought in a gradual rise to equalise women’s SPA with men’s at age 65 by 2020, beginning with women born after 6 April 1950. The DWP failed to notify women individually. A 14 year gap and then......... 2009 : The DWP began a programme of writing to women individually, by age group, to inform them ...

When Brexit is triggered
1½ weeks ago

@Paul i think that idea might get scotched.

1½ weeks ago

By drinking lots of scotch whisky? And perhaps the party goers should invite some scots bagpipe players?

Here's the link to the thread I was posting on back in Feb 2011 about this very same issue.

1½ weeks ago

I’ve posted before about the issues concerning the raising of the state pension age and 1950s born women Last Wednesday there was a demo in London about all of this. The police estimation was that 5,000 attended and I know that those demonstrating came from all over the country. There is a report about it all on page 2 of the latest edition (15th ...

Fix Fest
1½ weeks ago

Yesterday's fixfest was well attended with over 40 fixes provided by highly skilled volunteer fixers. The organisers hope to do something similar again in the autumn.

On Thursday 4th May Dawlish voters will have the opportunity to elect one councillor to represent Dawlish on Devon County Council. There are many reasons why those who may wish to vote may not be able to do so in person (infirmity, on holiday, work commitments etc) in which case they can vote by post. Details of how to do so can be found here

Mobiles and driving
3 weeks ago

more info here (and note there is something 'special' for those within two years of passing their driving test).

Someone contacted me earlier today expressing concern that Sandy Lane Playing fields would now be under threat of development given that Dawlish is to have a new country park. For info this is what I replied and what I understand the situation to be. The country park has to be an additional green space to that which already exists so it is no threat to Sandy Lane playing fields. ...

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