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Pete B

Somewhere Leatash, on another thread (on something to do with Brexit I think), you told us that your particular glass was always half full (rather than half empty).............. To follow on from your post above - if we are all going to get nuked there's no point in building the playpark in the first place, is there? Best do as Cassandra suggests then and start building nuclear bunkers ...

13 Apr 2018

So, if money is in short supply and the top of your list would be for flood prevention, then perhaps flood prevention should take priority. Rather than a playpark. And given that the suggested location of the playpark (on ground which is presently covered with grass) would involve that land being covered in a less porous material (or even non porous material) said proposed playpark would ...

13 Apr 2018

Okay so.......I have to say that I am all for having a new bandstand on the lawn and I like the old victorian/edwardian type of design as can be found here Thoughts anyone?

13 Apr 2018

and I've had this reply: The Lawn Working Group had its first meeting today and confirmed its membership and Chairmanship as follows: Councillor Martin Wrigley – Chairman Councillor Noel Nickless – Vice Chairman Councillor Alison Foden Councillor Lin Goodman-Bradbury Councillor Val Mawhood Councillor Gary Taylor (the Mayor and Deputy Mayor ...

13 Apr 2018

I have just emailed the town clerk asking where and when this new lawn working party convenes and also who sits on it. I'll let you know what info I get back.

I'll message you Pea Pod with a recommendation. Look in your in box for my email.

Anyone know what the grapevine is saying about the progress of this application? The last thing put into the public domain by TDC is dated a couple of months back.

To return to the issue of the proposed playpark on the lawn. See page 2  of today's Gazette.

10 Apr 2018

You left out that the proposed new playpark on the lawn will revitalise the town - allegedly.

@leatash @ZIGGY -  might wordsworth's poem. "daffodils"  provide a clue?

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