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Well, there are the green spaces which are Sandy Lane playing fields and the Manor gardens. And whilst neither are town centre located, neither are they miles away from it.

8 Oct 2017

This is a real gem of an asset for Dawlish. Not only for those of us who live here but also for those visiting at the nearby holiday parks. Whilst I know that other areas will have SANGS (which is what this countryside park is) nontheless perhaps this park could become, locally, Dawlish's unique selling point? Already it seems there are always cars in the car park whenever I pass by on the ...

The reason 'Bath park' came into my mind is because I remember very well, growing up as a kid in east Bristol, that a trip there was seen as a real treat. It had bigger and better facilities then anything on offer in St. Georges's park or Eastville Park. (apologies to non Bristolians for being Bristolcentric). In otherwords its facilities acted as a draw. It was, and still is from what I ...

There is an article about the proposed playpark on page 6 of this week's Dawlish Gazette. At the end it says " Anyone wanting more information or to give an opinion on what would be preferred can email Mrs Scranage (the town centre development manager) at"

Click on this link to get an idea of the size of the playpark, and the facilities provided in it, for kids of all ages. Now, if that type of thing was being proposed I might have more time for the 'a playpark on the lawn in Dawlish will bring more people into the town' argument. ...

A further small but important point of order is that I understand not all of the councillors present voted for the Manor Gardens option to be rescinded. And if the Lawn option had funding then how come at a recent Finance and General Purposes (F&GP) committee meeting how a playpark on the lawn might be funded was on the agenda? "Members agreed that funding should be secured first as ...

3 Oct 2017

The same thought had gone through my mind but I assumed the CAC meeting was quorate otherwise how could it have made any valid recommendation to the full council.

3 Oct 2017

At the Civic Amenities Committee (CAC) meeting held in June 2016 the report concerning, and recommedation by, the town centre manager concerning there being a playpark on the lawn was on the agenda. The recommendation was that CAC should recommend to full councill that there should be a playpark on the lawn. There were only 4 members of that CAC committee present - Linda Petherick, Lisa ...

3 Oct 2017

Who asked her to do what she did? The Town Council? after all it was the town council that agreed the three questions.(although I believe not all councillors were in favour).


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