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From Monday 22 October 2018, there will be three-way traffic lights on Exeter Road (A379) at the Secmaton Lane and Week Lane junctions until 20 March 2019. Traffic lights will be operated manually during peak hours. Work will take place during the day (8am – 5pm). The works on Exeter Road form the first phase of the scheme with a second phase scheduled to start during the ...

Interesting column by Kyle Tagg in latest Dawlish Gazette  (see page 2) concerning the Sainsbury's roundabout/Secmaton Lane link road,  the A379 and the increase in the number of cars in the area (due to the increase in the number of houses).

I think it is something to do with local councils and their preparation (or not) for a hard Brexit and what a hard Brexit might bring. Which, amongst other shortages, could be food. But to bring this thread more directly back on track, here is a link concerning local councils and Brexit (although admittedly Devon County Council and Teignbridge District Council are not mentioned in it). ...

Section 106 money received -  Teignbridge District Council has received some more S106 money in from Cavanna Homes for 13/00943 South Downs Road Dawlish. It is the 2nd 50% of £4,176.71 per dwelling towards the provision of recreation and play space facilities to serve the residents of the development comprising of the following elements: Children’s play facilities £966.00 per dwelling ...

Rose hip syrup. Yuck! I most certainly remember  that from my childhood. I'm not disputing that it is easy to open a tin. What I was asking about was the cooking from scratch which is what I thought you were suggesting people should do.

10 Sep 2018

Because this is some 60+ years on from when you were a kid and whilst you may have had and have a diet like that many do not and never have had. Times have changed and moved on. And assuming that the ingredients for all this home cooking were to be available, who would be doing all the prepping and cooking?

10 Sep 2018

And on the subject of stocking up on food......... A no-deal Brexit survival guide: what food to stockpile | Politics | The ... 12 Jul 2018 - The story broke on Tuesday that the government, in anticipation of a no-deal Brexit , has been drawing up plans to ...

10 Sep 2018

Well I've a load of green beans in mine but that doesn't mean to say that I would want to be eating only them day in, day out.

9 Sep 2018

I thought you liked to buy local produce? Southern europe (as we are talking about citrus fruit) is a lot nearer to the UK than South Africa and if the price is the same it makes sense to me to buy the produce that has travelled fewer miles in order to get here. The link that Leatash posted above is about possible civil unrest in the event of food, medicinal and other shortages post Brexit, ...

9 Sep 2018

From what I have read in order for the UK to become more self sufficient with regard to food production (please note not totally self sufficient) we would all have to eat less meat. Personally I don't have a problem with that but those who like their meat might.  And land that might be suitable for sheep to graze on may not be suitable to grow crops on. On the subject of eating ...