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Just been watching BBC Spotlight South West where they aired a feature about Teignmouth's Arts Quarter. So what I want to know is this: Why has Teignmouth got an Arts quarter but Dawlish hasn't?

Volunteers here can fix and repair: Electrical items, Bikes, Digital apps , tablets, and software Clothes and textiles Upcycling Bring your items to be fixed for a small donation. Tea, coffee and cakes available Proceeds to: Friends of Dawlish Hospital All enquiries and offers to volunteer, please email

When I logged on this morning I found myself in receipt of a roundrobin email asking me to sign the petition FOR their being a playpark on the lawn. Here's how I responded: "How can it possibly compete with what is on offer at T'mouth when the latest version is, I'd say, at least half the size of what is on offer at T'mouth. T'mouth playpark is also for up to 16 year olds. The one ...

This is an extract from the town centre manager's report to the Civic Amenities Committee meeting held in June 2016. (my emphasis in bold) Many members of the public and traders have asked for a play park in Dawlish on a similar scale to Teignmouth . Currently Dawlish residents travel to Teignmouth to use their play park, which is used extensively all year round to the benefit of ...

Just noticed this on the town council website Vacancy - Town Clerk 27 Oct 2017 Vacancy - Town Clerk & Proper Officer - Full time ... More >> Download document (pdf) Vacancy - Administration Officer - Part Time 27 Oct 2017 Vacancy Part Time Administration Officer... More >>

Yes I've heard the same thing (about the Clerk having resigned - there was a Part II (ie in private) discussion about staff vacancies at the last town council meeting. ) Although I've also heard that she is retiring. But same outcome.

@majorp - Yes, I forgot to say that  I also noticed the large number of car parking spaces not only on the road but also at The Point car park.

I notice there is no correspondence from the town council in today's Gazette in response to the  letter in last week's paper querying the figures that had been (still are being) banded about by some concerning last year's consultation.

I had to go over to T'mouth this morning so thought I'd pay their playpark a visit. Yes, I agree, it has lots of nice play equipment including a water fountain area. Very attractive. It is, however, I should guess at least the size of the area behind the bandstand on the lawn in Dawlish. It might even be a bit bigger. Point is, that what is now on offer in Dawlish is only half the ...

See today's Gazette and see below the wording of the petition FOR there to be a playpark on the lawn. Note its claims, amongst other things, about 77% of Dawlish residents, the size of the playground that should be built, and the claim that such a playground would add to the town centre economy. "The Lawn in Dawlish IS the place for a new play-park in the town centre. The Lawn is a ...

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