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Parking changes
2 Nov 2017

Here's my attempt at copying and pasting what the report says with regard to Dawlish ENV5614/22 Dawlish Longlands and No Waiting At To prevent inappropriate Page 16 Agenda Item 6 Appendix II Drawing No. Parish/Town Road Proposal Statement of reason School Hill junction Any Time and obstructive parking at junction and maintain visibility splays. ENV5614/14 ...

2 Nov 2017

Found it! Click on the link below and then scroll down to report for Agenda item 6, appendix 1.

2 Nov 2017

I'll 'ave a ferret about and see what I can find. edit @ 09.36 There is a meeting today (Thursday 2nd Nov) at Devon County Council concerning highway matters in Teignbridge. This link should take you to the agenda It may well be that issues relating to on street parking in Dawlish could be an item. Click ...

Planning application
31 Oct 2017

Just a point of info (which I'm pretty certain I put on the other thread concerning this) which is that the lawn area is in the ownership of TDC and this bit of the lawn has previously been leased out by TDC (in other words it has given TDC an income) as a crazy golf area. So.......there is a precedent for the area in question to be used as 1. a place of a crazy of golf amenity and ...

I've just been looking at the report that has been submitted to TDC Executive committee concerning these proposals, and it seems that there is no legal environmental requirement for them to undertake what is being proposed.

@DEEDOODLE - Yes you are correct you didn't use the word offensive you used the word abusive. But I still find it contradictory  that if you find it so abusive that you then publish a picture of it. And I am sure such word and others of its kind are to be found all over the country not just around here. What is it that you think I am trying to make this thread into? I was merely making an ...

30 Oct 2017

What word do you mean? Taborro?

30 Oct 2017

If you find it so offensive I'm a bit confused as to why you have displayed it even more by posting a picture of it on here.


I think that is the point Deedoodle ie visitors and locals will go elsewhere. Trouble is though, that although that will help protect the wildlife at the Warren it will be detrimental to those who run businesses there.

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