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check out page 8 - proposed no through service to/from Paignton. Travellers will need to change at Exeter.

Trump vs Hillary
10 Nov 2016

10 Nov 2016

9 Nov 2016

The Canadian immigration website had so many hits overnight that it crashed.

Update on Fair State Pensions for WASPI women Dear Supporter, In what must be one of the fastest growing CrowdJustice appeals ever, the Official WASPI Campaign has raised £100,000 for its legal action against the Government.  Thank you so much for your help in raising this fantastic sum so quickly. It's inspiring to know that we have such a huge level of support and a real validation ...

This is what Dawlish Town Council has requested of TDC RESOLVED to inform the Planning Authority that Dawlish Town Council requests that the two telephone boxes (payphone kiosks) at Ashcombe and St Mary Cottages be retained.

I have no idea why they said that but the outcome is that whilst the result of the referendum is not legally binding, politically it is.

If you look at my post I said that new trade deals may carry with them a clause allowing movement of people into this country not that any new trade deals would have to do so.

Anybody else catch one Nigel Farage on the tv this morning concede that the referendum was of an advisory nature only ? Just sayin...........

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