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Thanks for bumping this thread up to the top. Much appreciated.

Here's another recipe for you Deedoodle.

22 Sep 2017

Would that be a mud pie cake by any chance?

Anyone else notice the unfortunate timing (for Tracey) with regard to the future of her post. I say unfortunate given as she appears to have been the main driver behind the having a playpark on the lawn policy  and I suspect that some who are not happy with that but who otherwise might have signed the petition above might now not do so.

As well as today's Gazette leading with this issue there is also a letter on page 10. The letter raises some interesting points and ends with saying that Cllr Rosalind Prowse is trying to get TDC to conduct a paper ballot. If you wish to express your thoughts to Cllr Prowse on what she is trying to achieve this is how you can do it: by letter to her c/o The Manor House, Dawlish or ...

20 Sep 2017

I think the full council meeting on 14th July 2016 was an extra one.

20 Sep 2017

I have just read through the minutes of those three full council meetings and cannot find anywhere any minute with regard to recorded votes concerning the playpark. I therefore have no idea which councillors were in favour and which not. However, I see in the minutes of full council meeting held in September of last year that Cllr Terry Lowther had it minuted "that his personal opinion to the ...

20 Sep 2017

Hhere are the minutes of the full council meeting held on 6th July last year when the play park issue was debated and voted on and these minutes (see below) of the full council meeting held 14th July last year have more info (including why the playpark couldn't be built on the site of the piazza - it would cost too much). ...

20 Sep 2017

If you click on this link you should be able to read the minutes of the town council's Civic Amenities Committee (CAC) meeting which was held on 15th June 2016. Only 4 members of that committee were present - Cllrs Terry Lowther, Lisa Mayne, Linda Petherick and Rosalind Prowse. The 6 or so other members were absent for one reason ...

20 Sep 2017

See today's Dawlish Gazette.

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