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Diana Mondeo

The town council's Finance and General Purposes commitee meets this Thursday (20th) at 7.00pm. Before the formal meeting starts there will be a presentation on the Dawlish to T'mouth extension of the Exe Estuary cycle trail. The presentation is due to start at 6.30pm.

The town council's Finance and General Purposes Committee is meeting this Thursday (20th). Item 5 on the agenda concerns how funding might be found for buiding a playpark on the lawn. Meeting starts 7.00pm

Coastal path
15 Jul 2017

Just a tad! Who is responsible for keeping the Hedgerow trimmed back? Anyone know?

Anne Marie Morris
14 Jul 2017

Well........AMM is the MP for, amongst other places, Dawlish.  So what she does or says is a local matter as far as I am concerned. Others think the same as me. Others think not. And for thse who think not there is nothing making them read or post on this thread is there? Also, I've been told that it was reported on the local news yeterday that she has now cancelled her surgeries. So how ...

Well, if The Observer is indeed your real name, the one on your birth certificate, then you have answered my question.

Anne Marie Morris
14 Jul 2017

And following on from Deedoodle's  comments since when has politics not impacted on Dawlish? Any change in, for example, the state of the economy will impact here. Changes in state pension age for women (which didn't get notified to them!) impacts on those women and their families who live in the town. Planning policies impact here. I could go on. The list is endless. Dawlish ...

So is 'The Observer' your real name?

13 Jul 2017

@The Observer  -Sorry, not able to answer your question as I only have the one account.

Who (as in which organisation - NHS? TDC? DCC? Other?) gets the  revenue from the surgery/hospital/pharmacy car park?

Anne Marie Morris
11 Jul 2017

Racist and s exist?

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