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Diana Mond
New Play Park - Part 3
1½ weeks ago

The online petition asks for a first name, a last name, an email address and a postcode. (and before anyone says that these details could be made up - so equally, I imagine, could the same details have been made up by those participating in the consultation questionnaire). As least we have a councillor trying to address the concerns of some of the electorate.

1½ weeks ago

There is now a petition about the 'consultation'.

So if it is so few who are making the fuss then they would have posed no threat if they had been asked on the consultation questionnaire if they wished there to be a play park on the lawn or not.

Just over a year ago and on the original playpark thread I posted this: "on 13TH Aug. on another thread which had wandered onto the subject of the playpark Gary Taylor posted this (but my emphasis in red bold): "This is the relevant extract from the Sainsbury's S106 town centre developer contribution document: £200,000 towards "projects aimed at sustaining the vitality ...

2 weeks ago

So here's one of mine (questions that is). I am sure it was known by some, sometime back, that monies that had been forthcoming from the developers to be used on improving the lawn/town centre area had to be spent by a certain time otherwise the money would be forfeited. So........why did those who knew about this deadline not make that information public and earlier?  Looks like the amount ...

2 weeks ago

Ah! So! It was money and the fast approaching deadline for it to be spent wot wrote the questions!

2 weeks ago

Okay's a thought (and I have no idea how it would fit in, if at all, with the Local Plan and/or whether or not it would be financially viable from a business point of view) but........... Someone pointed out to me yesterday that there is no pub for some distance from the town going along the main road in an Exeter direction. Yes, I know that the holiday parks have their own ...

And they should have been able to express their unhappiness about the proposal via an explicit question on the consultation questionnaire. They weren't.

Is there anywhere in Devon where there is a marina the size of, and with the facilities of (ie shops, restaurants, cinemas) along the lines of Port Solent and Brighton Marina?

You are missing the point which is.......... that there was no explicit place on the consultation questionnaire for those who did not wish to have the play park built at all to be able to register that view. And even if it turned out to be only one person who felt that way - the question still needed to have been asked. It wasn't. And this is what the furore is all about. And ...

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