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Hunters Lodge
2 Feb 2018

When they blow themselves up they believe they will go to Paradise and that they will be even further rewarded the more non believers that they kill.

1 Feb 2018

1 Feb 2018

So the over 75s would have to pay to watch the BBC? Unlike now, when they don't.

1 Feb 2018

Scrap free tv licences then? (available for those aged 75 and over)

1 Feb 2018

And just for the Francophobes (that's them wot don't like the French) amongst us - click here to read a brief history of French immigration to these shores ('ere, I wonder how many of us have got French blood in our veins eh? )

1 Feb 2018

DM - I love this idea of yours of a Moan-In Centre in the town. But I disagree with you with regard to its funding. I think it should be paid for by those that wish to use it. After all that would be in alignment with what I perceive as being Tory philosophy which is that if you, the individual, want something then it should be paid for by you the individual and not the collective body (tax ...

1 Feb 2018

Off hand I'd say terrorist bombings in the UK (post WWII) started with the IRA late 1960s and then continued until mid 1990s or so. But there could  be other cases that don't come straight to mind.

At the last (17.1.18) meeting of the town council's Civic Amenities Committee meeting, amongst other items on the agenda was that of benches. It looks like it might be good news. Click on the link below to read all about the benches and various other items that were discussed at that meeting.

31 Jan 2018

Some things I read in a national newspaper yesterday. Only 23% of the fruit and veg we consume is grown in the UK 90% of all Britain's food imports come from 24 countries. Most are in the EU. Why Brexit could lead to a poorer diet - The i newspaper online iNews ...

Passport Cost Hike
30 Jan 2018

Perhaps it's the government's way of trying to raise funds to pay for all those extra customs officers and check points and things that we will need if we crash out of the EU.

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