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Applications withdrawn PARISH: DAWLISH WARD: Dawlish South West APPLICATION REF: 17/00982/MAJ OFFICER: Kelly Grunnill DECISION LEVEL: DEL LOCATION: 56 West Cliff Road PROPOSAL: Demolition of existing building and erection of 13 open market dwellings and 1 affordable dwelling APPLICANT: Mr Kent 56 West Cliff Road Dawlish Devon EX7 9DY AGENT: Mr E ...

An update on the outdoor gym equipment idea. I did make enquiries about this but got told that this could not happen as SANGS are not allowed to be built on. (therefore no children's play equipment either). That's absolutely fine by me not least because having children's and/or adults' play equipment there might prove to be the slippery start to even more development of other kinds sometime ...

So what’s it to be then? Oh don’t stop the carnival or The carnival is over

There are two things that are annoying me about this. 1. How the figures were, and still are, being spun by some (for example 77% of the people in Dawlish voted for a playpark and/or the Dawlish public voted for their to be a playpark on the lawn). Actually 77%  of the just over 500 who answered the questionnare did so. and 2. The absolutely fallacious argument that having ...

Back in 2008 a report was published concerning how Dawlish might be regenerated. click on this link to read it Chapter 10 is of particular interest as it is concerned with transforming the heart of the town.

Jeez!!!!!!! How many more times!!!!!! It was only circa 500 of the Dawlish public who chose to take part in last year's consultation that voted in favour of a play park on the lawn. And remember that all the questions asked were concerned with their being a playpark on the lawn somewhere.

3 days ago

I just thought I'd have a look at the petition for the playpark and scrolled down to have a look at the comments. One of them was this; I launched the proposals as a Town Councillor in 2013/4/5 Robert V. a day ago

3 days ago

It is now called the Funky Frogs playpad and as far as I am aware it is open for business.

I thought it was still open. When did it close? Ah! Just remembered - I think it is now called the Funky Frog or something similar. Click here for more info (Does T'mouth have anything along the same lines? )

3 days ago

Te Dah!!!! (okay, so it isn't being held in Dawlish town centre but it is within Dawlish parish) Cockwood Connections - Art Exhibition and Tall Tales. Sat 14th-Sun15th October