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I totally agree that the bible is a collection of stories made up by men. But others think it is all the word of God. And isn't God a male? And it's not only Judaism/Christianity that has this attitude towards women. Click on this link and then scroll down to the In Religious Thought section.

1 hour 8 mins ago

Actually, I asked a question - note the question mark. "At present day Christian marriage ceremonies do women still promise to 'obey' their husbands?" Perhaps it should be amended  to: "At present day Christian marriage ceremonies do (some) women still promise to 'obey' their husbands?" Here's another question: why was/is it the woman who promises to obey the man ...

4 hours ago

Women and sexual activity. Why are women (and gay men?) on the receiving end of, for example, 'slut shaming' and not men? and I've just read this today online so what are we saying? That if women act and dress ...

5 hours ago

Margaret, I know it is now a choice whether to include the obey vow.  But that is only a fairly recent event as you yourself point out.  I know also that some married women keep their father's surname (or double-barrel it with that of their husbands - some husbands even do the same) but again all this is fairly recent stuff. "Only in 1965 did married women in France obtain the right ...

yesterday at 18:55

Name calling:

yesterday at 13:46

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Here we go. Accusations of insanity to women who won't stay quiet/answer back/conform to the norm Victorian Women and Insanity - Jstor by E Showalter - ‎1980 - ‎ Cited by 132 - ‎ Related articles VICTORIAN WOMEN AND INSANITY *. ON BOXING DAY 1851, CHARLES ...

yesterday at 13:24

For some reason (ahem!) a memory came to my mind of an incident way back in the late 1960s/early 1970s when an aunt of mine told me that her husband had to give his permission for her to have a hysterectomy. So whose womb was it?!!!!! Anyway,  having checked to see if my memory was fabricating things or indeed that all this did indeed take place, I checked. And yep! It sure did more than ...

yesterday at 11:50

Let's look at this controlling of women, by men, in this country. At present day Christian marriage ceremonies do women still promise to 'obey' their husbands? Surely if you promise to obey someone then that means the other person has control over you. And as I'm on the subject of marriage. Why is the bride 'given away'? "Who giveth this woman to this man?" And then the bride ...

2 days ago

Okay - I'll start the ball rolling again. Read this and discuss