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Ask Jacob Mystic Nob.

24 Jul 2018

Top stories Jacob Rees-Mogg Claims We Might Not See Benefits Of Brexit For 50 Years 1 day ago Jacob Rees-Mogg Says It Could Take 50 Years To Reap The Benefits Of Brexit HuffPost UK 1 day ago Jacob Rees-Mogg says it could take half a century to reap Brexit rewards | Latest ...

True. But the government is proposing only the one lane and from pictures that I have seen of previous Operation Stacks the lorries have been covering two, even three That's gonna be an awful long tail back. As I said - chaos. AndI  wonder how long it will be before the good people of Kent get really hacked off.   (and it doesn't seem to do that much good for economy as a whole, does ...

24 Jul 2018

Seems I'm not the only one with mystic powers B/S as some claim that life in this country will be all fine and dandy after Brexit........ PS Just heard on the news that the government is making plans to use one of the three lanes on the M whatever it is motorway in Kent leadingto/from Dover as a lorry park in the event of a No Deal Brexit. Chaos.

24 Jul 2018

Expected world trade? Ha! That's just pie in the sky. PS Busy/busiest can be defined in different ways.

A word of caution concerning any future development (or not) of the lawn. To state the obvious - money is needed. As I understand it, the funding for any development of/on the lawn will come from developer contributions by way of CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) payable to TDC who can then pass on 15% of the CIL received from housing developments in Dawlish to Dawlish Town Council. ...

Yes Leatash I was around in the 1960s and 1970s. do I want to go there again? NO! And if the result had been 52% Remain 48% Leave do you think that the Leavers would have left it at that? For if you do then you really are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Now here's a thought that's come to me As I sit with my fruitcake and nice cup of tea That the lawn is a place for a bit of a 'do' Where those of one mind, Should they feel so inclined Can blow bushels of raspberries straight at the EU

Funny you should mention the term United States as I was only wondering to myself this morning what type of trade deal the UK would get with an "America First", protectionist, Trumpton U.S.

22 Jul 2018

Back to the 1960s/1970s? - OMG! No thank you! So if the people decided that they wanted another vote and this time the vote showed that they wanted to stay in the EU I take it, by your logic, that you would be happy with that? And I see that Jacob Tree-Frog is now saying that he thinks a No Deal scenario is ever more likely but that there is nothing to worry about. So that's okay ...

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