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19 Apr 2017

and thanks for pointing out that the majority of those who voted in TM's Maidenhead constituency in last year's referendum voted Remain. I was unaware of the irony.

19 Apr 2017

That would be the Guardian article where the columnist has, amongst other things, written this: "This election will be pure Brexit, up to the blood and guts hilt. One paradox is May’s belief it will set her free to rule with an estimated 126 majority; it will be her curse. Not captain of her party, but its captive, she will be in thrall to a virulent rightwing rock-hard set of new Brexit ...

19 Apr 2017

Hmmm......might the tack that May takes in terms of Brexit negotiations be determined not only by the number of Tory MPs she ends up with but also by their Brexit inclination? In other words if she gained, say, 50 more MPs and the vast majority were of the Ian Duncan Smith/Jacob Rees Mogg/Liam Fox inclination towards Brexit then the influence of the MPs pushing for a hard Brexit would not be ...

18 Apr 2017

If you want to vote in this GE but have yet to register to do so, you still can (although too late now for the county council elections being held on 4th May). Click on this link to find out how to register

Am I reading more into your post than I should? Or is there a very real problem about getting them together? And if the latter, do tell, and stop being a tease.

13 Apr 2017

Understand that Churches Together in Dawlish & District are hoping to arrange a hustings for the candidates on the evening of Friday 28th April at the Strand Church, Dawlish

Yes I know it is a family orientated fun festival etc but will be noisy and not everyone will appreciate the noise. I am not policing anything. I am just trying to  make sure that everyone who will be in its close vicinity knows that it will be happening and that if they do not wish to be subject to the noise that it will generate that they can, if they are able, take avoidance ...

7 Apr 2017

Living slightly out of town Monty I am not on the receiving end of such disturbances - thankfully. I am sorry you and others have to put up with such behaviour. But I (and others) were on the end of excessive musical noise a few years back when a rave took place up at Haldon so I am just thinking about the intrusion of the noise which will emanate from the Warren Farm area especially when so ...

7 Apr 2017

Oh and one more thing. If, like me, you have friends and/or relatives who don't live here but who to all intents and purposes take up semi permanent residence  April - Sept (or even longer) by way of their having their own caravans on the various Warren holiday parks, then perhaps, as I have done, you could forewarn them of this proposed music festival. Up to them then what action, if any, they ...

With regard to protecting wildlife and the like, this does make me wonder what legal environmental protections may go out of the window in 2+ years time when the UK is in a position to jettison any EU environmental protection directives.

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