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Pete B

The UK market can only buy cars, from whatever country, if it has the economy that enables its citizens to do so.

The UK, overall, may not have voted for Brexit. That's what may have been different.

Brexit is brexit - yes, and cheese is cheese. " When we voted to exit, did anyone know what they were voting for? I doubt it very much because no one knows what is going to happen, how it is going to happen and why it should happen, now. It appears to me that everything is one big guessing game and until it happens, that is when judgements can and will be made." But it will be ...

25 Feb 2018

On a different thread (the one concerning Brexit and farming) @MajorP posted a comment concerning Brexit and the car industry/costs. I responded with a comment about car sales jobs at Marsh Barton. MajorP: “there is talk about imposing a tarriff on imported cars when we leave. As Exeter is the biggest (Marsh Barton) in Europe where you can buy any make of car of your choice. what ...

@Majop  - why not start a new thread on the subject of how Brexit (whatever form it ends up taking) might impact on the UK car manufacturing/sales and allied industries and those employed in them. We may not have a lot of car manufacturing in the south west but I for one know people who live in Dawlish who work in car sales at Marsh Barton.

25 Feb 2018

"As for Brexit, I can’t understand why 58 per cent of farmers were in favour , because it will bring even more uncertainty. At least the EU provided them with 55 per cent of their income in subsidies –the Government says that subsidies are protected until 2020 – but what happens then? Farmers will be competing with the NHS and education for funding. As for trade, farmers could be competing ...

Pics 22 02 2018
25 Feb 2018

This mess has apparently be in situ for some time. I have been in contact with Cllr Alison Foden about this matter and she has requested that I put the following on here: " I have reported this load of rubbish numerous times since I noticed it last summer 2017 to the then DTC town clerk, asking that TDC be chased on this. I have repeatedly asked for more litter bins with lids near the ...

Should it be built on or left as tis? Will there ever be an answer to this endless quiz? But whichever way you think things should go Be sure to let the town hall know!

24 Feb 2018

In the earlier part of the minutes it says that the Chamber of Trade wish to have  a representative on the working party. Wasn't the CoT in favour of the playpark?

24 Feb 2018

From the minutes of the Feb. full council meeting. THE LAWN WORKING PARTY Members considered the Terms of Reference for The Lawn Working Party. The proposed terms were as follows: TERMS OF REFERENCE THE LAWN WORKING GROUP The Powers, Duties and functions of this Working Group are as follows:- 1. Constitution The Constitution of this Working Group shall be: • five (5) Members of ...

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