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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mondeo
Illegal Parking
5 Aug 2017

Two large white vans parked on Iddesleigh Terrace pavement (just down a bit from where the estate agent is located) this morning when I walked into town.

I understand that the area designated for the playpark is the whole area between the bandstand and the bowling green. Does anyone know what was decided about funding at the last F&GP meeting?

Car Park
4 Aug 2017

@Dil - many thanks. i've found it now. Looks like it's a franchise opportunity

4 Aug 2017

@JD2017 - can you tell us how you know about this alleged proposed Subway please? Ask as the only source of info I can find about all this is your postings on here. So, if what you say is true - how do you know about it?

Well I've often thought that you must have some kind of alert system when it comes to my postings because as I say it is usually nanno second stuff in terms of your responding. I was beginning to think you might have been stuck in a very long queue at a passport control somewhere..........

2 Aug 2017

Do you know burnside I had only but a moment ago said to someone "I don''t know where Burneside is - he usually posts a reponse within nanno seconds of my referring to the EU". What have you been doing all this time? Thinking up what to say in response?

2 Aug 2017

I gather that today's Mail is leading with this issue and is up in arms about the inconvenience being caused to those travelling into the EU zone from outside the Schengen free movement area. ie the Brits going on holiday to sunnier climes in southern Europe. But is it only the Brits? I ask because when going through passport control to get into Majorca this year which queue you went in ...

So.......does anyone know why there was no question on the paper asking if people wished there to be a playpark on the lawn? Someone, somewhere must know the answer to that. I'll tell you who I think would know. All those who were councillors last year when this was being discussed first at Civic Amenities Committee (CAC) and then at full council. But do I think any of them ...

I don't necessarily have a problem with more stringent checks at passport control. The point I am making is that with the number of people who travel abroad these days, such checks will lead to queues. (or longer queues than travellers already experience.) So Brits travelling to EU countries will be subject to greater passport control, and thus longer queues, than  EU citizens.

Blimey! It isn't raining! Was that picture photo-shopped?

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