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All, In case you are unaware, the Daily Mash is an online satirical magazine.

Jeez! The point I was trying to make is that the cost of living is increasing and that it is those with low fixed incomes (those only in receipt of state pensions for example) who feel the brunt the most.

For those interested in seeing the 2 x objections and the festival organisers response click on this link and scroll down That was all I was asking to have sight of. As it happens this wasn't made available to the general public until earlier this month. @roberta - the postings from Flo and Scapegoat have drawn my attention to ...

Just been reading the Tory manifesto about pensioners and social care etc. On the matter of winter fuel payments the Tory manifesto says who will get WFP  and who won't will be determined by means testing. But at what level of income a pensioner would be eligible for WFP and on what level not, the manifesto is silent. I hear what you say Leatash about fuel payments going to the very ...

Getting less for our money
yesterday at 10:07

Anyone else noticed reductions in amounts when buying food stuffs? I'll give some examples. I noticed when I was using some stuffing the other day that there wasn't quite the same amount in the pack as usual. So I checked with a packet bought previously. And yep! sure enough the amount had been reduced. I noticed the same thing when buying some over the counter cold and flu ...

But the Labour Party manifesto does address the issue (from page 54) Over 2.5 million women born in the 1950s have had their state pension age changed without fair notification. These women deserve both recognition for the injustice they have suffered and some kind of compensation for their losses. Alongside our commitment to extend Pension Credit to hundreds of ...

Letter on this subject in one of today's national newspapers: "I have worked all my adult life, paying tax and national insurance, and I have saved for my retirement. Now Mrs May wants to take my savings if I need care.  If I had lived on benefits and had no savings or house then care would be provided free. I would not want to see those in need denied but it is hardly fair to penalise ...

7.00pm Arranged by Churches Together Dawlish and District There are four candidates. General Election 2017: Newton Abbot PARTY CANDIDATE VOTES % Liberal Democrats Chadwick, Marie - - Green Party Driscoll, Kathryn - - Conservative Morris, Anne Marie - - Labour Osben, James

UPDATE! UPDATE! TheresaMaybeI'llchangemymind has er..........changed her mind. Now she's saying that there will indeed be a cap on social care costs. Only trouble is.........she's not saying how much that cap will be. All will be decided after the election apparently. I wonder why that cap will be determined after the election and not before. Eh? Scratching my head now trying to figure ...