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Pete B

I'll message you Pea Pod with a recommendation. Look in your in box for my email.

Anyone know what the grapevine is saying about the progress of this application? The last thing put into the public domain by TDC is dated a couple of months back.

To return to the issue of the proposed playpark on the lawn. See page 2  of today's Gazette.

10 Apr 2018

You left out that the proposed new playpark on the lawn will revitalise the town - allegedly.

@leatash @ZIGGY -  might wordsworth's poem. "daffodils"  provide a clue?

Okay this working party will be meeting this week sometime (although we do not yet know who will be sitting on it!) I thought it might be an idea if the community put forward some ideas for this working party to consider. I'll start the ball rolling: 1. For the Lawn, or part of it, to become a post Brexit communal allotment and orchard (see ...

So I am. Apologies. (but I still think the idea of having a drop in moaning centre on the lawn is something that should be considered.............)

8 Apr 2018

@DM - you know this Lawn Working Party that I've been posting about elsewhere on another thread, and you know that you've suggested before that Dawlish should have a drop in moaning centre........... well............what do you reckon on the idea of having a drop in moaning centre as a new facility for the lawn? or do you think this website suffices? (question to self: you aren't having a ...

Info: am told that the first  lawn working party will be held back end of next week. What I/we still don't know is; 1. Which councillors are on this working party and how many councillors? 2.  How many (non councillors) have expressed a wish to sit on it? 3. If more non councillors wish to be on this working party than there are places, how will the councillors decide who should be on ...

At the last Dawlish full town council meeting held on 4th April the future of the above was discussed. Click on the link below to see what was said and what was decided. The relevant bit starts at approx 1 hour 18mins into the meeting and lasts until 1 hour 35 mins. Dawlish Town Council Meeting 04 April 2018. By the public ... - YouTube ▶ 1:52:41 ...

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