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Pete B

If you live in any of these Roads, Streets etc below then you live in Central Ward so will be able to vote for the new town councillor as well as for a new Teignbridge District Councillor. Alexandra Road                                                                Priory  Road                                                        Elm Grove Drive Barton ...

22 Jan 2018

The candidates are: Teignbridge District Council Angela Fenne - Conservative Martin Wrigley - Lib Dem Dawlish Town Council Lin Goodman-Bradbury - Lib Dem Tanzey King -Labour Michael Stubbs - Conservative

As there are quite a few hyperlinks to be found by way of doing a search using the words UK Farming Industry post Brexit I wonder if some kind soul would mind posting them on this thread. The links argue both pro and con .

21 Jan 2018

Don't you have the wit (your phrase not mine) to use the quotes that I used to do a search via Google then? @flo was able to do so. Indeed @flo very kindly posted the link. As I keep telling you (and any others who may still be reading this thread) for reasons that I have yet to get sorted out, for some reason or another I can no longer paste anything onto this website. What's so hard to ...

I have just done a search using the above wording. If you wish to read on this subject you could do the same search, Normally I would post all the links on here (as I have done frequenty in the past on other threads). But my computer is 'playing up' and won't let me do that at the moment.

20 Jan 2018

So if you can't/won't comment on anything I assert unless I post links then there is an obvious way for me to stop you responding.. Thanks for letting me know. Toodle loo.

19 Jan 2018

@burneside in that case ("without details I can't comment") I can only assume that we will hear no more from you for sometime. Toodle pip.

19 Jan 2018

@burneside - no of course we don't know what the post brexit deals will be, but that shouldn't stop any of us being aware of the pros and cons before agreements get made.

19 Jan 2018

I wonder how Welsh lamb and Cumbrian lamb farmers will respond to large imports of cheaper NZ lamb. (and what is better for the planet? to eat food grown at, or very near to, home, or to eat food flown in from the other side of the world?).

19 Jan 2018

Courtesy of Google, I have just read that article. Sorry can't post link to it (or to anything else for that matter) as for past few days I have been unable to copy and paste anything onto this website. So can only say that having read the article , it emphasises again to me, that the British UK farming industry could be under threat in post Brexit Britain. Farmers of the UK arise! You ...

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