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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88
Splatford Split
4 Dec 2017

So why don't you tell us why you think this has happened. Best not to use any names and to use the word allegedly.

4 Dec 2017

I do not disagree, not for one moment, that there may be some dubious goings on within local authorties within the UK. As I have stated before on here, the Rotten Borough section of the satirical magazine Private Eye regularly exposes such things. However, just because some questionable things happen in some local authorities it does not follow that there is mass corruption everywhere.

4 Dec 2017

Might the correct word to be used be something along the lines of maladministration? Or, to use a more technical term, cock up? And yes, I have to say I would also like to know more about the 'corruption' allegations and local planning decisions.

The signs got a mention on this morning's BBC Sunday Politics South-West Show.

Notice of Casual Vacancy From 30 Nov 2017 to 20 Dec 2017 Notice of Casual Vacancy for the Parish of Dawlish (Central Ward) contact the town council for more details. If there are no candidates by on or before 20th December then the town council will be allowed to co-opt. Parish and Town Council vacancies If a seat becomes vacant on a Parish or Town Council, the Clerk is ...

There is a full town council meeting on Wednesday. This is on the agenda. 10 Dawlish Lawn - To consider the creation of a working group to look at Dawlish’s wishes for the future of the Dawlish Lawn – particularly to re-examine the ideas for a play park and determine how to proceed. The working group to be led by the council and to include participation from a wide range of Dawlish interest ...

Splatford Split
1 Dec 2017

So why don't you tell us all then.

· Dawlish: 'Britain's bossiest town' to review signs BBC News - 16 minutes ago These are external links and will open in a new window A town is to review its "oppressive" signage after a scathing review from a tourist who said he felt "bombarded by notices". A ... Does this Devon town have the most signposts in Britain? THE Herald - 1 day ago · Dawlish: Is this Britain's ...

1 Dec 2017

Caught the Sky news coverage on this. Perhaps, as the newscaster suggested, all these signs should become Dawlish's USP (unique selling point). Tourists might  queue  to have their photos taken beside/in front of these infamous signs. And like said in an earlier posting, if these signs generate more tourists then perhaps that's how the town centre economy can be boosted.

1 Dec 2017

Just done something I rarely do, bought a Murdoch newspaper, in this case The Times. Dawlish and its signage is the lead story on page 7. The Times coverage is then continued on its leader page (35) with a satirical skit. @ZIGGY - given The Times has a paywall are you able to post the page 35 leader piece on here as well as the page 7 article?(which you have already done, above.)

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